20Jimmy O’Phelan

There’s no denying Titus Welliver’s talent as an actor. Whether it’s as the Man in Black on Lost, Silas Adams on Deadwood, or in the title role on the Amazon TV series Bosch, he’s got a proven track record on the small screen. All of which makes his turn as

true IRA arms dealer Jimmy O’Phelan that bit more embarrassing. Casting a US actor to play someone from Ireland was always likely to be a risky approach and that proved to be the case.

Welliver’s attempt at an accent is so jarring and so lacking in authenticity that it stands at odds with the show’s pursuit of gritty realism, taking the viewer out of the action and undermining the show’s entire foray over to Ireland for its third season. The only saving grace was that Welliver’s stint on the show proved short-lived.

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