Sophie Turner's Movies, Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in X-Men Dark Phoenix

As soon as she started getting more to do as a key character on HBO's Game of Thrones, it was clear that Sophie Turner was destined to have a big career. The young actress has been working since she was three years old. Though she is mostly known for Game of Thrones, Turner has begun starring in movies over the past few years.

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In 2013, she appeared in her first feature film and has continued to score bigger roles as her career continued. We're here to use Rotten Tomatoes as a way to rank all of her movies. However, there are only official Rotten Tomatoes scores for five of her films. Due to that, we'll be including two movies that have audience scores on the website.

7 Another Me (15%) (Audience Score)

It is fitting that we start with the film debut of Sophie Turner. Another Me was released on November 15, 2013 at the Rome Film Festival before getting a wider release in Spain on June 27, 2014. This film is about a teenage girl who has her seemingly normal life turned upside down when she starts getting stalked by a mysterious double.

In it, Turner stars in the dual lead role of both Fay and Lila Delussey. Though only 15% of the 387 audience users who reviewed Another Me thought it was good, two of the three reviews from critics were positive. In fact, both of those reviews seemed to praise Turner's performance. They could see a star in the young actress.

6 Time Freak (53%) (Audience Score)

Sophie Turner is one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood. Another one of those is her co-star in Time Freak, Asa Butterfield. You can find him in works like The Space Between Us and Netflix's Sex Education. In 2018's Time Freak, Turner and Butterfield are at the center of a romantic time travel story.

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Butterfield plays a brilliant physics student who gets dumped by his girlfriend, portrayed by Turner. He builds a time machine, develops a timeline of their romance and heads on an adventure to the past with his friend to prevent the breakup from happening. Again, two of the three reviews from critics were positive. It was deemed a whimsical, light-hearted, and creative look at modern relationships. The majority of the casual viewers, 53% to be exact, enjoyed it.

5 Josie (13%)

We have arrived at the films with official scores on Rotten Tomatoes. After a run at the Mammoth Film Festival, Josie was released on March 16, 2018. It tells the story of a mysterious high school girl covered in tattoos who moves to a small town by herself. Once there, she inserts herself into the lives of some of the local men and boys.

Josie features one heck of a twist that most critics seemed to like. That being said, it has a low 13% rating for a reason. The reviewers mostly had issues with the pacing and dialogue. The performances of Turner and Dylan McDermott were praised. Audiences liked it a bit more, with 32% of their ratings being on the good side.

4 Dark Phoenix (23%)

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix poster

This was supposed to be the big shining moment for Sophie Turner. After stealing the show in X-Men: Apocalypse (more on that later) as Jean Grey, she was put into the spotlight for the follow-up, Dark Phoenix. This entry, which arrived on June 7, 2019, puts the focus on Jean Grey after she encounters the powerful Phoenix force while in space. It takes her over and makes her a danger to her friends and foes.

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For the most part, those who saw the movie thought Turner did a great job. The reason for the 23% score, which is the lowest among the X-Men films, was because of almost everything else. The production suffered through reshoots and didn't look like something that cost $200 million. The villain was lackluster, resulting in an anticlimactic conclusion to a beloved series. Dark Phoenix also turned out to be a huge bomb at the box office.

3 Barely Lethal (26%)

Sophie Turner's second film was one led by a stellar cast. Just look at some of the names beside her. Hailee Steinfeld, Samuel L. Jackson, Dove Cameron, and Jessica Alba are just a few of her co-stars. Barely Lethal focuses on a teenage special ops agent (Steinfeld) who fakes her own death to embark on the normal life she craves.

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Turner stars as her rival agent in this action-comedy. Released on May 29, 2015, Barely Lethal only scored a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. Most critics seemed to feel that it was a retread of a lot of similar teen movies led by females. It hurt that it came out around the same time as Kingsman: The Secret Service, which did a lot of things better. However, the acting of Steinfeld and Turner was considered to be good.

2 Moments Of Clarity (40%)

This is an interesting one. If you were to gaze at Sophie Turner's Wikipedia page, you wouldn't find Moments of Clarity listed. If you checked out the film's Wikipedia page, she isn't there. And if you go to the IMDb page, you have to scroll to the very bottom to find her name. But yes, Sophie Turner was part of the cast for this movie, which was released on September 16, 2016.

Moments of Clarity was about two women, one the daughter of an agoraphobic and the other a pastor's daughter, who bond on a trip to fix a camera. Led by Lyndsy Fonseca, Kristin Wallace, and Eric Roberts, the cast does a good job. Turner's role is small, listed on IMDb as Idaho Masters. The movie has a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the audience score is higher at 62%.

1 X-Men: Apocalypse (47%)

Considering this is the top entry, one thing is clear: Sophie Turner hasn't been putting out movies that critics love. But the other consistent trend is that her performance is usually praised. That was the case again with X-Men: Apocalypse. Hitting theaters on May 27, 2016, this was the sequel to the hugely successful X-Men: Days of Future Past. Throw in an '80s vibe and one of the most powerful villains in the X-Men Rogues Gallery and it should have been a hit.

While Sophie Turner shined in her debut as Jean Grey, a lot of other elements left a lot to be desired. The villain, Apocalypse, was a huge letdown with a generic plan and there was way too much CGI used at times when it wasn't needed. Audiences enjoyed the film more, scoring with 65% of them. Still, it marked a disappointment for the franchise even with Turner coming in and doing a good job.

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