Sons of Anarchy: 13 Strongest (And 12 Weakest) Members Of SAMCRO

Sons of Anarchy may have ended in late 2014, but its cast of characters and its compelling story arcs have stayed with fans. The show's wide range of personalities have helped transform the series into a cult classic. From the troubled son of the founding member to a forgetful prospect, SAMCRO has had its share of members. Show creator Kurt Sutter was not above eliminating main characters or transforming them so that they were no longer recognizable.

When the series started, its main protagonist, Jax Teller, wanted to see the club move away from illegal business dealings. By the end of the series, this same character had become the most violent and destructive in the club's history. That being said, fans still rooted for him.

Like any other show, some characters impacted the overall storylines or themes, while others were there to serve as mere support or filler. Because of this, our list will focus on how each member of SAMCRO impacted the show and other members.

Here are the 13 Strongest (And 12 Weakest) Members Of SAMCRO.

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Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy
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25 Strongest: Jax Teller

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy

The most well-known character of the series is Jax Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam. The series began with Jax struggling to change with the illegal dealings of the club. As vice leader and the son of club founder John Teller, he has earned both the respect and love of the other SAMCRO members. He often finds himself at odds with his step-father and the former club leader, Clay Morrow.

When he becomes the leader of the club, Jax realizes that cannot escape the chaos of SAMCRO.

He is torn between wanting to be a good husband and father, while also wishing to be the leader that the club needs. Jax has the power to deliver either salvation or destruction.

24 Weakest: Keith McGee

In season 3, the crew heads to Ireland to rescue Jax's son Abel who was abducted. In Ireland, we are introduced to Keith McGee, who is the leader of "AMBEL, the Belfast chapter of Sons of Anarchy. Keith was one of the founding members of SAMCRO in the 1970s.

He traveled with John Teller and Clay Morrow to Belfast in the 1980s to form SAMBEL. This chapter became the club's link to the IRA and the gun smuggling business. Keith's loyalties, however, have changed and we soon discovered that he is a traitor to the club. He pays the ultimate price for this betrayal.

23 Strongest: John Teller

John Teller in Sons of Anarchy

Though we never meet John Teller, his presence is felt throughout the series. John is the late father of the protagonist of the show, Jax. After returning home from Vietnam after the war, John was saddened by how veterans were treated. He formed the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club along with eight fellow vets. They became known as the First 9.

John passed away in November of 1993 after being struck by a semi. Before this accident, John wrote a manuscript, The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way, which detailed the club's downfall and John's attempts to change things before his untimely passing.

22 Weakest: Eric Miles

Eric Miles was a prospect who the series introduced following the untimely passing of Half-Sack. Prior to this, he could be seen hanging around the clubhouse and shooting pool with another member of the club. Miles stays behind when Jax and the crew head to Ireland to rescue Able.

He is finally patched into the club in season 4 while most of the crew is in prison.

Later in the season, Miles discovers that Juice stole a large amount of substances and confronts him. This does not bode well for Miles, who is ultimately ended by Juice and then blamed for the theft.

21 Strongest: Otto Delaney

Played by none other than series creator Kurt Sutter, Otto Delaney is a key member of the club. His time on the series is spent behind bars, as he was arrested in the '90s and was given a six-year sentence. This would prove to be a life-long sentence, as Otto became the club's muscle on the inside. He was often called upon by the club to send out violent messages to other inmates.

Even from behind bars, Otto was a strong member of the club. His loyalty to SAMCRO enabled the crew to operate at a much more lethal level.

20 Weakest: Rane Quinn

Rane Quinn was first introduced as the leader of the nomad charter in season 2. Following its disbandment, Rane becomes a member of SAMCRO. Though he is physically strong, his character does not have much of an impact on the overall story. Rane serves as more of a supporting member who follows the club and its leader.

In season 7, he votes along with the rest of SAMCRO for Jax to meet the reaper. None of the members took this vote lightly, but it had to be done as a result of Jax's actions.

19 Strongest: Chibs Telford

Chibs in Sons of Anarchy

Chibs is a  fan-favorite character and is often viewed as a protective father figure to Jax. Chibs often acted as a calm presence among SAMCROS other members. His loyalty lied with Jax, who he affectionately called "Jackie" or "Jackie Boy." Chibs is crucial to Jax throughout the series and is appointed vice leader upon Jax's promotion.

Chibs is level-headed and prefers to avoid using violent methods whenever possible.

During season 7, Chibs has a romantic relationship with Lieutenant Althea Jarry, the new head of the San Joaquin Sheriff Department. This relationship becomes incredibly important to the club, as it provides them with a lot of new information. Following the vote for Jax to meet Mr. Mayhem, Chibs becomes the new club leader.

18 Weakest: T.O. Cross

T.O. Cross from Sons of Anarchy.

T.O. Cross becomes a member of SAMCRO in the final season of the series. He first appeared on the show in season 3 as the leader of the Grim Bastards Motorcycle Club. T.O. and his crew had recurring roles and provided security for Mayan substance shipments.

