• 20 Crazy Sons Of Anarchy Fan Theories That Make Too Much Sense

    Sons of Anarchy ended nearly four years ago, but the outlaw drama left a lasting impression on TV audiences around the world. To this day, it's still widely discussed and many fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the first spinoff series, Mayans MC.

    Even the show's lead star, Charlie Hunnam, admitted it's hard to shake off his character, Jackson "Jax" Teller, as it feels like he's a part of him now.

    "I've never had an experience of getting so close and so deeply meshed with a character before. I felt when I finished Sons that it was a real process to get back to center and try to exorcise him out of my psyche for as much as possible. Because I'd been living with him for eight years, you know, trying to bring him to life," Hunnam revealed to during the press tour for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

    It's understandable, though. Fans still take to message boards to discuss their theories about the show, since there was a lot to talk about and ponder. It doesn't help that the series creator, Kurt Sutter, smirks and refuses to confirm suspicions, as he prefers to let us make up our own conclusions about it.

    Mind you, there are a few fan theories out there that are entirely plausible. Some might sound outrageous at first, but when you think about them, they actually sound right on the money.

    With that said, here are 20 Crazy Sons Of Anarchy Fan Theories That Make Too Much Sense.

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    Wendy Is Adriana From The Sopranos

    Actress Drea de Matteo had her breakout role as Adriana La Cerva in The Sopranos. On Sons of Anarchy, she portrayed Wendy Case, Jax's ex-wife and Abel's biological mother.

    According to jax9999 on Reddit, Adriana could've gone into a witness protection program, relocated, and become Wendy.

    The clues provided are that both characters utilize a New Jersey accent and suffer from addiction problems.

    Additionally, we never saw Adriana's final fate on The Sopranos – we only presumed that she'd perished.

    Considering how little we actually know about Wendy on the show, it's a genuine possibility. It's unlikely to ever be confirmed, though, because of rights issues, etc., but let's just pretend like Wendy and Adriana are the same person here.

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    JT's Real Demise
    John Teller in Sons of Anarchy

    It's generally accepted in Sons of Anarchy canon that John "JT" Teller passed away from a motorbike accident after Clay Morrow had fiddled with his bike. Deputy Chief Wayne Unser even said it was Clay's fault and that he covered it up.

    Writing for MTV, Josh Wigler recalled Jury White's suggestion about the SAMCRO founder's demise.

    Maybe JT took his own life as a sacrifice in order to preserve his family and club. It's an interesting theory and one that holds a lot of weight since we don't have any clear answers.

    When you think about how Jax finally went out in the series, there could be a parallel to his father. It's deeply tragic, but that's exactly what the show was.

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    Breaking Bad, Scandal, Sons Of Anarchy, The Shield, & House Of Cards Are Set In The Same Universe
    Walter White - Breaking Bad

    Sons of Anarchy fans have long suggested that the show takes place in a shared universe with some of TV's other famous series.

    Considering how most shows take influence from real-life events, this is maybe where a lot of the coincidences come from.

    GaslightProphet posted an intricate and mind-boggling posit on Reddit, though, where the user linked the events of Breaking Bad, Scandal, The Shield, House of Cards, and Sons of Anarchy.

    It's a long read, but interesting nonetheless, as it ties the shows' political matters and dodgy dealings with the illegal trades.

    That said, The Shield's connection to Sons of Anarchy is a common theme in most fan discussions, especially since Sutter was involved with both programs.

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    Abel Is The Reincarnation Of JT
    Abel in Sons of Anarchy

    Sometimes theories do go into the esoteric realm, but judging by how bonkers TV shows are, we shouldn't write off anything just yet.

    Reddit user friendlygost suggested that Abel could be the reincarnation of his grandfather JT. It's almost Shakespearean how the show started with Abel being born, as Jax found his father's papers on SAMCRO, and it ended with the Abel clutching the "SON" ring in his hand as his own father met his demise.

    Whether it's actually reincarnation is another story, but there is a closing of the story loop in terms of beginnings and ends here.

    Or maybe Abel is doomed to repeat his father and grandfather's mistakes – something we'll address later on.

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    Gemma Is Anarchy
    Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller Morrow in Sons of Anarchy

    If you have a mother/mother-in-law like Gemma Teller Morrow, it's best that you run very far away from where you are right now. In Sons of Anarchy, Gemma created more chaos than any one person should ever be allowed to.

    This led Reddit user Rodizzles1996 to the conclusion that Gemma is – quite literally – the living embodiment of Anarchy, while the Sons are, well, her actual sons.

    It's as on the nose as you get, but there's a lot of clarity to it.

    If Gemma hadn't been in this equation from the get-go, it's unlikely that the events that followed would've happened the way they did. She brought total anarchy and destruction to SAMCRO and her family's lives.

