10 Sons Of Anarchy Characters Who Deserve To Be Pres After Jax (And 10 Who Don't)

Despite its all-star cast, Sons of Anarchy was all about Jax Teller and his ascendency to club leader. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and drama, as the character was put through the wringer. Actor Charlie Hunnam, though, still misses the role.

“I've never had an experience of getting so close and so deeply meshed with a character before. I felt when I finished Sons, it was a real process to get back to center and try to exorcise him out of my psyche for as much as possible. Because I'd been living with him for eight years, you know, trying to bring him to life,” Hunnam told Jax passing the baton to Chibs Telford at the end of season seven made us wonder if Chibs was the right guy to be the leader of SAMCRO, or if someone else might've been better suited for the role. After all, there were still a lot of characters around at the end of the show that might've wanted to take up the leadership of the MC.

With that said, let's take a look at 10 Sons Of Anarchy Characters Who Deserve To Be Pres After Jax (And 10 Who Don't).

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Tommy Flanagan Sons of Anarchy
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20 Deserves: Chibs

Tommy Flanagan Sons of Anarchy

Let's just get this one out of the way: Chibs deserved the top spot after Jax stepped down. There was no other member who served the MC like he did. While some of the others played a more aggressive version of Game of Thrones with each other, Chibs' loyalty was never in question.

Speaking to Vulture, actor Tommy Flanagan confirmed that “Chibs has always been loyal to his boy Jax.” It's this characteristic that makes him the right guy for the job, since leadership requires your people to trust you. Additionally, he isn't afraid of getting stuck, unlike some other “leaders” who need an Allergex every time they get near anything remotely linked to work.

19 Doesn't: Abel

Abel in Sons of Anarchy

While Abel might seem like the logical choice to follow in his father's footsteps, Jax's eldest son needs to stay far away from the MC if he values his life and sanity. That little boy started to demonstrate all the Teller traits that would've led to tragedy in the long run – and no one needs that trauma.

Unfortunately, Abel clutching onto the heirloom, the “SON” ring, which was given to him by Gemma, might imply he's doomed to repeat his father's and grandfather's mistakes in the future. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean that he'd be the ideal candidate to take the SAMCRO throne. In fact, he'd probably tear the whole thing apart because of his simmering temper.

18 Deserves: Tig

Kim Coates as Tig Trager in Sons of Anarchy

Whereas Chibs displayed loyalty, Tig was the go-to guy for the dirty work. He did more than his fair share of questionable things, but that's what makes him dangerous. You know you wouldn't play games with him if he were in charge. He wouldn't think twice about using violence and disposing you somewhere on the outskirts of Charming.

That said, his relationship with Venus did calm him. It brought some kindness and serenity to his life, which he was sorely missing. As a result, it would help him become a more empathetic and benevolent leader. He's seen it all throughout the years, and maybe he'd want something different for SAMCRO, rather than repeat the mistakes of his predecessors.

17 Doesn't: Ratboy

In life, there are those who are good at leading and those who are better at following. Ratboy falls into the latter category. He's an excellent soldier, but would he make a decent sergeant? From what we saw on the show, it's unlikely. You don't really see him as the kind of guy who'll sit around a table and strategize.

With Chibs' ascension to leadership, and Tig as second-in-command, it frees up space for Ratboy to become the reliable right-hand man of SAMCRO. It's a role that suits him perfectly, as he'll do whatever is required of him. He's a man of few words, but you can trust him to follow through on any instruction.

16 Deserves: Nero

Gemma was rotten. So, when Nero appeared, he brought balance to her life and actually gave her hope for a life outside of the MC. He was kind and generous to Jax, even as he almost lost his life because of SAMCRO's activities. Nero as club leader could bring a much-needed dynamic change to the Sons.

Chatting about the character to Imperial Beach Patch, Jimmy Smits said “Nero is much more about the exit strategy. In a world that's gritty, some might say, the wrong side of the law — how do you maneuver and get on the straight and narrow for your family? So, I think that Nero character, with regards to Jax, operates in that sphere as a mentor, as a friend, as a bro.”

15 Doesn't: Lyla

Opie and Lyla in Sons of Anarchy

Whichever way you look at it, Lyla Winston was never accepted as part of the SOA family. Many saw her as a cheap replacement for Donna in Opie's life, and the women didn't trust her either. It's not difficult to see how she'd lack the support for leadership.

It's a shame, really, because Opie did have a lot of clout in the MC, so the fact that she has none isn't directly on her. Out of all the old ladies, it's fair to say that she has the least chance of being heard by the club. Mind you, it doesn't look like she cares much for it anyway, as she focuses on the kids.

