Southern Charm's Austen Kroll Says Madison LeCroy Relationship is 'Complicated'

Austen in Southern Charm

Southern Charm's Austen Kroll says that his relationship with girlfriend, Madison, is complicated.  Madison and Austen have had a hard time keeping their relationship together throughout this past season.

Austen Kroll had a very rough season 6 of Southern Charm thanks to his involvement with Madison LeCroy. The power couple started dating last year, but this was LeCroy’s first season as a main cast member. The two reality stars were synonymous with relationship woes that were aired publicly for all to see throughout the episodes; the most notorious scandal being the cheating lie in which Kroll was caught. LeCroy wasted no time retaliating by having a cheating fling of her own, calling it a hall pass, which led to a break in their relationship mid-season. Somehow, the two reality stars made it back on track and by the end of season 6, the couple had committed to giving their relationship one more shot.

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Kroll made a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the host held nothing back, diving straight into Kroll’s relationship with LeCroy. In a flash round of questions, Cohen asked which mistake he would take back - mentioning to LeCroy that Danni Baird got an STI from Shep Rose and the threesome video - to which Kroll quickly responded that he would take back having the threesome. The next awkward question asked was if he found himself getting more offers for threesomes once the video went public. Naturally, Kroll turned bright red and with a Cheshire grin responded with a "no" that turned into a "yes."

Austen and Madison in Southern Charm

Cohen went in for the kill with the last question of the night, asking whether Kroll and LeCroy were still a hot item. Kroll was coy with his answer, and he acknowledged that they both left the finale hand in hand together and that that was a good moment for them both. The host wondered why Kroll could not just answer the question directly, and Kroll advised that he was a "stupid man" and that the situation was complicated. The reality star did not wish to elaborate any more on the status of his relationship with LeCroy.

While it was obvious to viewers that Kroll had no idea how to respond to the question of the couple’s status, he did try his best to answer the personal questions being shot at him, continuing to deny any wrongdoing pertaining to the video and laughing off most of the answers. In the reunion special of Southern Charm, the odds are good that the charmers are busy bees trying to get their stories straight.

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The Southern Charm reunion airs August 21 at 8pm EST on Bravo.

Source: What What Happens Live

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