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    Ethan Zobelle Was In A Plane Crash
    Ethan Zobelle in Sons of Anarchy

    When you discuss truly despicable characters in Sons of Anarchy, Ethan Zobelle's name should be high up on that list. What made matters worse is how he seemed to escape all punishment by jumping onto a flight and towards freedom in the season two finale.

    Not so fast, though, according to Reddit user djtoell, who believes that the plane crash mentioned in the season three premiere is Zobelle's plane.

    It's never outright mentioned, but the likelihood of it is high.

    Even though Sutter did say that Sons of Anarchy is a lot like the real world, where the bad guys do get away sometimes, this could be some subliminal justice for Zobelle and all his dastardly deeds.

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    Jax Asked The Other Leaders To Not Let His Kids Be Part Of The MC
    Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy

    Before Jax's time on the series came to an end, he took care of some matters – he tied up a few loose ends, if you will. One of the things he did was to meet with the other leaders and end the unwritten racist law regarding 'black' in the club.

    According to Mxj on Reddit, it's possible that this meeting could've been about something else altogether. The theory is that Jax requested the other leaders to not allow his sons into the club when they're older.

    We'd bank on this theory since Jax wanted his sons to hate him and never follow in his footsteps.

    It would make complete sense if he did everything in his power to keep them out of the SAMCRO way of life.

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    The Truck Driver Is Vic Mackey

    We've already touched upon the theory that there's a shared TV universe that includes Sons of Anarchy and The Shield. More credence was given to this when Michael Chiklis, who starred as Vic Mackey in The Shield, appeared as the truck driver Milo in the final season of Sons of Anarchy.

    There's a Reddit thread where fans suggest that Mackey became a truck driver after leaving the force and acted as Milo/Mister Mayhem for both Gemma and Jax.

    Considering that The Shield appeared on a TV screen in Sons of Anarchy, there's a possibility that this could be some of Sutter's tongue-in-cheek and dark humor.

    We'll never really know if Milo was really Mackey on the show, but it's satisfying to think it was.

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    Jax Might Not Be JT’s Son
    Jax Tig and Chibs in Sons of Anarchy

    Jax had some daddy issues. It was the catalyst for him going down the path that he did.

    Funny enough, he never stopped to question if he really was JT's son for one split second. Gemma had a strained relationship with the truth, so it wouldn't have been a bad idea for him to take a DNA test and find out for himself.

    Some eagle-eyed Sons of Anarchy fans started a Reddit thread to back this notion.

    After all, we saw Jax's brother Thomas' birth certificate on the show, but never Jax's. Why?

    Additionally, Gemma cozied up to Clay rather fast, leaving us to wonder how long the two had been an item. Maybe it's possible that he fathered one of her children as well.

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    Jarry Will Be On The MC’s Payroll
    Chibs and Jarry in Sons of Anarchy

    Jarry and Chibs had a raunchy love affair on the show. However, it felt like their relationship went nowhere and we never saw what happened to the couple.

    Fans, especially, were disappointed to not get any closure to this romance.

    Reddit user asstasticbum explained how their relationship was probably more than meets the eye.

    The idea proposed is that Jarry replaced Unser as the law enforcement ally on SAMCRO's payroll. After all, the MC will need someone to pay off when things inevitably go south again.

    Since there was no finality to their storyline and Chibs' future was left open-ended too, there's a chance that Sons of Anarchy could be revisited in the future and we could see where Jarry and Chibs stand now.

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    Abel Will Join The MC
    Abel and Jax in Sons of Anarchy

    Let's be honest: even before Abel was sent away, it was evident that the child had issues. He was going down the same wobbly path as his father by showing a violent streak and being a terror.

    As MTV's Josh Wigler pointed out, though, Abel holding the heirloom (the "SON" ring), which was given to him by Gemma, could also imply that he's likely to follow in his father and grandfather's footsteps and become a part of SAMCRO.

    Moreover, the fact it's given to him by Gemma could signify that she sank her claws into another Teller man again and ensured that her meddlesome streak continued even from beyond the grave. Dang. That lady was something else, wasn't she?

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    Clay Morrow Was The Most Honest Member
    Ron Perlman as Clay Morrow in Sons of Anarchy

    Perhaps this one is more of an observation than a theory, but it's worth a ponder even so.

    While we all saw the Sons of Anarchy characters go through the ringer and constantly blur the line between good and bad, Clay remained a constant. He accepted who and what he was and didn't apologize for it.

    As the Clay appreciation thread on Reddit explained, he never ratted on anyone even when he had everything to lose. He respected the club and behaved exactly like an outlaw should.

    Sure, he did something horrifying things, but so did everyone else.

    If anything, he was the most honest out of the lot and didn't hide behind some fragmented and selective moral code.

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  • 8 / 20
    Kozik Dated Tig
    Kozik and Tig in Sons of Anarchy

    Tig was arguably one of the most interesting characters on the show. He broke the mold several times and became a major part of the biggest storylines and most talked-about scenes.

    In season three, though, he had a strange standoff with Kozik, as he refused to allow the latter to join SAMCRO Charming after a previous disagreement over a dog.

