20Hurt: Lyla

Opie and Lyla in Sons of Anarchy

Lyla was a chore. Her intentions were noble enough, as she tried to do her best for her son, Piper, but she fumbled from one storyline to the next, as she failed to add any value to the show.

After the brutal passing of Donna, Opie was never the same again. It broke our hearts to see his lifeless eyes and general apathy towards life.

So, when Lyla (portrayed by Winter Ave Zoli) was introduced as a new love interest for him, it seemed like he'd have a second chance

at happiness.


It didn't help that she had zero chemistry with Opie, either, and looked uncomfortable around everyone else as well. After Opie's passing, she quietly drifted off screen – something she should've done seasons before.

JImmy Smits in Sons of Anarchy
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