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Jamie Foxx in Soul

Pixar officially releases the first teaser trailer for Soul. The animation powerhouse is coming off the latest of their critically-acclaimed box office hits in this summer's Toy Story 4, which passed the $1 billion mark worldwide. There's an obvious financial benefit to producing sequels, but Pixar is making it a priority to return to their roots with some captivating original works over the next few years. In 2020, they'll release two such films: Onward and Soul.

The latter is the latest film from Pixar's new chief creative officer Pete Docter, who previously helmed beloved offerings such as Monsters, Inc., Up, and Inside Out. He's arguably the best filmmaker Pixar has at their disposal, which is why there's much excitement surrounding Soul. Pixar unveiled the first wave of Soul plot details during the D23 Expo in August, including the movie's star-studded voice cast. Now, promotion continues with the debut of the first theatrical preview.

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Today, Pixar shared the Soul teaser trailer, before it's presumably attached to screenings of Frozen II later this month. Take a look at it and the film's new poster in the space below:

Soul movie poster

Like most Pixar teaser trailers, this look at Soul provides a general overview of the story, introducing Jamie Foxx's character Joe Gardner. From the footage, it's revealed that after landing his first big professional gig, Joe accidentally falls through a manhole and mysteriously ends up in the soul world, where he meets 22 (Tina Fey). It looks like another classic Pixar pairing of mismatched individuals; Joe has high aspirations for his career, but 22 would rather be known for her amusing cowboy dance. It'll be interesting to see how the duo's dynamic evolves over the course of the film. With Docter calling the shots, Soul is bound to be an extremely poignant tale that appeals to both youngsters and older moviegoers. Inside Out packed a heavy emotional punch with its powerful message, and Soul should definitely follow suit.

The other big takeaway here is Pixar continues to up their game when it comes to the technical aspect of their films. Soul is unsurprisingly beautifully animated; its recreation of New York City feels like a living and breathing environment, despite the fact it was all built in a computer. Pixar's come a long way since the original Toy Story in 1995, but it's still amazing to take a look at all of the hard work that goes into completing their movies. Between Soul and Onward, Pixar is poised to have a huge 2020, and it's great to see the studio crafting original stories yet again.

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  • Soul (2020) release date: Jun 19, 2020
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