South Park: 17 Most Evil Eric Cartman Moments

South Park's Eric Cartman is one of television's most evil characters. He's as brilliant as he is wicked, and will stop at nothing to get his way.

Eric Cartman is known as one of the most diabolical, petty, and evil characters of all time. When South Park started, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone wanted Eric to be a character who could say and do absolutely ridiculous things that shouldn’t be heard or seen on television in any other situation. They have succeeded in their attempts, as Cartman is one of the most recognizable characters on television for this very reason.

Known for his outlandish ways, Cartman has multiple moments throughout the South Park series that prove he is truly evil. In fact, Cartman has so many horrible moments that attempting to pinpoint his worst is a rather difficult thing to do. From always ripping on Jewish people, to going to the extreme just to get his way, Cartman has done his fair share of questionable things, to say the least.

Eric Cartman wouldn’t get away with most of the stuff he does if you placed him in real life. This is why he’s perfect in the cartoon world, where he’s able to push the limit. Cartman’s evil ways make South Park what it is. Without Cartman, the show wouldn’t have made it this far.

Here are the 17 Most Evil Eric Cartman Moments.

17 He Kidnaps Butters

In season 7's "Casa Bonita," Kyle decides to invite Butters to his birthday at Casa Bonita instead of Cartman. Casa Bonita is a real restaurant in Denver, Colorado that has all the bells and whistles. It has cliff divers, puppet shows, and a mariachi band. It’s an experience that Cartman didn’t want to miss out on, even if it meant endangering Butters’ life.

Cartman decides to convince Butters that the world is ending and locks him up in an underground bunker. He later transfers Butters to an old refrigerator at the forgotten gas station where Butters is then transferred to a junk yard. While everyone else in town is looking for Butters, Cartman is only preoccupied with going to Casa Bonita.

Kyle is forced to invite Cartman as Butters’ replacement. Once at Casa Bonita, Kyle’s mom gets a phone call, learning that Butters has been found and that it was Cartman’s fault that Butters had disappeared in the first place. Cartman immediately runs into Casa Bonita, but his fun only lasts a couple of minutes before police arrive to send him to juvenile hall.

16 He Sells Junk Food to Kids at Fat Camp

In season 4's episode “Fat Camp”, Cartman gets sent to fat camp to lose weight. He forces another kid at a neighboring camp to go home as a skinny version of himself. This kid is able to trick everyone into thinking that Cartman has lost the weight. In reality, Cartman hasn’t lost any weight and, instead, has stayed at fat camp in order to set up a business.

Cartman decides to sell junk food to all the kids at the fat camp. It’s mostly sweets and chocolate that Cartman hides in a trunk under his bed. He doesn’t open his shop up for business until after the counselors leave the campers at bedtime.

None of the kids are able to lose weight and the parents begin to blame the counselors for it. The campers come clean and give up Cartman, letting his evil deed become public. All of the campers are immediately forgiven for slacking off on their diets, but Cartman isn’t allowed to stay at the camp any longer.

15 He Attempts to Exterminate All of the Non-Ginger Kids

In the season 9 episode “Ginger Kids", Cartman gives a hate speech against children who have red hair, pale skin, and freckles. Kyle wants to teach Cartman a lesson, so he gets help from Stan and Kenny. Together, they knock Cartman unconscious and transform him into a ginger kid, using hair dye and other products. The next morning, Cartman wakes up as the type of person he had been discriminating against, so Kyle believes that Cartman has learned his lesson.

However, Cartman, being who he is, refuses to go down without a fight. Instead of giving in to the discrimination from others that he had started, Cartman decides to flip things around. Cartman gets all of the ginger children to rally behind him, forming a semi-cult which sacrifices the non-ginger children.

It isn’t until Kyle tells Cartman it was all prank that Cartman decides they shouldn’t sacrifice the non-ginger children after all.

14 He Profits Off of Crack Babies Playing With Balls of Crack

In the South Park episode “Crack Baby Athletic Association” in season 15, Cartman starts a company with the intention of reflecting how the NCAA doesn’t pay their players. Cartman creates videos of crack-addicted babies playing with balls of crack and puts it online in order to gain a profit. When Kyle gets involved, things get even crazier, since Kyle actually has a conscience.

