Soulja Boy's Store Pulls Game Consoles - Lawsuit Incoming?

In the latest twist to the Soulja Boy gaming console saga, it appears he has pulled said consoles from his store SouljaWatch. DeAndre Cortez Way, better known as Soulja Boy, is best known for his 2007 hip-hop hit "Crank That (Soulja Boy)." Earlier this month, he began selling what he called gaming consoles, but were, in fact, absurdly priced shoddy emulators. As if that whole set up wasn't strange enough, it's now looking like there is a lawsuit on the horizon.

The entire enterprise was questionable from the beginning. Soulja Boy began selling the emulators on his site with the promise that they were loaded with games (3,000 on the SouljaGame Handheld, 800 on the SouljaGame Classic) pirated from other companies, such as Nintendo. Already, Soulja Boy is insisting business was booming and that he'd already sold 5 million units. The cheap emulators angered the gaming community. The consoles were questionable at best and gamers began pointing out he was inviting a lawsuit. Soulja Boy claimed not to care, even after Nintendo threatened him with one. During a since deleted Twitter tirade he stated that "Nintendo ain't gon do s---." The response showed just how little he knew of the company and its willingness to litigate.

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Nintendo decided to call his bluff. Earlier this month the company threatened him with a potential lawsuit. According to Multiplayer First, Nintendo informed Soulja Boy they may charge him for violating the Trademark Counterfeiting Act with all the games on his emulators. Now the consoles have disappeared, along with his bravado. All his homophobic threats are gone (or as gone as they can be on the internet). In their place was a simple backtrack.

While the emulators have vanished, Soulja Boy's website continues to promote a host of other items. Anybody interested can still purchase a SouljaPhone, a SouljaWatch, SouljaHeadphones, even SoljaPods (self-branded air pods). Evidentially Apple hasn't deigned the clear knockoffs worthy of pursuing legal action. At least not yet.

Now that the consoles have gone, it looks like the lawsuit Nintendo hinted at may be imminent instead of a mere possibility. Soulja Boy may be surprised, but gamers aren't. Nintendo is known for taking protecting their product seriously and wasn't about to standby as anyone ripped them off. The whole story, including the sudden change in tune in just 24-hours is both bizarre and uncomfortable to watch. Soulja Boy is trying desperately to remain relevant after all these years. While he has succeeded in getting his name back in the news, it looks like his actions will soon cost him dearly.

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Source: Multiplayer First

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