Southern Charm's Craig Conover Says He Should've Stopped ADD Meds After College

Craig Conover in Southern Charm

Craig Conover of Southern Charm says he should have stopped taking ADD medication after college. The reality star is opening up for the first time regarding his struggle with prescription medication.

On the hit reality show, Conover was known for being very lackadaisical when it came to acting like an adult. Because of this attitude, he became the butt of many jokes by his fellow cast members due to this lack of commitment for practicing law. Conover first joined the cast as an aspiring lawyer, excited to work hard and have his own practice one day. As the seasons changed, viewers found Conover drifting away from a once prized career in law; he blew an internship at a prestige’s Charleston law firm because he couldn’t get himself out of bed. He also got let go from a job that friend, J.D Madison, had given him at his whiskey business. Conover then threw himself into gardening and sewing, taking years to pass the Bar exam.

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With the Southern Charm reunion special ready to premiere, Conover decided to come clean when it was his turn to talk. He admitted he struggled with Adderall use, prescribed medicine for patients who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder. PEOPLE TV’s Reality Check (via: People) spoke with Conover about the reunion, and he said he believed that speaking about his ex-girlfriend, Naomie Olindo, would be the most difficult for him. However, it turned out that coming clean about his past was the most challenging, but also something he believed could help others. He said he was a bit surprised to actually have had support from Olindo and the rest of the cast through the difficult time.

Craig Conover laughing in Southern Charm

Conover went on to say that he was prescribed the ADD medication while he had attended law school but should have stopped using the drugs when he graduated. Conover decided to make an effort to live a healthier life, and the medication was not a part of that process. He touched on the fact that he had been hiding the secret for so long that it started to weigh him down. He admitted that the medicine did help him while he was attending university, but after it just seemed to hold him back, causing him more harm than good. Conover said he started the process of getting clean when the cast was in the Bahamas and has remained sober since.

For Conover to open up about his past substance abuse was a real eye-opener to fans of Southern Charm. It even explained many odd behaviors that Conover had shown in the past - the lack of drive, the overzealous attitude, and the many manic projects he would take on at once. Fans will be able to see a new and improved Conover when the next season airs.

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The Southern Charm Reunion Part 1 airs Wednesday at 9pm EST on Bravo.

Source: People

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