Kyle feels bad, so he tries to give some of the money that they earn off of the videos to the babies that are being filmed. Cartman tells Kyle that they aren’t going to give anything to the babies. Cartman then tries to solicit pregnant women who are addicted to crack to give him permission to film their babies playing with balls of crack once they’re born. In the end, Cartman loses everything to EA Sports, and it all goes back to normal.

13 He Pretends to Have Tourette Syndrome

In season 11's “Le Petit Tourette", Cartman wants to be able to be as offensive as possible without getting into trouble for it. He meets a kid in a toy store who has Tourette's Syndrome, which gives Cartman an idea. Cartman pretends to have developed Tourette's Syndrome himself, in order for him to be able to say anything he wants and not get in trouble for it.

Kyle knows that Cartman is faking it, but trying to prove that Cartman is lying gets Kyle into trouble. Meanwhile, Cartman gets himself the opportunity to go on television. His wish is to shout whatever he wants on live television and be rewarded for his so-called "bravery." Things go bad for Cartman, however, when he starts saying things without control for real. Kyle manages to cancel Cartman’s television experience, which Cartman ends up being grateful for in the end.

12 He Convicts Random People of Murder

In “Cartman’s Incredible Gift” from season 8, Cartman has the ridiculous idea that he can fly. He decides to try out his new talent and climbs up to the roof of his house, where he inevitably ends up in a coma. When he wakes up, he discovers that he’s sharing his hospital room with an attempted murder victim.

This victim is visited by police for questioning, but the officers become distracted by Cartman and become convinced that Cartman has gained psychic powers after his fall. South Park doesn't have the brightest police force. Cartman plays along and ends up getting multiple people arrested for a string of what seem to be connected murders.

Cartman does this by announcing that he is having visions, in which he can see the attacks. Cartman loves the attention and becomes famous for being the psychic boy who helps the police. Plus, Cartman gets to feel more important than everyone else. Kyle ends up finding out who the real murderer is, but no one listens to him until he purposely falls off of the roof and goes into a coma as well.

11 He Convinces His Anger Management Counselor's Wife to Kill Herself

In season 5's “TMI” episode, Cartman has all the fourth-grade boys measure their penises. He believes that the school “put them all on blast” by posting fake penis sizes on the wall of the school hallway. Of course, South Park Elementary didn’t actually do this, and, after a talk with Principal Victoria, Cartman has to see an anger management counselor.

When Cartman has his first session with the anger management counselor, the counselor tries to anger Cartman in order to see how Cartman will react. The counselor calls Eric fat, tubby, and a bunch of other names. Cartman remains calm, takes out his phone, and begins to text.

The anger management counselor is impressed with Cartman’s calmness until the counselor gets a phone call. It’s the counselor’s wife who says she had received text messages from a “Mitch Connor,” saying that the counselor had intercourse with a teenager on the internet. His wife then commits suicide while on the phone. Cartman’s response? “I’m not fat. I’m big-boned.”

10 He Holds People Hostage in a Chinese Restaurant

In “The China Problem” of season 12, after watching the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics that were held in Beijing, Cartman is convinced that China is going to take over the United States. He convinces Butters to help him and they both dress up in offensive yellow-face. They end up going down to South Park’s local restaurant, P.F. Chang’s.

At the restaurant, Cartman tries to force some Asian customers to tell him the “secret plans” that he thinks China has involving the takeover of United States. When this doesn’t work out the way he plans, Cartman holds people in the restaurant hostage, and eventually convinces Butters to start shooting people. Butters shoots multiple people, but each time, he shoots them directly in the groin area. Cartman finally has enough of Butters’ aim and walks out, leaving Butters to clean up the mess that Cartman started.

9 He Pretends to Have a Developmental Disability

In season 8's “Up the Down Steroid", Cartman pretends to have a developmental disability in order to compete in the Special Olympics. He thinks that just because the children he would be competing against have disabilities, it’ll be easier for him to win. There are other South Park children competing in the Special Olympics as well, including both Jimmy and Timmy.

