Southern Charm New Orleans: Jeff is Dating Again After Divorce

Jeff Charleston in Southern Charm

Southern Charm New Orleans star Jeff Charleston is dating again after his divorce from Reagan Charleston. Drama had been at an all-time high between the cast when it came to supporting Charleston through his breakup. According to the fellow NOLA Charmers, Jeff is being Jeff, currently on the prowl for a new woman.

The Southern Charm New Orleans finale aired this past Sunday, but there was still some gossip to be uncovered regarding Charleston. Over the past couple of years, the ex-football star has had money stolen from him by his parents and a wife who openly said she was miserable in their relationship. This past season, Charleston has not had it easy; viewers watched as he went through a divorce from Reagan Charleston, conquered a drinking problem, and then had to be a bystander while his ex-wife became engaged, remarried, and pregnant, all within a couple months of each other.

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After such an emotional season, the Bravo celebrity had started to make a change in his life and bounce back from the heartache. According to Distractify, Charleston has had a couple of dates since the season came to a close. In July, the "Viking" as his fellow castemates have dubbed him, spoke out about living the single life and what qualities he will be looking for in the next woman he dates.  Charleston said that he doesn’t want to rush love or force a moment to occur. He would like his dating experiences to be more organic, and his wish list wasn’t too long; he would like someone who loves the outdoors, enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, and is laid back.

Jeff Charleston in Southern Charm New Orleans


When viewers tuned into the season premiere of Southern Charm New Orleans, they were surprised to learn that Reagan had moved on so quickly from Charleston. The speed at which she healed led many loyal fans to believe that she had cheated on Charleston with her high school sweetheart, Reece Thomas. However, Charleston quickly set the record straight, saying his ex-wife did not cheat on him, though he did acknowledge that at the time that Reagan started dating Thomas, their divorce had not been finalized.

According to his friends and cast mates, Charleston is doing well as a bachelor. He is more in tune with what he would like out of life and is finally going for it. Even though their marriage ended after only six years, Charleston is making the most of his freedom, even posing for pictures with other Bravo celebrities. Fans will have to tune in when the next season of Southern Charm New Orleans airs to find out if Charleston has found love again.

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Source: Distractify

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