7 Characters We Want To See In The Sopranos Prequel (& 3 We Don't)

The Sopranos has been off the air since 2007 and people are still talking about it as one of the greatest shows ever made. It's no surprise then that there is a lot of excitement for the prequel movie that is just around the corner. Rumored to be called Newark, the film will follow the earlier days of the crime family Tony Soprano because a part of, and it will even include a younger version of Tony, played by James Gandolfini's son, Michael Gandolfini.

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With a young Tony involved, that opens up the possibility of a lot more characters from the series making an appearance. While it would be nice to see some old favorites return, it's important that the film can tell its own, new story. Here are some of the characters from The Sopranos we want to see in Newark, and some we don't want to see.

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Michael Imperioli The Sopranos
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10 Want: Christopher

Michael Imperioli The Sopranos

One of the only characters we know for sure will be appearing in the prequel film is Dickie Moltisanti, who will be played by Alessandro Nivola. Dickie is the father of Christopher (Michael Imperioli) and since Dickie is rumored to be the main focus of the film, it would make sense that Christopher appears as well.

Christopher was a major part of the series and a very complex character. There is no need for him to appear in the film too heavily as the focus would be better kept on the older generation. However, showing him witnessing his father's exploits could hint at his dark future.

9 Want: Johnny Boy Soprano

Johnny Boy is the father of Tony Soprano and a character we hear a lot about throughout the series. Though he dies before the events of the show, we see Johnny through various flashbacks as well as hear about him through Tony's own stories, especially during his therapy sessions.

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It is rumored that Johnny will be featured heavily in the movie and could be played by Jon Bernthal. With young Tony appearing, presumably at a point when his father is still alive, it would be interesting to see how Johnny brings Tony into the life of crime.

8 Don't Want: Paulie

Paulie Walnuts is seen throughout the series as one of the most loyal members of Tony's crew. However, his position in the family goes back before Tony was even involved in the business. Paulie was originally a soldier for Johnny Boy, along with Big Pussy. It was Johnny Boy who asked Paulie to back Tony to replace him when he died.

Paulie is one of the most entertaining characters in the show, but his appearance in the movie might be distracting. This is supposed to be a new story and bringing in all the same characters, especially one so colorful, it might start to feel like this is "The Sopranos: The Younger Years."

7 Want: Richie Aprile

Richie Aprile didn't stick around too long in the series, but he certainly made his presence known when he was around. He is the brother of former family boss Jackie Aprile and got out of prison shortly after his brother's death. Richie is a jealous and ruthless man who goes to violent extremes to get what he is owed.

Before going to prison, Richie was a high-ranking member of the family and remembers Tony being his subordinate. It would be interesting to see what that dynamic looked like. Also, having such an impulsively violent person could bring more tension to the film.

6 Want: Bobby Bacala Sr

Bobby Bacala Sr. only makes a small appearance on the show, but his reputation proceeds him. He is introduced as a very old man who is dying of lung cancer and can barely walk up a flight of stairs. However, he is a former hitman in Junior Soprano's crew and is said to have been quite prolific in that position.

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Even as an old man, Bobby manages to take out two much young goons before he dies of his illness. Since every mob movie needs a good hitman, Bobby seems like the man for the job. It would be exciting to see how deadly he was as a young man.

5 Don't Want: Silvio

Silvio is another very loyal member of Tony's crew. Played by Steve Van Zandt, Silvio is a quieter and amusing character that is sometimes the unlikely voice of reason among the crew. He also happens to be one of the oldest associates of Tony.

While Paulie and Pussy were working for Johnny, Silvio was a friend of Tony's who was brought in by Johnny along with his son. While he could conceivably fit in the story, like Paulie, the inclusion of Silvio might be overkill. He is a very memorable character but there's no need to see the younger version of him in this story.

4 Want: Janice Soprano

Tony really doesn't have a good relationship with any member of his family. The closest he comes is with his sister, Janice but even that is a very toxic and awful relationship. Janice likes to think of herself as very different from the rest of the family, acting like a free-spirit. But she has shown she is as rageful and selfish as the rest of them.

The reason for Tony's animosity for Janice is because she left home when they were young and abandoned the family. It would be nice to see the lead up to that point and explore what his outrageous person was like during her young years.

3 Want: Livia Soprano

Livia Soprano was Tony Soprano's mother and one of the people who most shaped his life. In the first two seasons, Livia was a constant source of trouble for Tony, even ordering a hit on him. Through his therapy sessions, we learn that Livia was a troubled mother for many years.

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The death of actor Nancy Marchand meant the story between Livia and Tony had to an end much quicker than expected. The movie would give a chance to explore this relationship deeper and with Vera Farmiga rumored to be playing the role, there is potential for some powerful moments.

2 Don't Want: Carmela


Tony and his wife Carmela went through quite a lot throughout the series. They love each other in many ways but they also get in terrible fights and ultimately have a pretty unhealthy relationship.

It would be tempting for the film to show the early days of this relationship but it would be a mistake. The two were high school sweethearts, but it would feel forced to focus on their relationship. There are more interesting stories to tell than this one.

1 Want: Uncle Junior

Junior Soprano is one of the most interesting characters on the show and one of the characters we'd most like to see in his younger years. He is seen in the series as an old man who is losing his grasp with reality while trying to hold onto the power he thinks he's entitled to.

We had seen Junior in several flashbacks on the show and we get a glimpse at how formidable the man could have been in his youth. Having Junior as a key character in the movie would be a great excuse to show the man in his prime.

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