Sorcerer’s Apprentice Still Adding Cast Members

Sorcerer’s Apprentice has been in production for the past two months and they are still hiring actresses. When Screen Rant mentioned the film before, it didn't have the incredibly beautiful Monica Belluci (The Matrix Reloaded) attached to it. She has since joined cast members Nicolas Cage, Alfred Molina and director Jon Turteltaub (Cool Runnings) in Disney's big screen adaptation.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice is loosely (read not at all) based on the original poem by Johann Wolfgang Goethe; Disney drew its inspiration from the poem for the famous scene in the animated classic Fantasia. Based in modern-day Manhattan, Cage is sorcerer Balthazar Blake who is fighting the forces of darkness with the help of his young protégé (Jay Baruchel). Molina plays evil sorcerer Horvath who teams up with Drake Stone (Toby Kebbell) to “gain ultimate powers”.

Bellucci takes on the role of sorceress Veronica, who is Blake’s long-lost girlfriend. Teresa Palmer (Bedtime Stories) joins her as Baruchel’s girlfriend. Apparently, evil sorcerers do not need love because there has been no mention of girlfriends for them.

I keep having this horrible feeling deep in my gut that this movie is not going to be as good as people think, though I’m trying not to be pessimistic about it. I’m not so worried about newcomers Baruchel and Kebbell or even veteran Molina but the one name attached to this that gives me great pause is... Nicolas Cage.

Now, I’m a Cage fan, I really am! I very much enjoyed him in Honeymoon in Vegas, Raising Arizona and I’m one of the few people that liked The Rock; but his choice of movie roles lately has not been what you would call... "stellar."

Let’s take a look at his last 10 movies: Knowing, Bangkok Dangerous, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Next, Ghost Rider, The Wicker Man, World Trade Center, The Weather ManLord of War, National Treasure. I would only consider two of those (World Trade Center and The Weather Man) to be above average. That puts Nic at a horrible 20% success rate (or 50% if we lower the standards a tad) when it comes to choosing roles.

Both National Treasure movies were fun to watch and made a lot of money at the box office but they were nothing more than popcorn flicks. The rest are a bunch of major disappointments, but not because of his acting, which can sometimes be one-dimensional. Cage always seems to be dedicated to each of his roles, Ghost Rider is a good example, but even that can’t help a movie with a really bad story line.

For the sake of seeing a good magic yarn told on screen that doesn’t have Harry Potter in the title, I hope this movie does turn out to be fun.

Does the cast or story interest you or do you think it will fall painfully short?

Disney’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice will release in theaters July 16, 2010.

Source: /Film

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