As usual, Kyle voices his concern and essentially tells Cartman to stop being such a jerk, but Cartman doesn’t listen. Cartman convinces his mother to sign him up for the Special Olympics, who is forced to lie and publicly state that Cartman has a developmental disability. During the competition, Cartman fails miserably. He ends up coming in last place out of everyone in the competition and is called out by Jimmy for not actually having a disability.

8 He Tries to Kill His Mom

In season 10 episode “Tsst", Cartman and his mom go head to head. It’s no secret that Mrs. Cartman is a bit out of touch with reality when it comes to her son. In the episode, she brings in the help of two nannies to try and tame Cartman. This is one of the first times Cartman shows how truly evil he is. Cartman pushes the two nannies over the edge by emotionally tormenting them, forcing one of into an insane asylum.

When the nannies don’t work, Mrs. Cartman brings dog trainer Cesar Millan to South Park. Cartman absolutely hates Cesar and runs away from home. After none of his friends let him stay at their houses, Cartman goes back home and starts to behave, though he hates it.

Cartman comes up with a plan to kill his mother and attempts to stab her in her sleep. The only thing is, he’s so overcome with emotions that the doesn’t go through with it. In one rare moment where Cartman has finally changed for the better, Catman is unable to harm to his mother. However, it doesn’t last long. His mother begins to feel lonely and bored, so she encourages Cartman to revert back to his old self.

7 He Convinces Everyone That the New Muslim Student Is a Terrorist

In “The Snuke” of season 11, a new (presumedly) Muslim kid comes to town. Based on this fact alone, Cartman decides that the kid is a terrorist. He gets everyone involved and convinces the government that the kid is planning a terrorist attack somewhere in South Park.

While trying to find out information on the kid, Cartman captures and tortures the kid’s parents. He injects apple juice into his arm and then continuously farts, specifically aimed in the direction of the kid’s mom.

In reality, there is an actual terrorist threat, but it had nothing to do with any Muslims, let alone the kid that Cartman pinpointed. Cartman made everyone panic over the kid solely because the kid was Muslim. It was a very classic Cartman situation, just amplified.

6 He Befriends a Dark Lord and Almost Destroys the World

In the trio of episodes “Coon 2: Hindsight”, “Mysterion Rises”, and “Coon vs. Coon & Friends" from season 14, Cartman and some of the other South Park kids want to be the town superheroes. A majority of these three episodes focuses on Kenny, also known as Mysterion, and his ability to never die. Cartman’s shenanigans are still fully there though, as he gets the dark lord, Cthulhu, to help him destroy the world.

Cartman becomes extremely upset when his friends kick him out of their superhero group, Coon & Friends. Not only did Cartman attempt beat up a majority of the group, but he also went on a power trip, which led to the rest of the group to finally ousting him.

For payback, Cartman convinces the mythical monster Cthulhu to join his side. Cartman has Cthulhu banish his friends into a dark oblivion. It then continues killing civilians, including Justin Bieber. The superhero Mint Berry Crunch, played by Bradley Biggie, shows up at the last moment and stops Cartman and Cthulhu. Mint Berry Crunch gets all the glory, even though it was Kenny who did most of the work for him.

5 He Crashes Two Planes and Shoots Token

In the season 17 episode “World War Zimmerman," Cartman convinces everyone that there’s an apocalypse. In reality, Eric has forced himself to believe that African Americans are going to revolt about the George Zimmerman trial conclusion, creating apocalyptic destruction and devastation. Cartman decides that he’s the one who can save the world and gets to work.

Cartman gets on a plane, letting everyone know that they need to do something. Ultimately, he causes the plane to crash. He later gets another plane to crash, and potentially another plane after that as well. Cartman declares that Token is the problem and informs everyone to watch the news channels.

The news shows a drawing of Token declaring him to be patient zero. After all is said and done, Cartman pretends to apologize to Token for making him patient zero. When Token tries to fist bump Cartman, Cartman shoots Token instead. Token survives and Cartman gets away with shooting him due to a ridiculous “stand your ground” law.

