Comedy Central Announces Massive 8-Day South Park Marathon

Comedy Central has announced a massive eight-day South Park marathon, ahead of the show's impending new season. Back in 2014, FXX began airing a 12-day marathon of every episode of The Simpsons that had aired up to that point, in connection with FXX gaining the cable rights to the series. The Every Simpsons Ever marathon, which aired 552 episodes, was an event that put FXX on the map, launched a new Simpsons app and served as something of a communal viewing experience for generations of Simpsons fans.

Another long-running animated hit, South Park, debuted in the summer of 1997 and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month. To mark the occasion, as well as to celebrate the launch of its next season, Comedy Central is pulling an Every Simpsons Ever-like stunt and airing a whole lot of South Park episodes, back to back.

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Comedy Central has announced that it will air an eight-day, 127-hour marathon of all 254 episodes of South Park, beginning on Wednesday, September 6. The marathon will lead up to South Park’s 21st season premiere, on Wednesday, September 13.

During the marathon, South Park will air around the clock on Comedy Central, with the exception of each weeknight’s new episode of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah at 11 p.m. Eastern. Comedy Central is also taking the occasion to launch a new South Park Twitter emoji, which will activate whenever any Twitter user tweets #SouthPark, #NewSouthPark, #SouthParkPremiere, #SouthPark21, #Memberberries, and #Cartman, starting on September 13.

The marathon should be fascinating to watch for long-time South Park observers, if not just for the massive changes the show has undergone over the years, both animation-wise and thematically. Remember when Kenny died in every episode? When Chef (Isaac Hayes) always sang a song? The female mayor character? While South Park, unlike The Simpsons, has been run by the same two people for its entire run, it’s undergone many changes over the years.

South Park’s entire back catalog used to stream for free on the South Park Studios website, until the creators struck a deal with Hulu (though Comedy Central continues to re-run most of the older South Park seasons). All the same, the marathon will provide South Park fans with an opportunity to catch up with some old favorites, or perhaps experience them for the first time.

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The South Park marathon starts September 6, continuing through September 13. Season 21 premieres September 13 on Comedy Central.

Source: Comedy Central

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