    A few message boards have proclaimed there's more to Kozik and Tig's past, suggesting the two were previously lovers.

    When you think about the way that Tig reacted towards Kozik, it does feel like the animosity was stronger than a simple disagreement over a pooch.

    At the end of the day, only they would know what went down between them.

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    Jax Is To Blame For Everything Going Wrong
    Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller and Mark Boone Junior as Booby Munson in Sons of Anarchy

    While it's easy to lay the blame for everything that went wrong at Gemma's doorstep, there's a bigger culprit in the midst: Jax. Yes, Gemma's son is as much at fault as his mother for all the nonsense that happened over seven seasons.

    In a Reddit thread, users pointed out how he let his emotions get in the way and demanded the leadership – especially when he wasn't even a good leader to begin with. If you look at the number of members he lost due to his decision-making skills, you can't argue the facts.

    Gemma might've ignited the match, but it was Jax who added fuel to the fire and burnt down the whole neighborhood in the process.

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  • 6 / 20
    Venus And Tig Get Married
    Venus and Tig in Sons of Anarchy

    Tig and Venus Van Dam's relationship broke new (and important) ground on TV. Their complicated yet loving relationship wasn't used for cheap thrills or laughs, but showcased two human beings who were in love in the most pure and honest way possible.

    After the show came to an end, fans wondered what happened to the two lovebirds. Well, Reddit user Chaos-13 had the best outcome: they got married.

    It isn't difficult to fathom, especially considering how close the two of them had grown by the end of the series.

    In fact, it's a little sad that we didn't get to see them tie the knot and bring some much-needed joy to the dreary and heart-wrenching finale.

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  • 5 / 20
    Juice Was To Jax What Tig Was To Clay
    Juice on Sons of Anarchy

    In a previous entry, we discussed how Sons of Anarchy features symmetry and parallels in different ways. In terms of relationships, it's easy to see how Jax and Juice share a similar bond as Tig and Clay.

    Reddit user decentdescent went into great detail to outline what made these relationships so similar, and there's a lot of excellent points made.

    What we can take out of this theory is that both Juice and Tig were loyal servants to their respective leaders up until the very end.

    While neither Juice nor Tig were Jax or Clay's best friend, they were disciples, following their leaders to the ends of the Earth. They were good soldiers who would do anything without question.

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    Bobby’s Nod Of Approval
    Mark Boone Junior as Bobby in Sons of Anarchy

    As SAMCRO turned its back on Clay, there was one voice of reason: Bobby. A Reddit thread debated why he refused to give the thumbs down, citing that he felt it would destroy Jax to do something out of raged and hatred.

    When it came to saving the club, however, Bobby gave his blessing since it was a necessity for the MC to survive.

    His little nod of the head gave Jax the seal of approval to do what was needed.

    Unfortunately, Bobby didn't get to see the future of SAMCRO for too long, or else he might've regretted what he'd done. It's not like Jax was any better than Clay when all was said and done.

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  • 3 / 20
    Jax Might Still Be Alive

    While we all saw Jax ride towards his fate, there's still a part of us that wishes it wasn't the end. If you believe some Reddit theories, he might have faked the whole thing and gotten away.

    A plausible theory is that he handed over important information to the law and then went into witness protection. The police could've assisted in making it look like he'd actually met his maker, so no one would ask any questions.

    While Hunnam has said that his character is officially gone, you can never trust anything in the entertainment industry.

    They'll always find a way of reviving a character and having a series continuation if the money is right.

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    The Homeless Woman Is The Reaper
    Homeless Woman in Sons of Anarchy

    Perhaps the biggest question that Sons of Anarchy left unanswered is the identity of the homeless woman. She appeared throughout the series but we never got a definitive answer to who (or maybe what) she was.

    Reddit has its own theories, believing she symbolizes the reaper and the end of the road.

    As explained, she's always around when someone meets their demise and before Jax rode off towards his doom, she said to him, "It's almost time."

    She certainly served a purpose on the show, but the lack of closure to her relevance leaves things up in the air.

    The reaper posit does sound probable – and is likely true. Maybe she's a symbol more than an actual character.

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  • 1 / 20
    Chibs Is A Rat
    Chibs in Sons of Anarchy

    When Jax vacated leadership in the final episode of Sons of Anarchy, it was Chibs who took up the responsibility and mantle. Still, you have to wonder if he was the best player of the lot and this was his endgame from the beginning.

    Uproxx's Dustin Rowles proposes that Chibs' loyalty lies with the Irish. He was true IRA and that doesn't just go away overnight.

    Maybe, just maybe, the Irish were the ones pulling the strings all along and used Chibs to take down Jax from the inside.

    Chibs could be the real rat and pulled off the greatest con in the MC's history. After all, absolute power corrupts and everyone was after it in the series.


    Do you know any other crazy Sons of Anarchy fan theories that could be true? Let us know in the comments!

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