Eric Cartman is known as one of the most diabolical, petty, and evil characters of all time. When South Park started, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone wanted Eric to be a character who could say and do absolutely ridiculous things that shouldn’t be heard or seen on television in any other situation. They have succeeded in their attempts, as Cartman is one of the most recognizable characters on television for this very reason.

Known for his outlandish ways, Cartman has multiple moments throughout the South Park series that prove he is truly evil. In fact, Cartman has so many horrible moments that attempting to pinpoint his worst is a rather difficult thing to do. From always ripping on Jewish people, to going to the extreme just to get his way, Cartman has done his fair share of questionable things, to say the least.

Eric Cartman wouldn’t get away with most of the stuff he does if you placed him in real life. This is why he’s perfect in the cartoon world, where he’s able to push the limit. Cartman’s evil ways make South Park what it is. Without Cartman, the show wouldn’t have made it this far.

Here are the 17 Most Evil Eric Cartman Moments.

17. He Kidnaps Butters

South Park Eric Cartman at Casa Bonita South Park: 17 Most Evil Eric Cartman Moments

In season 7’s “Casa Bonita,” Kyle decides to invite Butters to his birthday at Casa Bonita instead of Cartman. Casa Bonita is a real restaurant in Denver, Colorado that has all the bells and whistles. It has cliff divers, puppet shows, and a mariachi band. It’s an experience that Cartman didn’t want to miss out on, even if it meant endangering Butters’ life.

Cartman decides to convince Butters that the world is ending and locks him up in an underground bunker. He later transfers Butters to an old refrigerator at the forgotten gas station where Butters is then transferred to a junk yard. While everyone else in town is looking for Butters, Cartman is only preoccupied with going to Casa Bonita.

Kyle is forced to invite Cartman as Butters’ replacement. Once at Casa Bonita, Kyle’s mom gets a phone call, learning that Butters has been found and that it was Cartman’s fault that Butters had disappeared in the first place. Cartman immediately runs into Casa Bonita, but his fun only lasts a couple of minutes before police arrive to send him to juvenile hall.

16. He Sells Junk Food to Kids at Fat Camp

South Park Eric Cartman Selling Candy at Fat Camp South Park: 17 Most Evil Eric Cartman Moments

In season 4’s episode “Fat Camp”, Cartman gets sent to fat camp to lose weight. He forces another kid at a neighboring camp to go home as a skinny version of himself. This kid is able to trick everyone into thinking that Cartman has lost the weight. In reality, Cartman hasn’t lost any weight and, instead, has stayed at fat camp in order to set up a business.

Cartman decides to sell junk food to all the kids at the fat camp. It’s mostly sweets and chocolate that Cartman hides in a trunk under his bed. He doesn’t open his shop up for business until after the counselors leave the campers at bedtime.

None of the kids are able to lose weight and the parents begin to blame the counselors for it. The campers come clean and give up Cartman, letting his evil deed become public. All of the campers are immediately forgiven for slacking off on their diets, but Cartman isn’t allowed to stay at the camp any longer.