Southpaw Regional Wrestling Season 3: Is WWE's Parody Show Returning?

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Southpaw Regional Wrestling proved to be a fun, unique comedy series from WWE, but will the show return for season 3? For a series that began as a promotional tie-in between WWE and Kentucky Fried Chicken, Southpaw Regional Wrestling turned out remarkably well. The premise of this 2017 online series has WWE dusting off an old, long forgotten promotional tape from the 1980s, featuring wrestlers like John Cena (Bumblebee), Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho playing characters within the show.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling season 1 covered the fictional Lethal Leap Year event in 1987. The bizarre premise, goofy humor, and enjoyably over the top performances of the wrestlers involved made the series a surprise hit, and season 2 followed soon after. The second season was actually a prequel to the first, covering the Showdown At The Swamp event from 1986. The second season was promoted by Old Spice instead of KFC.

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While Southpaw Regional Wrestling season 2 wasn't as warmly received, the premise itself is still brimming with potential. The question fans want to know is will the series return for a third season?

Southpaw Regional Wrestling Season 3 Was Never Confirmed

Following the debut of the second season, little has been heard about a potential Southpaw Regional Wrestling season 3. Chris Jericho (Jay And Silent Bob Reboot), who played backstage reporter Clint Bobski, said he'd love to do more, but he doesn't think the series took off in the way WWE was hoping it would.

The first season took audiences by surprise but for many fans, and Jericho himself, season 2 felt somewhat forced. Jericho felt new characters like The Miz's (Miz & Mrs) "Astonishing" Adam Düng and the Butcher Boys just weren't funny, and the reason season 1 worked was that nobody was trying.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling Appears To Be On Hold

While fans have stated their desire for more Southpaw Regional Wrestling, it seems the concept is on hold for now. There are a few angles a potential third season could take, like a time jump to the early 1990s, but it seems the lukewarm response to season 2 has halted the show.

The first season worked so well because it allowed the crew to mess around and have some fun, with no expectations it would become a viral hit. With Southpaw Regional Wrestling season 2 the chemistry felt off because they were trying to top what came before. There are still a lot of areas a third season could explore, but with a lack of updates or movement, it looks like the series might be done for now.

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