When T.O. was patched over to the Sons, his received the cut of a full member and prospect patches. His character is the first African-American member of SAMCRO. Since T.O. was brought into the club late in series, he had no great impact on the club or its actions. However, he was a valuable ally to SAMCRO before he was patched over.

17 Strongest: Opie Winston

Opie and Lyla in Sons of Anarchy

Opie Winston was extremely close to Jax. In fact, the two characters treated one another like brothers throughout the series. When the series started, Opie was no longer a member of the club following a five-year prison sentence after taking the fall for the crew. He had decided to leave the biker life for his family. However, Jax eventually convinces him to come back to SAMCRO.

SAMCRO has always been a part of Opie's life, as his father, Piney, is also a club member and was one of the First 9. Because of this, Opie is extremely loyal to the club. He even punches an officer so that he can be arrested with Jax, Tig, and Chibs so that he can go with them to jail in order to protect them. However, he pays the ultimate price, as he's forced to sacrifice his own life to save them.

16 Weakest: Kip 'Half-Sack' Epps

Johnny Lewis as Half Sack in Sons of Anarchy

Half-Sack was a good-natured prospect of the club. He was often given the tasks that no one wanted, like removing an unfortunate dear from a car's windshield.

His loyalties are put to the test when he is asked to take a dive in a boxing match because the club bet on his opponent. 

Half-Sack had planned to do as he was told.... until he sees Clay and his girlfriend hugging ringside and becomes enraged. He must then pay back the club what they lost, which is about $35k. Half-Sack meets his end in season 2 when Jax's son is abducted. He is posthumously patched into SAMCRO.

15 Strongest: Happy Lowman

Happy enjoys the violence and mayhem of the SAMCRO lifestyle. His character is an enforcer. He is always ready and willing to torture and eliminate enemies on behalf of the club.

Following each of his fatal dealings, Happy rewards himself with a smiley face tattoo. Though he is violent by nature, Happy is also extremely loyal and caring when it comes to his fellow members. Throughout the series, Happy is seen to have a minimal range of emotions. In season 7, when giving his final farewell to Jax, Happy is overcome with emotion while hugging his brother.

14 Weakest: Allesandro Montez

Allesandro Montez in Sons of Anarchy.

Allesandro was a former member of the Reno chapter. He joined the Redwood Charter in season 6. He appears in seasons 6 and 7, though his presence does not impact club in one way or another. Montez is a supporting character who helps the club's main members with their tasks.

Since we didn't see much of his character in the series, we can't really rank him as being one of the strongest of the SAMCRO members. He was recruited by Bobby when their numbers began to dwindle. Montez is still a part of SAMCRO at the end of the series.

13 Strongest: Alexander 'Tig' Trager

Kim Coates as Tig Trager in Sons of Anarchy

Alexander "Tig" Trager changed over the course of the series as far as alliances go. At first, he was the right-hand man of Clay while he was club president. Tig often dealt with any issue that the club faced on behalf of Clay behind the club's back. This included the taking out Opie's wife, Donna.

Tig often seemed like a loose cannon, as he prefered to live moment to moment.

Tig suffered from depression throughout the series due not only to his past but also to his current actions as well. Tig was ultimately responsible for Opie's passing, since Opie was forced to sacrifice himself because Tig had taken the life of Veronica Pope.

12 Weakest: Frankie Diamonds

Frankie Diamonds was a member of the Nomads who transferred to SAMCRO in season 5. During his time with SAMCRO, he hires two people to end Jax permanently. He also holds Nero hostage for a time, and steals $130k along with some gold watches. Frankie even forces Chibs to be his getaway driver, then hits him on the back of his head with his gun.

After learning the full truth of Frankie's actions, the crew take a vote to strip him of his patch and introduce him to Mr. Mayhem. Frankie only thinks about himself and is never  loyal to the club.

11 Strongest: Robert "Bobby Elvis" Munson

Mark Boone Junior as Bobby in Sons of Anarchy

Bobby Munson acted as another father figure to Jax. He constantly looked out for him and supported Jax's desire to redirect the club's actions away from gun running and other illegal activities. Bobby was extremely intelligent and became bookkeeper for Cara Cara, to the dismay of Luann Delaney. He was often seen the voice of reason and Jax often looked to him for advice.

In season 7 Bobby is aducted by August Marx and is tortured tirelessly in an attempt to get information. Bobby, however, stays strong in the face of pain and dismemberment. He meets his ultimate end putting the club and Jax first.

10 Weakest: Philip 'Phil' Russel

Phil was brought on as a prospect following the passing of Half-Sack. As a prospect, he stayed behind while the club members went to Ireland. Phil helped around the clubhouse with odds and ends. He was patched in as a member in season 5.

Phil was another member who served as support for the rest of the crew.

His actions and inactions did not have a heavy impact on the club, however, at least in comparison to other members. Phil met his end in season 6 at the hands of Galen O'Shay. This was in response to Jax's decision to break SAMCRO's partnership with the IRA.

