Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis Says She 'Ghosted' Senator Joe

Kathryn Dennis- Southern Charm

Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis recently revealed how she unceremoniously broke up with former flame politician Joseph "Joe" Abruzzo. Kathryn recently opened up about why the relationship ended. She discussed the decision and how her friends ended up influencing her opinion of Joe.

Kathryn introduced Joe as her new boyfriend during season 6 of Southern Charm. The politician served as a Democratic member of the Florida House of Representatives and was a member of the Florida Senate. But despite Joe’s lofty credentials, his personal life was filled with drama due to some private photos that were exposed online. Joe also endured a contentious public divorce with his ex-wife in 2018 and chose not to seek re-election to the Florida House of Representatives. However, Kathryn seemed content with her boyfriend; that is, until she confirmed her relationship with country singer Hunter Price on Instagram.

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Kathryn appeared on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast (via: Reality Tea) where she said that the one reason she broke up with Joe was because of how her friends reacted to him. When she noticed her friend Danni Baird being upset with the way Joe was treating her, that’s when Kathryn realized something might be off, considering her friends were upset and turning away from her. She said, "I do not need this man in my life. Girls are more important than any kind of dude.” She also said that Joe would come up with wild excuses for not responding to her, and in the end, Kathryn admits, “I just ghosted him,” choosing a rather unique source of inspiration when it was time to break things off, and adding, “I learned what that meant on Urban Dictionary and I did it.”

'Southern Charm' Kathryn Dennis and Senator Joseph Abruzzo

Prior to dating Joe Abruzzo, Kathryn was embroiled in a turbulent relationship with another politician, former South Carolina state treasurer Thomas Ravenel, and Kathryn and Thomas are currently in the midst of a vicious custody dispute. The former couple share children Kensington, 4, and Saint Julien, 3. Thomas announced his exit from Southern Charm last season due to a sexual assault case that resulted in his September 2018 arrest, and he has filed a lawsuit against Haymaker Media and Bravo, demanding that Bravo and Southern Charm producers be barred from broadcasting unaired footage of him in future episodes. He claimed Kathryn was urged by the show’s producers to file for custody “for the purpose of providing dramatic material for the next season of Southern Charm.”

Kathryn is something of a controversial figure on Southern Charm. She has been chided by fans and fellow castmates for her flakiness, lateness, and tendency to overspend. On the show, she recently attributed her behavior to all of the turmoil she has experienced from her past relationships. Her period with Thomas was clearly an unpleasant one, and yet Kathryn had the foresight to recognize when it was time to split from Joe. It remains to be seen if new boyfriend Hunter is on the right path for her romantically.

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