15Kurt Sutter Angered A Real-Life Motorcycle Gang

The Devils Ride

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter is quite outspoken and unafraid of telling you what he thinks about something. So, when the reality show The Devils Ride billed itself as a "real-life Sons of Anarchy," Sutter had some choice words about it.

Venting on Twitter, Sutter said, "Watched [The Devils] Ride.

Probably get in trouble for saying this, but I'm pretty sure my SOA actors could kick the s**t out of this 'real' MC."

TMZ reached out to a member of Devils Ride who goes by the name of Sandman, and he said, "Here's a reality check for you, Kurt. I am sending a personal invitation to your pretty-faced Kurt Cobain lookalike star Jax to come down to San Diego and prove your point. And tell him to wear those shiny white kicks too. I hope he's a size 11, I could use some new shoes." Yikes.

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