Guess How Many Game Consoles Soulja Boy Has Sold?

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Soulja Boy, best known for his self-published 2008 single, "Crank That (Soulja Boy)", inexplicably came out with his own video game console. Well, the musician calls it a gaming console, but it's really just a price-gouged shoddy emulator with a ton of ROMs thrown in. The legal status of the SouljaGame is dubious at best, and outright illegal at worst, but Soulja Boy hasn't let his many – many – detractors keep him from selling his marked-up wares and touting his trumped-up success.

In addition to the SouljaGame, the Chicago-based rapper is also selling a GameBoy-styled Retro SouljaBoy Mini and the SouljaGame Fuze, which is an Android-based ripoff of the PS4 and Xbox One. By this point, fans and rubberneckers (mostly the latter) are wondering: how many of these overpriced emulators have been sold?

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Soulja Boy's game boxes obviously aren't being tracked by The NPD Group, from whom the public receives numbers regarding legitimate video game companies, and Fuze is keeping their numbers private, but there is still one source for this kind of information: Soulja Boy himself, on Twitter.

The Numbers... According To Soulja Boy

In what some may describe as a straight-up Twitter meltdown, Soulja Boy unleashed a barrage of Tweets aimed at his detractors. In the profanity and homophobia-laden Tweetstorm, Mr. Boy (real name: DeAndre Way) maintained that he sold five million copies of his SouljaGame console, while insisting he wasn't afraid of potential legal action from Nintendo. Though the Tweets have since been deleted, it can be assumed that Soulja Boy stands by his claim of five million units sold... Though industry analysts would surely dispute that notion. Five million units in less than a month would be an impressive feat for a legitimate video game console. For a more expensive clone of a box full of poorly-emulated (and presumably unlicensed) games, that "five million" number sounds a bit... Unlikely.

Then again, where there's a will, there's a way. This is Soulja Boy, after all. As he recently Tweeted, he "Had the biggest come back of 2018 big facts." His lack of punctuation and willingness to turn the word comeback into a phrase, come back, indicates a staggering level of self-confidence and could be a sign of genuine self-actualization.

In another Tweet, Soulja Boy states, "I'm up 20 M's!" Nobody actually knows what that means, save for Mr. Boy himself, but he seems enthusiastic, so maybe it's true; maybe he is up 20 M's, improper apostrophe use and all! And if Soulja Boy is, indeed, up 20 M's, then maybe he really did sell five million copies of the SouljaGame console in less than a month. For context, the Xbox 360 sold 5.9 million units in its first year so Soulja Boy is the next big competitor to the PS4 and Switch.

Of course, another possibility is that he's simply lying, pulling numbers out of his cap in an effort to feed his bruised ego and fend off the endless parade of onlookers who point and mock him and his futile quest for continued relevance, eight years after his last hit single.

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