'South Park' Episode Spoofs Watchmen & The Dark Knight

By now it's a proven statistic: on a long enough timeline, the probability of something you love being ripped a new one by South Park is 100%.

Well, last night it was comic book movie-lovers' turn to get it, as the newest episode of South Park's thirteenth season, "The Coon," took aim at the recent trend of "dark" comic book films like Watchmen and The Dark Knight and lampooned away.

The result was, of course, pretty funny.

The plot of the episode was pretty simple: in the midst if the economic recession, the town of South Park has become "a bloated whore" of crime and loose morality. The cure? Eric Cartman masquerading at night as"The Coon," a Racoonesque crime-fighting vigilante keeping South Park's streets from being overrun by criminal vermin, all while narrating his exploits in gravelly, Christian Bale/Rorschach type voice-over.

However, when a second masked juvenile crime-fighter known as "Mysterio" appears and steals the limelight, Cartman/The Coon teams with arch-nemesis Professor Chaos (Butters) to run Mysterio out of town.

This episode was A LOT less offensive than I thought it would be--even less offensive than what has become the South Park standard. Most of the lampooning was aimed at recreating The Dark Knight/Watchmen atmosphere, down to the faux Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard music that played throughout the show. The episode also took some subtle swipes at we, the public, and our fascination with superheroes during tough times. But really, no jaw-dropping, face-cringing moments in this episode. Hell, "The Coon" title was probably the most offensive thing about it.

I thought there would be at least one "blue junk" joke worked in there. But no luck. (And why do I sound slightly disappointed by that fact? Has South Park really desensitized me that much?)

You can check out "The Coon" episode over at the show's official site, South Park Studios. After you've checked out "The Coon," come back and let us know what you thought about South Park taking on comic book movies.

Source: South Park Studios

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