'Southland' May Find a New Home on TNT

After we announced last week that NBC had abruptly canceled Southland, fans of the show were appropriately upset as the decision came without a single episode of the second season to making it on air. While executive producer John Wells had said he intended on shopping the show around to other networks in hopes of saving it, we had no idea when or if that would come to fruition.

Today, it looks like there may be hope for the critically acclaimed Southland as TNT is currently in talks about picking up the sophomore series. How far are the talks? Well, TNT has released this statement:

"We continually look at all programming opportunities that fit our portfolio of brands."

While that's not anything except the typical "no comment, but read between the lines" sort of statement, sources close to Southland are saying that the talks about TNT picking up the show are "advancing." I'd say from the position the show was in last week, "advancing" is a pretty good step.

If TNT is interested in picking up Southland, it shouldn't be too difficult as they have something in common; the parent company of TNT is Warner Bros which, along with John Wells Productions, also produces Southland.

TNT would be a great new home for the show, as they've already developed a solid lineup of cop dramas with Saving Grace, The Closer and the new Dylan McDermott undercover police drama, Dark Blue. While no deal has been signed and nothing has been announced, fans of the series may sleep a little bit easier at night knowing that their favorite (now canceled) show may be getting something that others often do not... another chance.

That is... until Jay Leno decides to syndicate his show on TNT.

As more information is released, we'll keep you up to date when and if Southland is able to find a new home.

Source: Hollywood Reporter [via: Cinema Blend]

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