Sony Pictures Panel: Green Hornet, Priest & The Other Guy

The Sony panel will cover three films - two that are a fit for Comic-Con (Priest and Green Hornet) and one that isn't (The Other Guys).


The panel starts off with the Tokyo Pop 16 volume graphic novel-based Priest. It spans from the beginning of time through the Crusades to the old west to today.

Director Scott Stuart was on hand along with Cam Gigandent, Steven Moyer, Karl Urban, Maggie Q and Paul Betany.

Scott was drawn to the project because he thought it was an amazing world, a different take on vampire mythology and an opportunity to create a brand new world.

The red band trailer/footage they showed, while it looked impressive (and it's in post-production 3D), also looked like the film could go either way. Based on the footage it was hard to get a sense of whether it might be a good movie or something more along the lines of Legion. Lots of CGI demons, blood, fighting and 3D vistas.

Cam plays a guy whose girlfriend was kidnapped by vampires and he gets Paul Bettany's character (Priest) to help get her back. In the process he finds he's not the man he thought he was, but grows to be that man over the course of the film.

Scott emphasized the fact that this was not a rushed 3D conversion process - that it took 6 months to get it done. He had already planned out the film to be shot with anamorphic cameras and they would have to make a lot of adjustments to shoot it in 3D.

They showed a rough cut of the animated prologue by Genndy Tartakovsky which was up to his usual standards and very compelling for the few minutes it was on the screen. It described the history of the conflict between man and vampire, and how the only solution that really worked was the creation of "Priests" - highly trained warriors who were able to beat the vampires. This animation was actually more impressive than the live action footage.

Scott Stuart believes that 3D is here to stay, but that it is sometimes done right and other times, not.

Priest opens next May.

The Other Guys

Director Adam McKay, Eva Mendez, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell were on hand to promote the film. They should a ton of footage, some of which will be in the film and some which won't. It was definitely R-rated footage - crass, but pretty funny (even though I'm not generally a fan of Will Ferrell movies). Much more footage than has been shown in the regular trailer, and for good reason. :)

Will Ferrell was quoting some lines from previous films, and at one point said "It's a pleasure to be here in the Whale's Vagina, which of course is the literal translation of San Diego." He said that his favorite character is Ron Burgundy, although he loves all the characters he's played.

McKay signed on to do The Boys, and said that Anchorman 2 has been tough to get going but maybe in a couple of years.

There's a lot of random banter going on - panelists are poking (good natured) fun at the folks from the audience asking questions. Audience really enjoying it.

That's now two teenagers who have come up to the mic flirting with Mendes. Pretty ballsy kids. :)

They closed with a promo for a movie called The Virginity Hit - a story about a young man's quest to lose his virginity and have it be as perfect as possible. There was some applause, but frankly I thought the thing was a vile idea.

The Green Hornet

Seth Rogen came out first to introduce things - we got the usual "hey, this is special footage just for you guys which no one else will see" and there was a very extended trailer/series of scenes from the film.

Producer Neil Moritz, writer Evan Goldberg, director Michel Gondry and cast member ChristophWaltz were present. Rogen said that besides being a cool character, he was attracted to Green Hornet due to the personal story.

Waltz said he was asked to play a very subtle character, and then was handed a double-barreled gun (that's two separate barrels, not the traditional double barrel).

Neil Moritz commented on the dreaded 2D to 3D conversion, and as they did on the Priest panel emphasized that this was going to be a quality conversion, not a 10 week rush job. They should some of the 3D footage, and while it might look better than what we saw in Clash of the Titans, I'm sorry but I have yet to see post-production 3D in a film that looks really good. I don't care how much those using the technique proclaim "we took our time with this to get it done right" - it never looks nearly as good as movies shot using stereoscopic cameras.

The panel was asked what differentiates their film from other superhero movies. Rogen said it's about the relationships between the characters - they approached it as a relationship story first, not a superhero story. As to the "Black Beauty" they kept looking at futuristic concept cars, but nothing looked as cool as that 1960s Chrysler.

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