Southern Charm Season 6 Reunion Trailer: Past Drama Resurfaces

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The Southern Charm Season 6 reunion trailer has been aired and it is obvious that past drama keeps resurfacing among the group. The Southern Charm buddies are locked and loaded, ready to go into this showdown of a reunion, holding nothing back.

The charmers have wrapped up their season with most of the loose ends tied up; this past season’s storyline mainly focused on Austen Kroll and his on-again, off-again relationship with girlfriend, Madison LeCroy. The rest of the cast seemed to be there as the backup if storylines were needed, while the couple proved against all odds that they were possibly suited for each other. Kroll’s decision to allow LeCroy back into his life might have come at a high price, possibly costing him his friendship with Shep Rose. The line in the sand was drawn by the infamous bachelor from episode one; his dislike for LeCroy was never hidden, and Rose wouldn’t back down, walking away from the bromance in the season finale.

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The saying "love never dies" (as well as the fact that rumors never quit) was not lost on the cast of season six’s Southern Charm. In an exclusive clip obtained by ET, tensions ran high as the cast quickly became heated over Kroll and LeCroy’s relationship status. Host, Andy Cohen wasted no time by placing the couple in the hot seat, asking what the current status of their relationship was, as rumors had surfaced that they were friends with benefits. The ladies of Southern Charm also wasted no time attacking LeCroy for the foul words she said about Danni Baird having gotten an STD from Rose, insinuating that the two had slept together recently. Baird burst into tears after having to relive the whole ordeal, calling LeCroy “crazy” and a “disgusting person.”

Watch the Southern Charm Season 6 reunion trailer here

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The clip showed almost all of the cast calling one another out on their drama, but at the same time not having the power to let their grievances go. While the clip concentrated on Kroll and LeCroy, fans were left wondering if Rose’s tantrums would be addressed, and Cohen will hopefully get to the bottom of whether Kroll and Rose have patched things up. For most of the past season, viewers watched as the pair seemingly unraveled into a turbulent war. In almost every episode, Kroll continued to try and squash the animosity, but Rose would have none of it. Many wondered if Rose was nursing a broken heart and a batch of unrequited love. The finale showed a clip that took place three years ago of Rose trying to hit on LeCroy, with LeCroy turning him down, point blank.

While it seemed that the finale was jam-packed with drama, the Charmers have decided to leave the best for last, addressing it all at the reunion.  The two-part reunion special of Southern Charm promises to tie up any loose ends that had been left over from the season, answering all the burning question fans are no doubt longing for.

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Southern Charm's season six reunion airs August 21 and 29 at 9pm ET on Bravo.

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