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Sony has now confirmed a much-wanted element of the upcoming PS5. The in-development PlayStation console will support cross-generational play, meaning that PS5 players should be able to play PS4 games with friends who have yet to make the move to the next generation.

Although rumors surrounding the PS5 have been rumbling for some time, Sony made some details about its next console official last month. The company has been unsurprisingly positive about its next console offering, promising it will be arriving at a price point that will be enticing for gamers and sharing its very fast loading times. Clearly, Sony is heading into the next gen console war with gusto.

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Sony has answered one of the biggest questions about the console, suggesting that there will be some flexibility between this generation and the next. As reported by Twinfinite, Sony’s Investor Relations Day 2019 included a question and answer session that covered plenty of different topics. Sony confirmed that cross-generational play will be supported on the PS5, with Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan extolling the virtues of backward compatibility in an era where online multiplayer has become an integral part of the gaming landscape.

In the session, Ryan explained that the backward compatibility support of the PS5 is "something that is extremely powerful," as it will give PS5 owners the ability to play PS4 games with friends who have yet to move over to the new console. The company expects that this is a potential "critical success factor" for the upcoming device, something that vice president John Kodera confirmed by stating that "the community can enjoy the games together" though this cross-generation support. It's a big change from Sony in comparison to the jump from PS3 to PS4.

Cross-generation play was not the only topic of conversation for Sony, either. The company also talked a little about the Sony and Microsoft gaming partnership, which could promise to be a major shake-up of the way that consoles function going forward. Although Ryan was keen to point out the "great benefit" of this partnership, as of yet it seems as though are are still plenty of details to iron out - after all, Ryan reiterated that the partnership does not actually exist yet.

It seems as though providing players with options in how to play is a big part of Sony's strategy going forward, between the gaming partnership with Microsoft, the opportunity for cross-generational play, and the recently-announced late arrival of EA Access. That said, there's a big difference between promising this focus and delivering. Let's see if Sony can provide.

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Source: Twinfinite

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