Sony Has A Major Unannounced Game In The Works

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New game development job listings for Sony suggest that the company has plans to begin working on a new unannounced game.

The listings are for a lead gameplay animator, as well as a senior gameplay engineer to work for Sony in San Diego with its Visual Arts Service Group (VASG). Considering that this is the same group that worked on exclusives such as Death Stranding, Uncharted 4 and God of War, this is definitely a sign that the company has another AAA title, probably a PlayStation exclusive, in development. Sony has not announced a new exclusive title recently, but as the development team comes together, gamers might expect such an announcement soon: E3 isn't that far away.

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The job listings appear on Greenhouse (found here) and state that the project is "being developed in collaboration with a major Sony development studio." Taking that into account, a resetERA user uncovered a LinkedIn profile from a Sony developer working as a Character Technical Director in San Diego for Naughty Dog on an "Unannounced Project." Naughty Dog is currently putting the finishing touches on The Last of Us 2, so there is a very good possibility that Sony has plans to team up with the developer for a new title.

Both Greenhouse listings ask the following question:

"Are you an experienced game developer with a penchant for high quality, 3rd person, Action/Adventure games?"

Nathan Drake Uncharted 4 Sony PlayStation 4

That almost sounds like Uncharted, doesn't it? The franchise is one of the most profitable for Sony, and although Uncharted 4: A Thief's End wrapped up main protagonist Nathan Drake's story, who's to say that there isn't another new character waiting in the pipeline to take up his medallion and continue forward? In the standalone game, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the main characters were the Chloe and Nadine. And there are plenty of other fascinating characters in the Uncharted games that could also step into the spotlight. Naughty Dog has also promised fans hat it is not yet done with the franchise.

Even if the new unannounced title is not related to Uncharted, gamers will gladly welcome a new game from Naughty Dog. The developer consistently puts out good titles that generally sell well, pleasing players, critics and Sony alike. But the idea of a new Uncharted would certainly please fans of the franchise, who, like Naughty Dog, aren't completely done with that series just yet.

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Source: Greenhouse

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