Sony Is Announcing 3 New PS4 Games Ahead Of E3 2018

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While the official PlayStation E3 2018 press conference doesn't take place until Monday, June 11, fans won't have to wait that long to get some official game reveals from Sony. The studio announced today that they will be holding a daily live stream from Wednesday June 6, through Sunday, June 10. This will act in place of any sort of pre-show for Monday's press conference, and will be a way for the console maker to spotlight some announcements that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle of what will be the busiest time of the year for video games.

Last year, Sony held an hour long pre-show that preceded their press conference. While it was mostly a fluff panel show, they did have some game announcements. The biggest reveals were around indie games, such as Spelunky 2 getting announced, and the confirmation that Undertale was being ported to both PlayStation 4 and Vita.

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The announcements start on Wednesday, when Sony will unveil a new game that also supports PlayStation VR. Then, on Thursday, the release date for an upcoming first-party game will be revealed. Friday and Saturday will feature a new PS4 and PSVR release, respectively, and things will wrap up on Sunday as "an eagerly anticipated game comes to [PlayStation VR]." Each announcement will take place at 8 am Pacific time, and there will be a daily live stream on PlayStation's Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube channels.

While it's hard to guess what exactly the unannounced games will be, the release date announcement isn't quite as difficult. Sony Bend Studio Director Chris Reese recently told Screen Rant that a release date announcement for Days Gone was coming "very soon." So, that seems like the obvious choice to debut on Thursday, although it could be another first-party game like Media Molecule's Dreams. If Sony doesn't want to make either game a central point of their conference then it makes sense to get it out of the way.

The new game announcements are most likely not huge reveals, or they'd be shown during Monday's press conference, but it's still possible that a few are part of the recent PS4 leaks. Something like Bloodborne 2 seems way too big for a blog post reveal, but something like a small BioShock title for PlayStation VR could be one of the announcements. Either way, it should be a fun five-day stretch that will give fans a taste of E3 before it all kicks off next week.

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