Southern Charm's Danni Insists Madison Is Lying About Shep Giving Her an STI

Danni Baird in Southern Charm

Southern Charm's Danni Baird insists that Madison LeCroy is lying about Shep Rose giving her an STI. The argument occurred while the cast was vacationing in Colorado.

Baird and Rose both got their fame on the hit Bravo show, Southern Charm, back in 2014. The two briefly dated before the show was even created and their relationship was hinted at back in the premiere season.  Though Baird was dating Gentry Todd as season 6 started, they have since broken up, leading to speculation that Baird and Rose could have had another, more current, fling.

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On the most recent episode of Southern Charm, LeCroy attacked Rose while he was trying to have a conversation with her about the animosity between them. Rose was explaining that he doesn’t understand why LeCroy and Austen Kroll think they should be in a relationship, saying, “You thought you and Austen were going to fall back into each other's arms and run off into the sunset? It would have been foolish, I think, for both of you." LeCroy looked gobsmacked by what Rose had said to her and went in for the kill, saying she knew a lot about Rose that he wouldn’t want publicly shared.  LeCroy went as far as to say, "I heard that you gave her chlamydia," pointing at Baird and adding that Rose was giving out “STI’s like candy.” This accusation set off Baird and the rest of the Charmers for how cruel her words were. It was obvious to fans that Rose and LeCroy wouldn't ever get along, but many were shocked that Baird’s name was brought into the argument.


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Baird looked absolutely stunned at the accusation and proceeded to yell at LeCroy. Baird later gave an interview to The Daily Dish, saying that she felt LeCroy’s words were very calculating. She went on to say that she felt what “Madison said was very hurtful and untrue" doesn't believe that "Austen is innocent in the matter.” Baird believes that she was attacked because of a previous episode where she had told Craig Conover that LeCroy had tried to message her now ex-boyfriend, Todd. This incident had happened while LeCroy was still dating Austen Kroll.

To Southern Charm fans, it seemed a bit suspicious that LeCroy would just throw an accusation out as bad as giving someone an STI randomly unless she had some proof. So, how that whole incident plays out remains to be seen. For now, viewers will have to watch the current season to find out if there is any truth to the story.

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Southern Charm airs on Wednesday at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

Source: The Daily Dish

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