What to Expect From Sony's PlayStation State of Play This Tuesday

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Sony announced a State of Play presentation for Tuesday, September 24, and fans are excited to learn what the future looks like for the company and its PlayStation 4 platform in the dwindling months leading up to the announcement of the next-generation console that Sony has mentioned several times. State of Play presentations are Sony's answer to the popular Nintendo Direct series that often serves as the platform for major Switch reveals, and while State of Play rarely has the same quantity or quality of announcements, it's still housed important information for fans.

That's doubly important because Sony hasn't seen fit to attend every single video game event this summer, most notably skipping E3 2019. While strong showings at Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show helped renew interest in the platform, the fact is Sony has had a very quiet summer when compared to its competitors. The Nintendo Switch has been utterly dominant in 2019 and has even begun selling more units than the PS4 thanks to its incredible library of exclusives, while Xbox has been quietly establishing the Xbox Game Pass as the premier subscription service for fans moving forward to the next generation of consoles thanks to tying the release of Gears 5 into the service so seamlessly.

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To say that Sony needs to have something of substance in its September State of Play presentation, then, would not by hyperbole. But just what should fans expect from the company after its Twitter announcement earlier today? One game seems fairly obvious in The Last of Us 2, a title that will be having its own private event for media in September as well. According to noted industry analyst Daniel "ZhugeEX" Ahmad, that event wasn't the only big one Sony had planned, and it might not mean that this State of Play is only related to Naughty Dog's upcoming 2020 release.

The other likely candidate for being the centerpiece of September's State of Play is Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima, a game that made headlines recently for its graphical prowess, which even impressed Sony Interactive Entertainment president Shuhei Yoshida when he went hands-on with it. That detail is important because it means the game has progressed far enough that people can actually play it and observe its performance, meaning it could be ready for a major unveiling soon. Given that it was originally expected to be a 2019 release, it would make sense that Sony has more information to share, even if the game isn't going to hit that original target launch.

Those are the two most likely games fans can expect to see during September's State of Play, but neither of them are guaranteed, nor are they the only possibilities. FF7 Remake has been tearing it up recently at video game events and in preview content, and it could be getting more info released. It's an exciting time for PlayStation owners, however, as Sony will once again use the State of Play show to help indicate what the platform's future will look like ahead of a busy 2019 holiday season and into an industry-altering 2020 that could see two new consoles debut.

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