4 He Convinces Bill Clinton to Declare the South as the Winner of the Civil War

In “The Red Badge of Gayness” episode of season 3, the town of South Park takes part in their annual Civil War reenactment. Cartman and the boys take part, but Cartman refuses to let the South lose, and doesn’t understand the historical significance of the loss. He proceeds to get his team on the South drunk, and they travel from place to place, terrorizing and battling others.

At one point, Cartman blackmails the current president, Bill Clinton. Cartman wants Bill Clinton to declare the South as the true winners of the Civil War and essentially rewrite history. He’s not doing this purely out of spite, as he has a bet with Stan and Kyle, and doesn’t want to lose.

If the North won the reenactment, Cartman had to be Stan and Kyle’s slave. If the South won, Stan and Kyle had to be Cartman’s slave. Cartman was willing to rewrite the history of a war that led to the end of slavery, purely in order to win a bet. Thankfully, Stan and Kyle end up stopping the madness before Bill Clinton can officially declare the South as the winners.

3 He Spitefully Gives Kyle AIDS

In season 12's “Tonsil Trouble", Cartman accidentally gets AIDS during a routine tonsil removal surgery. When Kyle finds out the Cartman has AIDS, he can’t help but laugh. From Kyle’s perspective, Cartman deserves the worst and this infection is due to karma. However, Cartman doesn’t take well to being made fun of and decides to retaliate.

In the middle of the night, Cartman takes some of his blood and smears it in Kyle’s mouth, which gives Kyle AIDS. Butters tells Kyle what Cartman has done and Kyle is understandably mad about it.

Cartman convinces Kyle that he knows what to do to cure them both. The two leave South Park to find Magic Johnson. Together, the group comes up with the cure for AIDS, which turns out to just be a lot of money. Magic Johnson gives Cartman and Kyle a ton of money and it cures them of their AIDS.

2 He Emulates Hitler and Tries to Get Rid of the Jewish Community

In “The Passion of the Jew” from season 8, Eric starts his own The Passion of the Christ/Mel Gibson fan club. He also convinces Kyle to watch the film, which results in Kyle feeling the need to convince his community to apologize for killing Jesus.

However, Cartman’s fan club is oblivious to Cartman’s real goal. Anyone who knows Cartman knows that he has a strong dislike of Jewish people, if his relationship with Kyle says anything. Therefore Cartman wants to use this opportunity to get rid of the Jewish community once and for all, and, throughout the episode, the fan club has no idea what they’re actually supporting.

Outside the South Park theater, Cartman convinces his followers to shout anti-Semitic phrases. This is just the beginning of what Cartman has in mind. Mel Gibson then arrives in town, which makes Cartman happy since he is a huge fan, but Mel Gibson doesn’t care about Cartman. Stan eventually convinces everyone to stop following Cartman, and tells them they should follow Jesus’ teachings instead, foiling Cartman’s plans.

1 He Makes Scott Tenorman Eat His Parents

In the outrageous episode “Scott Tenorman Must Die” from season 5, high schooler Scott Tenorman sells his pubic hair to Cartman. He then tricks Cartman into taking a bus miles and miles away, and continues to prank him. In the end, Scott swindles $16 from Cartman, leaving Cartman disappointed and upset.

After a few failed attempts to get back at Scott, Cartman decides to hold a chili contest. Scott puts a pubic hair in Cartman's chili, but Cartman, being the scheming mastermind he is, switches out that chili with another one.

The chili Cartman made for Scott, however, is a nightmare in a bowl. Cartman had been involved in a plan of his own: after Scott’s parents were shot for trespassing, Cartman stole their bodies and then chopped them up. Cartman then made a fresh bowl of chili, which included the chopped up pieces of Scott's parents, and served it to Scott at the contest.

That's not all: Cartman then had Radiohead, Scott’s favorite band, show up and publicly mock him. It is later revealed that Scott and Cartman are related and have the same dad, so Cartman technically had his dad killed and forced his half-brother eat him.


Can you think of any other evil Eric Cartman moments from South Park? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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