South Park Takes on Tiger Woods

The 14th season of South Park premieres on Wednesday night – and like many of the season premiers that came before, Trey Parker and Matt Stone will not be pulling any punches.

South Park creator Matt Stone recently spoke about the upcoming premiere, revealing that the Tiger Woods' sex scandal, along with sexual addiction in general, will be the main topic of conversation:

"It's such an important issue in America right now — the sex addiction outbreak. We're all really concerned about him and hope he gets better."

Given the public lambasting South Park gives public figures, it's easy to dismiss Stone's comments as a mere sarcasm but he continues by elaborating on his feelings, identifying that he felt both "fascination and disgust" at Tiger's apology - emotions many Americans likely felt as well.

While we’ll have to tune into the premiere in order to discover the specifics of the episode, I’m guessing that in South Park’s version of events, Tiger’s visit to the sex addiction clinic will likely take place, not in Mississippi, but an isolated mountain town with talking poop, talking puppets, and talking sperm.

The Tiger scandal, with all of the crude details, shocking claims, and awkward public statements, was certainly perfect fodder for Parker and Stone to contemplate during the show’s hiatus, and we can only imagine how outrageous the final result will be.

I’m definitely interested in seeing South Park’s take on Tiger Woods; though, I hope it’s one of the last times we have to hear about the golfer’s sexual exploits. Certainly, in moderation, celebrity scandals have comedic value but as the jokes wear on we tend to forget that there are often real victims and real lives that are being disrupted - at least until the public moves on to the next thing.

Will you be tuning in to the upcoming season of South Park? How do you feel about Parker and Stone taking on sexual addiction?

South Park Season 14 premieres this Wednesday on Comedy Central.

Source: The Associated Press

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