The MBTI® Of Sons Of Anarchy Characters

Sons of Anarchy- Chibs, Tig, Clay, Jax, Opie, Happy

It’s been a few years since Sons of Anarchy left the airwaves, but it’ll never leave the hearts of millions of fans. No matter how many movies Charlie Hunnam does, he’ll always be Jax Teller in each of our hearts.

Warning: spoilers ahead. However, if you haven’t binged through all 7 seasons by now, you’re missing out on a lot more than this.

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Sons of Anarchy is known for its inability to produce a happy ending for virtually any one of its characters. Literally no one lives, and if they do, you know they’ve got some dark times in store. As a result, it’s hard to narrow down a series of main characters, so we’ll break down some of the longest running ones here. Without further ado , it’s time to give our favorite motorcycle gang the Myers-Briggs® treatment.

10 Jax Teller: ESTP

Jax Teller, the show’s lovable, yet impulsive protagonist, often finds himself in difficult situations but he always has a creative solution. Whether that’s overthrowing the SAMCRO monarchy and taking leadership from Clay, or coming up with a scheme to make more money. Jax tends to make rash decisions, and that’s what gets him into hot water more often than not. ESTP personalities are energetic and spontaneous, with a passion for solving problems fast. Often, this goes without checking the facts. Eventually, his own impulsive need to solve problems leads to a series of bad decisions and his own demise.

9 Clay Morrow: ENTP

Clay Morrow is the ultimate authoritarian. He will stop at nothing to make sure his leadership is secure, even if that means marrying the wife of his deceased best friend. This makes him a great candidate for the ENTP title. ENTP personality types are innovative and love to capitalize on opportunities.

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Clay’s always trying to stay one step ahead to make sure his position as leader is secure and his enemies are at bay. This includes taking any chance he gets to destroy anyone who gets in the way of his business ventures or his plans to stay on top.

8 Gemma Teller Morrow: ISTP

Gemma is the ultimate momma-bear. You do not mess with this woman’s family. Just ask Tara (you can’t, and it’s Gemma’s fault). Whenever she feels threatened, she fights and doesn’t stop until she knows her loved ones are safe. Her son’s impulsive nature definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree. However, she’s also a survivor. She knows how to stay alive, stay safe, and will manipulate others to keep it that way. Even if she has to tell a massive lie to cover up the truth. ISFP personality types are dedicated to holding their loved ones together and making sure the group is supported, getting along, and staying protected. That’s Gemma’s bread and butter.

7 Opie Winston: ESFJ

Opie, real name Harry Winston, is the guy you always want in your corner. He’s fiercely loyal, and will do anything to protect the ones he loves. Even if he has to die doing it.

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People who have an ESFJ personality type are supportive, encouraging, and want to be helpful to those around them. He’s a dad, a lover, a best friend, a dedicated club member. He previously spent significant time in jail for SAMCRO. In that way, he’s the perfect companion to Jax, who needs someone like this in his life. Every single Sons of Anarchy fan had their heart broken when he uttered those words, “I got this.” You know what scene we’re talking about.

6 Bobby Munson: INFJ

Bobby Munson is another guy you always want on your team. He’s intelligent and gives the best advice because he has lived through generations of SAMCRO existence and is not afraid to tell it like it is. His honesty can create a conflict when others don’t agree, but he will never stray from telling the truth. He’s level-headed and reasonable – until you mess with him. INFJ personality types are insightful and supportive, and try to use integrity to make decisions. Bobby is always trying to get people to do the right thing or make the smart choice, but it can be pretty hard to control this crowd of impulsive, energetic guys.

5 Chibs Telford: ESFJ

Everyone’s favorite Irishman, Chibs is another guy you’d want on your side. At one point, he develops a pretty close, father-like relationship with Juice along the way, which is sweet. He’s like Bobby in that he can be pretty level-headed, and he’s like Opie in his loyalty to Jax and the club. Chibs is an ideal candidate for the ESFJ personality type, just like Opie, because he’s a source of unwavering support to the club and contributes significant value to the group. He’s also more reasonable than the others when people make mistakes, and is quick to forgive them if they prove themselves. It’s this type of personality that inspires Jax to award him the honor of being his vice president.

The series ends with Chibs taking over as president. Do you agree? Take a look at our suggestions for who should be the next SAMCRO president.

4 Tara Knowles-Teller: ISFJ

Tara is the love of Jax’s life, despite their up and down relationship, and is always thinking one step ahead. She’s an intelligent doctor, a loving wife, and a caring mom. When one of the guys gets hurt, she makes sure he’s patched up and ready to go back out there. All she wants is for her family to be safe and to find a strategic way to leave the gang life behind for good.

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ISFJ personality types are fiercely loyal, but enjoy helping others solve problems in a logical way. Tara’s the perfect example of this. She’s willing to pretend to be a crazy person if it plays out her escape plan. However, her one fatal mistake is not telling her mother-in-law about her plans.

3 Tig Trager: ESFP

Tig is definitely a more complicated guy than some of the others in the group. He’s a tough guy on the outside, but he has a soft sensitive inside, too. And he’s a big fan of the ladies. Since he’s an original member of SAMCRO and a long-term friend of Clay’s, he tends to conflict with Jax often, but he never betrays the club. Oh, and he’s also the one the group sends to do a lot of the killings. For all of these reasons, Tig is an ESFP. He’s dedicated to serving out the needs of the club and gives his energy to making sure the jobs get done as effectively as possible.

2 Juice Ortiz: ISTJ

Juice is smart when it comes to technology and hacking, but doesn’t have that strong-willed common sense that the others do. He makes a lot of mistakes and runs into trouble along the way – whether it’s substance abuse struggles or questioning his own moral code. He’s got his secrets and will do anything to hide them because the club is his only family.

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Unfortunately, this leads to a downward spiral in his mental health. Juice is ultimately an ISTJ personality type because ISTJs enjoy working within structured systems and feed off of stable environments. When Juice’s environment becomes unstable, he begins to decline mentally and physically.

1 Happy Lowman: ESFP

When we first meet Happy at the start of the show, he’s still earning his stripes in SAMCRO. As we watch his journey to becoming a full-fledged member, we see that this guy is violent and loves to kill people. He’s not above torturing others, either. Despite his aggression and pure enjoyment of violence, he’s also loyal and shows some real emotion from time to time. Like Tig, he’s an ESFP because he gets the dirty jobs done with pure enthusiasm.

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You want to hate him for being such a cruel person, but you can’t help but feel for him when those little moments come through.

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