Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis 'Happy' to Move on from Thomas, Reaches Custody Agreement

Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis 'is happy' to move on from Thomas Ravenel, as she finally reaches a long-awaited custody agreement for her children.

Kathryn Dennis- Southern Charm

Star of Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis is "happy" to move on from her ex-husband Thomas Ravenel, as she reaches a custody agreement. Kathryn has had to put up with a lot of negativity when it came to her ex, even being told she was only an egg donor. However, the gracious Southern woman held her head up high and now has made it to the other side.

Southern Charm is a reality TV show that follows young socialites in Charleston, South Carolina. Kathryn and Thomas have had a tough, drawn-out custody battle which has continued to turn ugly for both reality stars. Thomas had recently filed for sole custody of their two children on the basis that his ex-wife allegedly failed a drug test. Kathryn had always been open about her past drug issues and adamantly denied the allegations her ex had been slinging at her.

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On November 12th, Kathryn announced via Twitter that she had her ex-husband Thomas had put their drama behind them and were ready to move on. In her tweet, the reality star said that the two had resolved all matters related to their children, 5-year-old Kensington Calhoun, and three-year-old Saint. The Southern Charm star said she just wanted her fans to hear from her officially before the tabloids got wind and went on to say that Ravenel and her both have joint custody as it was in the best interest of the children. See Kathryn's tweet below:

People confirmed that the two parents had reached a custody agreement earlier this month which included Thomas having primary legal custody. According to the shamed South Carolina treasurer’s lawyer, the two-share custody of the children with a 36/64 split with Kathryn having the children five out of the fourteen overnights and Thomas having the children nine nights. This particular arraignment is scheduled to change in the Summer of 2020 where the two will then share the children on a 50/50 week on week off time frame. Lucky for Dennis she was required to hire a nanny during the time she will have the kids in place of Thomas paying child support. Court documents also showed that the two parents agreed to raise their children in the Christian faith as they both have the same philosophical beliefs.

The Southern Charm star made sure to thank all her fans who supported her throughout her journey and told them she was very happy to be able to move forward with her life. Kathryn will have to get used to missing some holidays with her two little ones, but she did get Mother’s Day and some other special holidays thanks to the special occasions arrangement they made. And possibly the best part yet is, Thomas can not just introduce random women to their children as both parents agreed that unless they are married, the romantic interest can not sleepover while the children are present.

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Source: People, Kathryn Dennis

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