This Sony Patent Could Be The New PS5 Controller

A new patent filed by Sony reveals what appears to be the first look at the new PlayStation 5 controller, which still maintains a classic look.

PlayStation 5 Controller Design PS5 Patent Sony

A new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed what looks like the brand new PlayStation 5 controller, something that fans have been eager to get a glimpse of as consumers edge closer to the console's release. The PS5 is the subject of a lot of speculation recently thanks to some other Sony patents already revealing tech that will likely be integrated into the system in some way, with a recent SSD filing fueling speculation that the console will employ cartridges of some kind, though to what end remains to be seen.

It makes sense that the PS5 is such a popular subject of discussion lately, as the video game industry is heading into the holiday season lull that is usually comprised of seasonal sales, game award announcements, and very few releases in between. With the future of Sony very much all-in on the PS5 at this point and the major exclusives left for the PS4 still months away, fans have had little to do except pay close attention to the company's every move - most of which have been related to its next console. With some intrigue surrounding the console already thanks to early comments about the PS5 SSD's capabilities and design, coupled with some promising remarks from other companies involved with Sony, there's a lot of expectation sitting squarely on the PS5 controller's shoulder buttons - which appear to remain in tact.

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In fact, the new patent filed by Sony and first spotted by VGC looks extremely similar to the DualShock 4 design, with some adjustments made to the size of the controller as well as slight changes to button design. The biggest difference is certainly the overall width of the controller, which looks like it's been bulked up fairly significantly. The next big change is the removal of the light bar, which always felt like an extraneous feature anyways, and the addition of a USB-C port, which will make technology enthusiasts happy.

Sony PS5 Controller Image 1

The grips on the thumbstick are also different, with a sunken-in design that should improve the feel for players at first glance. The buttons and D-Pad layout, on top of the overall shape of the controller, remain largely unchanged, which is what makes the patent so believable. At this point, consoles don't typically feel the need to drastically change the look of their controller - just look at the Stadia controller, for instance, which, with a clean slate, basically mimicked the PS4 and Xbox One controllers with some small changes.

With more patents surfacing and getting attention, it seems like it's only a matter of time before Sony makes a major announcement regarding what consumers can expect from the PS5. Will that come as early as The Game Awards 2019 in December? The event marks what amounts to the last major one in the industry before the new year and, with so many exclusives delayed recently, Sony might be incentivized to pull the trigger on a big reveal ahead of schedule to continue its momentum into 2020.

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The PlayStation 5 will release sometime between October and December 2020.

Source: Japanese Patent Office (via VGC)

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