Clint Mansell NOT Scoring Duncan Jones' 'Source Code'

Director Duncan Jones will not re-team with his 'Moon' composer Clint Mansell for 'Source Code' due to scheduling conflicts. Find out who the replacement composer is.

Film composer Clint Mansell has a delivered a few of the most haunting and memorable film scores of the last few years. Most of his most notable work has been with director Darren Aronofsky on such films as Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler and Black Swan.

One of his most recent (and best) scores was composed for the critically acclaimed sci-fi film Moon, from first-time director Duncan Jones. Needless to say a lot of people (myself included) were looking forward to Mansell working with Jones once more on the director's second feature, the upcoming Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

However, today comes some rather unfortunate news that Mansell just can't find the time to work on Source Code.

Badass Digest spoke to Jones directly on the phone and the director said that due to scheduling conflicts Mansell can't compose the score for Source Code after all. To confirm this news Jones Tweeted the following:

"Unfortunately we weren't able to work out a schedule so Clint could do the score in the end. He has been a very busy bee."

This surely was one of those cases where Mansell really did want to work on the film - i.e., there wasn't some sort of composer-director disagreement - but simply couldn't fit it into his schedule. /Film says that they even heard some early music that Mansell created for the opening credits of Source Code. It's really a shame Mansell can't do it, as his collaboration with Jones on Moon was absolutely stellar in my opinion.

But alas, the movie business goes on and Jones has already found a replacement composer: Chris Bacon. Bacon has quite a few credits as a "conductor" and "synth score programmer" but very little as a sole composer (at least for films - he has a few for TV). However, Bacon did compose the scores for such films as Waking Sleeping Beauty, a documentary about the history of Walt Disney animation; the recent animated film Alpha and Omega; and the upcoming Gnomeo and Juliet. You can listen to an example of his score from Alpha and Omega HERE.

I'm not familiar enough with Bacon's work to truly say one way or the other whether he's a good fit for Jones' Source Code. But I doubt Jones would have picked Bacon at this late stage if he wasn't confident he could do a good job with the score.

Source Code opens in theaters on April 15th, 2011. Make sure to check out the absolutely awesome first trailer if you happened to miss it.

Source: Badass Digest and /Film

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