The Sopranos: Tony’s 10 Most Intimidating Quotes

As The Sopranos' protagonist, Tony Soprano is one of the greatest television characters of all time. We've seen playing of mobsters and individuals in organized crime depicted in many shows but none as complex and compelling as what was done with this particular character. He is a man with very serious mental issues who lives in a world in which such things can mean his death. He balances the dangers and complications of mob life with his family life, often failing to keep them separate.

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Tony is not the murderous goon we usually see in shows about the mafia, but he is still capable of shocking violence. He never backs down from a confrontation and is prone to terrifying mood swings. With one line, Tony can become one of the scariest characters you've ever seen. Here are Tony Sopranos most intimidating quotes.

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10 "Take your hat off."


Such a simple line might not seem too threatening, but when it comes from a man like Tony Soprano, it takes on a whole new context. When dining out at a fine restaurant, Tony becomes annoyed at one of the patrons wearing a ball cap at another table. Without any "please" or 'thank you", Tony walks over and demands he removes the hat.

The man is first resolute to maintain his right to keep the hat on, but Tony's silent and angry glare quickly convinces him that he should reconsider. That's when you know someone has a whole lot of power; when they can intimidate without saying a word.

9 "You're born to this s**t. You are what you are."

Tony is good at what he does. He knows how to deal with problems in a smart way and he can usually keep the major problems to a minimum. While the position affords a life of luxury, you sometimes get the sense that he would rather be doing something else.

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Whatever desires he may have to escape, Tony realizes he is stuck in this life. Even with all the danger faced on a daily basis, he believes it is his responsibility to bear down and accept this struggle. In the end, this is Tony Soprano.

8 "We're soldiers. Soldiers don't go to Hell."

The Sopranos

Tony often struggles with the violent nature of his work. He has personally killed people and overseen the killing of many others. Though he accepts that as a necessary part of the job, these actions can often haunt him. At the same time, he works hard to convince himself that he is not really a bad person.

In a discussion about what kind of people deserve to go to Hell, Tony claims he and the people like him are not the truly evil people of the world. The death and harm they inflict is all something they have to do and should not be punished for it. There's nothing scary than a dangerous man who thinks he's right.

7 "There's an old Italian saying: You f**k up once, you lose two teeth."

The Sopranos Finale

Tony sometimes tries to push his profession and the people in it into the 21st century, but in many ways, he is still very old-fashioned. He sticks blindly to the rules and codes he grew up on and is annoyed by those who refuse to follow such teachings.

When it comes to his family, he loves his wife and children, but he is a tough "man of the house." When confronted with more moderns and sensitive methods of parenting, Tony dismisses them while insisting the old ways build character. He doesn't seem to realize such methods may have contributed to his own troubles.

6 End Of Session

"I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano" - 10 Best Episodes of "The Sopranos"

See, we're through, you and I. We're finished. And you're lucky if I don't break your f**king face in fifty thousand pieces.

One of the most exciting relationships in the show is between Tony and his therapist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi. Their relationship can often be friendly and helpful, despite Tony's reluctance to talk about his feelings. However, Tony's rage can also get the best of him.

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In one particularly frightening moment, Melfi says something about Tony's mother that rubs him the wrong way. He explodes in anger, ending their relationship and threatening Melfi further. No one is safe from Tony's rage.

5 "Cause that sugarless motherf**ker, is the last f**king drink you're ever gonna have."

James Gandolfini in The Sopranos

In a demonstration of just how intimidating Tony is, he can often be even scarier when he seems to be playing nice. There is an unpredictability to Tony that makes us weary anytime he has a smile on his face because we know it won't last.

When interrogating a would-be assassin, Tony begins to soften, taking pity on the scared man. He even gives him a diet soda to help calm him down. Then in a flash, the smile disappears and Tony delivers the last line the man will ever hear before killing him.

4 "Don't make me make you an accessory after the fact."

"Soprano Home Movies" - 10 Best Episodes of "The Sopranos"

The marriage between Tony and Carmela is at the center of much of the show's drama. They often fight with each other, sometimes to the degree most couples fight, sometimes their arguments are far more serious. Although she knows full well what her husband does, Tony always tries to keep Carmela out of the business.

When Carmela begins asking questions about one of their acquaintance, Richie, Tony has to ward her off. His very matter-of-fact way of explaining it and saying it in a way so that they both understand what he means, helps Carmela understand even more that her husband is a dangerous man.

3 Respect

Phil: You got some balls kid, I'll give you that much.

Tony: You'll give me what I tell you to give me.

For much of the show, Tony has to deal with gaining (often by force) the respect of some of the made men in the business. Tony comes from a younger generation and can sometimes be looked down upon by the older guys. This is not something that Tony takes lightly.

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His main rivalry is with Phil Leotardo, a member of another family. When they are having what is meant to be a civil sit-down to resolve some differences, Tony is quick to assert himself as a man not to be messed with. It is yet another example that Tony does not back down.

2 The Man In Charge

James Gandolfini as Tony Sopranos - Best Sopranos Episodes

You wanna talk this old-school bulls**t about the rules? Well, here's a rule you might remember: I'm the mother**king f**king one who calls the shots.

With all the infighting, insults and and immaturity he has to deal with, it can sometimes feel more like Tony is a babysitter rather than a mob boss. Much of his stress comes from trying to keep everyone happy and ensuring these very emotional and volatile men don't do anything stupid, of course, that stress can get to him.

When pushed too far, Tony sometimes has to put his foot down as remind people that he is the one in charge. They work for him and if they ever forget that, they won't live long enough to make that mistake again.

1 All Alone

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano - Best Sopranos Episodes

This is the course I've chosen, and those of you that are not with me on it, well that makes me sad. And, it'll be dealt with in time.

Being the boss is not easy. Tony takes the job because he's the best man for it, but he finds that power only makes the other aspects of his life more difficult. Yet, he is determined to press on, even as it isolates him.

Feeling alone at the top, Tony explains to Silvio, one of his most loyal friends, that he is willing to go on alone if he has to, and that he will deal with the traitors eventually. Tony proves that, when it comes to the business, relationships don't matter. He can't afford to have friends in his position because they are just weaknesses.

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