South Park: Butters' 10 Funniest Quotes

Butters is the special kind of South Park character who is so innocent that he doesn't fit in at all. These are some of his best lines!

As soon as South Park premiered two decades ago, Eric Cartman became a cultural icon. He was on t-shirts and stickers and beach towels within a few short weeks.

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However, what Trey Parker and Matt Stone discovered later in the series’ run was that their most popular characters were actually a pair of supporting roles: Randy Marsh, Stan’s dad who gets involved in a lot of wacky schemes, and Leopold “Butters” Stotch, the most innocent and also most downtrodden kid in South Park. Butters, in particular, has found a huge fan base of his own. So, fans of South Park, here are Butters’ 10 Funniest Quotes.

10 “Mom, Dad, I love you. Please don’t sell me to Paris Hilton.”

The Paris Hilton episode of South Park is often included on lists of times the show went too far, and in many ways, that’s justified. It does feature the suicides of various adorable pets and it does end with Mr. Slave putting the whole of Paris Hilton inside himself.

But when something really bothers Trey Parker and Matt Stone, like the fact that Paris Hilton is seen as a role model for young women, they really let you know how much it bothers them. The B-plot of the episode involves Paris Hilton trying to buy Butters to be her new pet (after the last one shot itself).

9 “My name is Butters. I’m eight years old, I’m blood type O, and I’m bi-curious.”

As with most South Park episodes, the one about Christian “gay conversion” camps is very sharp and insightful. It examines the way these places operate, why they shouldn’t exist in the first place, and how they can rectify their mistakes.

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At the end of the episode, Butters reconciles the gay-bashing thoughts of the priests with the sexually confused feelings of the boys and says, “My name is Butters. I’m eight years old, I’m blood type O, and I’m bi-curious. And even that’s okay, because if I’m bi-curious, and I’m somehow made from God, then I figure God must be a little bi-curious himself.”

8 “Hey, government. It’s me, Butters.”

In the season 17 premiere episode “Let Go, Let Gov,” Cartman tells Butters that the government is watching his every move, listening to all of his conversations, and tracking everything he does on his phone and online. This was 2013 and the big fears about the NSA had just kicked off.

But rather than fear the government, Butters starts seeing them as a religious deity. Every night before bed, he prays to the government and thanks it for watching over him and keeping him safe. This is why the episode’s title is taken from the Christian expression “Let go, let God.”

7 “You think it’s because gay weiners are less threatening to women viewers?”

South Park’s “Black Friday” trilogy is one of the greatest multi-part episodes they’ve ever done – maybe the greatest – as it takes on the PS4 vs Xbox One debate and the craze of Black Friday through the lens of Game of Thrones parody.

A running joke through these episodes is that Butters has been catching up on GoT and is unhappy with how the male nudity is framed: “Wizard Cartman, I started watching Game of Thrones...It’s pretty good, I guess, but have you ever noticed that almost every time they show a guy’s weiner, that guy’s character is gay?...You think it’s because gay weiners are less threatening to women viewers?”

6 “Do you know what I am saying?”

The episode “Butters’ Bottom B****” is a hilarious one, because both the A-plot and the B-plot work. The A-plot follows Butters as he becomes a pimp, taking a cut from all the girls at school who sell kisses on the playground, and the B-plot follows Detective Harris as he gets a little too committed to his undercover persona as a prostitute.

At one point in the episode, Butters goes to a pimping convention to get some notes from other pimps. All he gets is the word “b****,” the word “motherf***in’,” and the phrase “Do you know what I am saying?”

5 “Hey, little dude, you’ve got some crap right here.” “That’s my face, sir!”

In the sixth season of South Park, Butters briefly becomes the fourth member of the group after Kenny was killed off semi-permanently (it was permanent, but only for one season – in the season finale, he just showed up and everything went back to normal).

Butters was later replaced by Tweek when the other three get tired of making fun of him and that’s what drives him to become the supervillain Professor Chaos. When he was in the group, Cartman gave him “a Hitler” (a smear of feces on his upper lip). A ski instructor points it out to him, but he thinks he’s referring to his face.

4 “I’m pretty sure the car is moving. Looks like I’m heading for the water.”

The episode “Butters’ Very Own Episode” was modeled after wholesome family sitcoms from the ‘50s with the joke being that Butters’ family life is so dark and disturbing and dysfunctional that in that style, it would seem really messed-up. And it did. His mom tries to drown him halfway through the episode.

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He says, “I’m pretty sure the car is moving. Looks like I’m heading for the water. Yeah, I think maybe now might be a good time for you to come back inside the car and drive, Mom.” But she ignores him and he just drifts away into the night. Dark stuff.

3 “Well, yeah, I’m sad, but at the same time, I’m really happy that something can make me feel that sad.”

South Park Butters After a Breakup

This was one of those instances in which Butters has proven to us that he is one of the wisest and most insightful characters on the show. It’s from the episode “Raisins,” in which Wendy breaks up with Stan and the guys take him to a sexy Hooters-style restaurant for kids called Raisins to take his mind off her.

It doesn’t work and he falls into a deep depression with the goth kids. Meanwhile, Butters thinks a waitress who flirted with him is his girlfriend. When she tells him the truth, he’s sad – but also sees the positive in it.

2 “Oh, hamburgers!”

Unlike pretty much every character in South Park, and especially the other kids, Butters tends to watch his language. While characters like Eric Cartman will make every other word in their dialogue a swear word, Butters hardly ever swears. And when he does, which is rare, he seems to have a hard time saying a bad word.

He either can’t string together a decent sweary sentence or he physically struggles to get a curse word out of his mouth. Whenever he’s upset or angry or scared, there is one clean, family-friendly phrase that he will always use to express his anguish: “Oh, hamburgers!”

1 “Lu-lu-lu, I’ve got some apples. Lu-lu-lu, you’ve got some, too!”

The most harmless, meaningless, pointless songs are associated with Butters. He won’t listen to any music that actually has something to say or sing lyrics that have some deeper subtext. When he dances in a dance contest and ends up killing a bunch of people, the song goes, “I’ve got something in my front pocket for you!” (This last one may have had a cruder subtext, actually).

Whenever he’s alone, playing with his toys, he sings, “Lu-lu-lu, I’ve got some apples. Lu-lu-lu, you’ve got some, too!” We must’ve heard him sing that banal song a hundred times, but when he came to sing it at the talent show, he forgot the words and froze up on stage. Poor little guy.

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