9 Strongest: Clay Morrow

Clay Morrow was the previous leader of SAMCRO and the stepfather of Jax. His need to be in control of everything caused him to make decisions that were kept from the club. Clay conspired with Gemma to take the life John Teller and hide this from Jax.

Under Clay's reign as leader, SAMCRO became more heavily involved in illegal activities. He also ordered the hit on Opie and seemed to have zero remorse when it was Donna whose life was taken instead by accident. Behind Gemma's back, Clay also ordered a hit on Tara. When Gemma confronted him, things turned violent. It is also revealed that Clay was responsible for Piney's passing. His actions had a huge impact on the whole club.

8 Weakest: GoGo

GoGo in Sons of Anarchy.

GoGo was a member of the Nomads who was patched over to SAMCRO in season 5. Along with Frankie Diamonds and Greg the Peg, GoGo committed a series of break-ins in Charming. This, of course, was something that the club would not stand for, as SAMCRO always protected their town.

GoGo, like Frankie Diamonds, only thought about himself and did not care about the club or others. He meets his end after being set up by Clay in season 5. The existence of his character added nothing to the overall series. He served as a side character and as an antagonist.

7 Strongest: Lenny Janowitz

Sons of Anarchy Kuttes

Lenny Janowitz was the third member of SAMCRO. When he is introduced in season 3, he is in prison serving a life sentence for the demise of three ATF agents. Janowitz was crucial in the club's dealings with Russia even though he was incarcerated.

Lenny was arrested and incarcerated in 1989. However, he continued to be loyal to the club no matter how much time had passed.

He was last seen in season 4, though we're surethat he continued to be an asset to the club even after this. By the end of the series, Lenny is the last remaining founding member.

6 Weakest: Greg the Peg

Greg the Peg in Sons of Anarchy.

Greg the Peg patched over to SAMCRO in season 5. Along with Frankie Diamonds and GoGo, he is tasked to discredit Jax's leadership. Clay directs the three of them to terrorize the people of Charming. This, of course, is something that Clay does in secret.

When this secret crew is discovered to be the guilty of the break-ins, they realize that they have been set up by Clay. This ensures that no one can attest to Clay's responsibility in their actions. Greg the Peg meets his end in season 5 thanks to the treacherous Clay.

5 Strongest: Juice Ortiz

Juice Prison Sons of Anarchy

Juice Ortiz is the lost puppy of the series, as he's constantly seeking approval and praise from Jax. Clay considered Juice unreliable and often gave him remedial tasks. Over the course of the series, Juice is involved in several of the show's critical storylines. Juice steals some substances and frames Miles for it after ending him. He also becomes addicted to painkillers and steals some from Bobby.

In season 6 and 7, Juice is involved in the worst cover-up on the show. He destroys key evidence from the homicides of Tara and Roosevelt. Juice even hides the truth behind Tara's demise from Jax until the end of the series.

4 Weakest: Kyle Hobart

Kyle Hobart is a former member of SAMCRO who was kicked out after he fled from police and left Opie alone to face charges for Arson. This was the charge that landed Opie with his five-year prison sentence.

As an excommunicated member, Kyle was supposed to have his SAMCRO tattoo blacked out or removed. However, he failed to do so.

This is discovered in season 1 when he is permitted to return to Charming to watch his son's band play. He and Opie get into a fight, as the latter wants to settle the score. When the rest of the club realize that he still has his tattoo, they burn it off.

3 Strongest: George "Ratboy" Skogstrom

Ratboy is a prospect for a year. During this time, he proves his loyalty to the club time and time again. He is eventually patched in during season 6, though this doesn't stop the other members from giving him tasks that they would rather not do.

In season 7, he is abducted along with T.O. by Moses Cartwright. However, Ratboy refuses to give in to Moses' demands even after being beaten. Ratboy was a quick thinker and, because of this, he was often able to make decisions on the fly to save himself and other members. He also looked after Jax's sons on multiple occasions along with his girlfriend Brooke.

2 Weakest: Piney Winston

Sons Of Anarchy Piney and Jax

Piermont "Piney" Winston was one of the founding members of SAMCRO. He also sponsored Clay Morrow joining the club. Piney was the club's most senior member and club advisor. Due to emphysema, he rarely went out on runs with the club. His cut was denim because this was what the First 9 wore. Piney and John Teller were close friends and he always doubted Clay's motives and actions.

Though Piney had his doubts, he never acted on them. Tara went to Piney when she discovered the letters from John Teller. However, Piney told Tara that the past was best left in the past.

1 Strongest: Herman Kozik

Herman was a member of the Tacoma chapter and sought to join SAMCRO for two seasons. Tig voted on two separate occasions to deny Herman. We later learn that this is because Herman took the life of Tig's dog, Missy. During his 13-episode run, Kozik helps the club battle a separatist organization and rescues Tara.

Tara and Margaret Murphy are taken hostage by Salazar, who demands that the club take down Marcus Alvarez. It is Kozik who convinces rival club leader Marcus Alvarez to play possum in order to give SAMCRO more time to rescue Tara.


Who do you think is the strongest or weakest SAMCRO member in Sons of Anarchy? Let us know in the comments!

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