South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut: 10 Jokes That Are Still Funny Today

South Park is good at moving with the times. The writers tackle something relevant to modern society with each season, moving forward in a linear narrative that still manages to encompass the vulgar and, at times, immature humor South Park is well-known for.

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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut was released in 1999 and features countless musical numbers and comedic skits that remain funny twenty years later. The show may have moved forward since but the previous installments still hold their own. Here are ten jokes from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut that are still funny today.

10 The Boys Learn Some New Words

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut  opens with a musical number as Stan Marsh (voiced by Trey Parker) embarks on a whimsical through the town on his way to watch the new Terrence And Philip movie. It is at the movies where the boys learn a colorful new vocabulary full of expletives, inspired by their Canadian heroes.

The children exit the cinema happily singing one of Terrence And Philip's well-known explicit musical numbers, concocting new curse words of their own. Although this ultimately leads to chaos, the creative language the boys conjure encapsulate South Park's trademark humor.

9 Cartman Gets In Trouble With Mr. Garrison

Cartman in South Park

After the children of South Park Elementary watch the Terrence And Philip movie, Cartman (also voiced by Trey Parker) grows bolder in class one day. With the assistance of a megaphone, he utilizes his newfound dictionary of expletives at the expense of an astonished Mr. Garrison.

This sets off a chain reaction that leads to a war with Canada after Kyle's mom Sheila (Mary Kay Bergman) and the other parents blame Terrence and Philip for the boys' foul language - as well as an equally hilarious skit involving Cartman's mom stating the definition of some of the more ruder references.

8 Stan's Quest

Stan spends most ofSouth Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut throwing up on his crush Wendy (also Mary Kay Bergman) whenever the two are together, but this doesn't persuade him from following his heart. After Wendy becomes enamored with another boy from school, Stan asks Chef for some advice and gets an abrupt answer he doesn't quite understand.

Following the advice of his friend, Stan goes on a surreal journey to "find the clitoris" and inadvertently offends many of the townspeople - including his sister Shelly.

7 Kenny Dies

It isn't truly South Park if Kenny doesn't die in some bizarre manner. In Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Kenny perishes after Cartman bets him he can't light a fart on fire. Because it is South Park, Kenny succeeds in proving Cartman wrong but also catches fire instantly.

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The inept doctors briefly revive Kenny at the hospital, though his recovery is short-lived after he discovers his heart has been accidentally replaced with a baked potato intended for the doctor's lunch. This leads Kenny to Hell, where he witnesses Satan and his new boyfriend Saddam Hussein plot to take over the world.

6 Mothers Against Canada

After hearing her son and his friends repeat a barrage of curse words they heard Canadian icons Terrence and Philip say in their movie, Sheila Broflovski unites the mothers of South Park against the country of Canada, inciting war and placing a death sentence on the Candian 'comedians.'

Terrence and Philip are arrested live on-air after Mothers Against Canada invades an episode of Conan. Canadians across the United States are then rounded up and sent to camps in a sequence that perfectly portrays South Park's topical humor.

5 Canada Bombs The Baldwins

In retaliation to the arrest of Terrence and Philip, Canada fights back by bombing the Baldwin brothers with a missile. The loss of the popular family of actors is presented as a national loss and it is this that prompts the newly-paired Sheila Broflovski and President Bill Clinton to announce that Terrence and Philip will be executed.

Sheila refuses to back down as Kyle struggles to stand up to his mom. Mothers Against Canada lead the war against their neighboring country, oblivious to the growing threat in Hell.

4 Satan's New Squeeze

South Park Bigger louder Uncut

South Park has never shied away from controversy, and in Bigger, Longer & Uncut they continue to push the boundaries of comedy. After the war against Canada breaks out, Satan is shown in Hell plotting to take over the world amidst the confusion - with his new boyfriend, Saddam Hussein by his side.

The depiction of Satan as a lovesick, easily manipulated figure in juxtaposition to the bold portrayal of his hellish partner is South Park at its most authentic. The show's refusal to back down to regulations has produced memorable skits such as this.

3 Kyle's Mom's A B****

Cartman's song about Kyle's mom Sheila remains infamous, one of South Park's most popular musical parodies that was once a ringtone for generations of teenagers. Although this ends up having negative repercussions for Cartman, the foul-mouthed elementary school student gives a colorful rendition about Sheila in retaliation for her actions against Terrence and Philip.

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The song is both comedic and catchy, encompassing everything that is the character of Cartman. It is near guaranteed to get stuck in your head long after the movie has ended.

2 Cartman Gets A V-Chip

As catchy as Cartman's song about Kyle's mom, it has consequences. At the following Mothers Against Canada meeting, Cartman is shown to have been implanted with a microchip in his brain that shocks him every time he swears.

Cartman ultimately uses the chip to his advantage after it malfunctions, conjuring up his most creative curse words and emitting bolts of electricity from his hands during the final climactic battle as Hell invades the earth.

1 The Boys Find An Adult Video... Starring Cartman's Mom

Whilst searching the Internet, the boys stumble across a particularly vulgar adult video that stars Cartman's mom. Stan and Kyle relish in laughing at their friend's expense, whilst Cartman is confronted with compromising evidence of his mother's sexual deviance.

Small skits like this solidify South Park as, although the show moves forward remaining progressively topical with each season, jokes like this are timeless. The hints and clues dropped by various minor characters help pad out the scope of the show and diversify the range of humor.

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