Southern Charm: Kathryn's Mom Claims Thomas Drugged Her Daughter

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The mother of Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, star of Southern Charm, claimed that Thomas Ravenel drugged her daughter numerous times throughout their relationship.

Kathryn and Thomas have had a tough, drawn-out custody battle which has continued to turn ugly for both reality stars. Ravenel had recently filed for sole custody of their two children on the basis that Dennis allegedly failed a drug test. Dennis had always been open about her past drug issues and adamantly denied the allegations her ex had been slinging at her.

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Dennis has always stayed tight-lipped about her separation from Ravenel and custody fight for her children, but Dennis’s mother has recently decided to stand up for her daughter and voice her knowledge of the situation. In court documents (via: The Blast), Allison Dennis testified that her daughter and grandchildren have a very close and loving relationship. She addressed the argument made by Ravenel that her daughter does no work and Allison ends up taking care of the children, to which she replied that it was not true. She noted that it is Ravenel who has had trouble taking care of the children by himself as he usually has a nanny when the kids are with him.

Thomas Ravenel in Southern Charm

Allison continued her testimony saying she did not appreciate that she was followed around by a private investigator hired by Ravenel; she recalled it being very “creepy.”  The most disturbing testimony of all was when Allison spoke about the physical and drug-related disturbances between her daughter and Ravenel. Allison said she had heard them fight on many occasions, which always led her to check on her daughter's well-being. Numerous times she found Dennis unconscious and very hard to wake up; once she did wake her daughter, Dennis said she remembered nothing. Allison believed that Ravenel had drugged her daughter as some sort of control method, though this not been confirmed.

Dennis and Ravenel’s custody case continues, as does Ravenel’s case regarding his alleged sexual harassment. Dennis has had some good news from the court as they have acknowledged that she can handle full custody of her children. The court did request that Ravenel refrains from drinking around the children. Hopefully, there will be some closure regarding Dennis’s saga with Ravenel.

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Source: The Blast

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