Sony Is Stepping Into ‘The Shadow Of The Colossus’

Sony pictures announces plans to bring the critically acclaimed 'Shadow of the Colossus' video game to the big screen with a feature film to be produced by Kevin Misher and written by Justin Marks.

Shadow of the Colossus movie

[Update: Josh Tranks (Chronicle) will be directing Shadow of the Colossus]

If you’ve played Shadow of the Colossus, the cinematic Playstation 2 game, you know that this was going to be a feature film some day. That day has come.

Sony has announced that the video game property is officially being developed by the studio into a big budget film. Is this simply another video game adaptation in line to be ruined by filmmakers?

What we know so far is that it will be produced by Kevin Misher (The Interpreter, Public Enemies) and that it’ll be written by Justin Marks, the writer of this year’s smash hit, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

Uh oh…

The problem with this adaptation is that there’s not much to the story and there’s certainly very little dialogue amongst the few characters we see/hear in the game. To sum up the plot quickly, a young man is trying to resurrect the life of a young girl and to do so, he must confront and defeat sixteen massive creatures called the Colossi.

One of the Colossi

Unlike your standard games, there are no regular enemies or other characters you meet during gameplay. There are also no inventory items, exploration or dungeons to conquer – the entire game is riding around on horseback and trying to determine the best way to take down the titans - basically, it's an epic puzzle game.

The protagonist, Wander, rides his horse Agro into battle

So, knowing the basic premise, how can this make for a good film? The game itself was full of epic visuals and it set up an interesting fantasy setting but will they introduce other characters, back story and plenty of dialogue? If they do, the movie will not be true to the game and will most likely fail. But is it enough to just watch cinematic action sequences?

Does this movie excite you and have you played the game?

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