Sony Accidentally Uploaded A Full Movie To YouTube Instead Of Its Trailer

Sony Pictures just accidentally uploaded the full movie Khali The Killer to YouTube rather than uploading the film’s trailer. While the upload was labelled as the trailer for the film, viewers quickly realized that the entertainment company had actually uploaded the film in its entirety.

Khali The Killer is a 2018 release that focuses around a retired hit man taking on one final job to support his family’s future. Directed and written by Jon Matthews, the movie explores the experiences of the main character as he becomes emotionally attached to one of the targets he is supposed to assassinate. Running for a mere hour and a half, the film had a small production budget of $1 million, and doesn’t seem to have had much extensive marketing up to this point.

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However, the attention of audiences was quickly caught as the official Sony Pictures YouTube channel uploaded the entire film instead of just the trailer. Reported by The Independent, the channel posted the relatively new and unknown release yesterday with a title claiming it was the film's official red band trailer. Unsurprisingly, fans were quick to pick up on the mistake that had been made by the studio, as they found themselves settling in to watch the full feature for free. The upload was able to rack up over 11,000 views in the six hours it took Sony to notice the mistake and correct it.

Khali The Killer, which stars Richard Cabral as the titular hitman, didn’t receive much marketing throughout its production or following its initial DVD release, but it’s now gained quite the bit of attention. In some ways, this error by Sony may ultimately prove beneficial to Khali The Killer, as it's likely such a small film would have quickly came and went without much fanfare. Now, the modestly budgeted effort has a claim to fame, and everyone who learns of and is amused by the story of Sony's screw-up will also walk away with knowledge about the film and its release plans. Sony may have lost those 11,000 views - assuming each person watched the full movie - but the attention around their mistake may well lead curious consumers to put out the few bucks and give it a rental.

With that in mind, some spectators are claiming that the move of uploading the full feature was actually done purposely as a marketing tactic. While it’s true that the ‘accidental’ upload brought much more attention to the existence of the movie than there had previously been, such drastic measures seem a bit extreme. Khali The Killer is also an odd contender to be chosen for a hypothetical marketing stunt of this scale, as it really hasn't received all that many good reviews from those who've seen it. Therefore, it’s likely that this was exactly what it appeared to be, a simple error that Sony will presumably now try to get to the bottom of.

Khali The Killer is available to purchase and stream now, but is set to be released in select theaters on August 31.

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Source: The Independent

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