South Park Skewers Tron and Facebook

From time to time I post a little something about a South Park episode I really enjoy, and which is also relevant to the TV/movie news we cover here at Screen Rant :-) .

Well, last night's episode, entitled "You Have 0 Friends" did a hilarious job of skewering Facebook (the subject of David Fincher's upcoming film, The Social Network), as well as tossing in an equally funny nod to the sci-fi cult-classic Tron, which is making a return to the pop culture limelight this winter with Disney's blockbuster 3D sequel, Tron Legacy.

The premise of the episode was simple: Everybody is on Facebook these days, except for Stan Marsh. When Stan's friends Kyle, Kenny and Cartman fashion a Facebook page for him, Stan is suddenly burdened with the ridiculous social networking obligations of status updates and "pokes" he hoped to avoid. However, when Stan tries to delete his social network profile, the Facebook program traps him in a Tron-esque digital realm, where Stan must do battle with his own digital persona.

The episode was a hilarious "two birds, one stone" skewer of both Facebook and Tron, and is certainly worth checking out. For now here are some clips, courtesy of South Park Studios:

"Poke your Grandma," man that is hilarious... Anyway, this is yet another great bit of social satire from the creators of South Park and a timely nod to the Tron universe. This episode also introduced a new character, Kip Drordy, who may be my favorite South Park supporting character since Butters. I was totally rooting for Kip by the end of the episode (poor little guy!) and hope they use him again in the future.

Did you see the episode? What did you think? Are you a sci-fi fan who got a real kick out of seeing the Tron reference (I know I couldn't stop laughing when the episode skewed that way!). If you haven't seen "You Have 0 Friends," click on the image below. It's worth the watch.

south park facbook tron

South Park airs every Wednesday @ 10 pm on Comedy Central.

The Social Network hits theaters on October 15, 2010.

Tron Legacy hits theaters on December 17, 2010.

Source: South Park Studios

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