14 Deserves: Marcus Álvarez

When you think of characters that command respect, Marcus Álvarez is a name that immediately comes to mind. As the figurehead of the Mayans MC, he had his issues with SAMCRO, however, he managed to resolve them and act as an ally. You know what this shows? Diplomacy and conflict resolution.

As the leader, you'll undoubtedly encounter issues between members and you'll need to resolve them. Even though SAMCRO's conflict resolution policy seems to involve fists, Álvarez displayed an ability to take the road less travelled. Imagine what his diplomatic skills could do for SAMCRO in the long run. This is the type of guy you want at your table when you're entering tough negotiations.

13 Doesn't: Wendy

After all Jax and his family put Wendy through, it's probably best that she stays away from the MC. In fact, she has a responsibility to Abel and Thomas not to allow the sins of the father to become their burden. Nero taking them away is their second chance and she shouldn't blow it.

Even if Wendy is Jax's ex, it's unlikely that the club would want her taking a seat at the table. She undoubtedly has their respect for being Abel's biological mother, but she wouldn't get much more than that. For Wendy and the kids' sake, it's best they put the Sons of Anarchy behind them and move on to happier things.

12 Deserves: Fiona

Chibs and Fiona in Sons of Anarchy

The fact that Gemma says Fiona is one of the only three women she fears is telling. If this lady is capable of scaring Gemma, imagine what she would do to the rest of SAMCRO. As Chibs' ex-wife, she didn't take his nonsense and matched his fiery temper with her own.

The MC needs some order, as well as someone to put everyone in their place. Fiona wouldn't allow the members to do what they want or disrespect her. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if she cut the first person who got out of place. Chibs better watch his back, because his ex-wife is more than capable of taking over and ruling his pack.

11 Doesn't: Venus

Venus and Tig in Sons of Anarchy

The truth is that Venus is too kind for this world. She would never have the stomach to do what's required to keep SAMCRO afloat and she should get away from it. Venus is a character that's compassionate and loving; she deserves so much more than what the MC has to offer.

“It was really important to [Kurt Sutter and I] that we really go there, we make her a three-dimensional person with feelings. Sassy, sweet, smart, and beautiful,” actor Walton Goggins told Entertainment Weekly about his character on the show. “[Kurt] had written her in a way that I would want to hang out with her. It's a woman who I would want to be around.”

10 Deserves: Thomas

While Thomas' brother, Abel, is a definite no-no, maybe the youngster might be a more suitable candidate. For one, he was extremely young when his father passed away and didn't get to fully understand all the violence around him. Second, Gemma wasn't able to sink her claws into him, like she did Abel, so he's “purer” than his brother.

Thomas also has Tara's blood, which may ground him a little more. Perhaps the fact that he was so young when all the trouble occurred may work in his favor as well. Out of the remaining Teller men, he has a shot of making a real difference in SAMCRO and not repeating his father's mistakes like his brother would.

9 Doesn't: Jarry

Chibs and Jarry in Sons of Anarchy

Wait. Can we refer to Althea Jarry as Chibs' old lady or not? It's unknown whether she and Chibs are still tight or have gone their separate ways since Sons of Anarchy left that romance up in the air. Even so, regardless of their Facebook relationship status, Jarry wouldn't make a good leader.

Ultimately, it's because of her history with law enforcement. We all know how the MC reacts towards the police. They're outlaws, obviously there's going to be bad vibes. Even Unser, who helped SAMCRO, was never fully accepted as one of them despite his attempts. In the clubhouse, Jarry would be like a ginger stepchild on Christmas Eve, standing on the outside looking in.

8 Deserves: Maureen

Maureen in Sons of Anarchy

As the former girlfriend of John Teller, and the mother of his daughter, Trinity, Maureen Ashby has a right to demand something from SAMCRO. The truth is, she's got a right to the head seat at the table. With the rest of John's immediate bloodline perished, Maureen also has a clear path. Furthermore, she has the fiery temper required to get things done.

Speaking about the role of Maureen to Collider, actress Paula Malcomson said: “It was fun to do that. For me, personally, I just really wanted to play an Irish character. I felt like I played the woman that I maybe could have been, had I stayed for 20-something years, and not moved to New York when I was a kid.”

7 Doesn't: Tully

Ron Tully in Sons of Anarchy

Yeah, with all the issues taking place in the world today, we don't need another one leading a group with violent tendencies, such as SAMCRO. While Ron Tully might've entertained viewers with his weirdness and quirks in season seven, he's actually an offensive human being. This is someone who should never be in a position of power.

At least Jax attempted to straighten up the MC and its archaic rules. Someone like Tully would take them back in time to a bleaker period with very few morals and restraint. It's best that he stays locked up, nice and secure, and never sees the outside world again.

6 Deserves: Trinity

Trinity and Jax in Sons of Anarchy

Much like her mother, Trinity also deserves a seat at the SAMCRO table. As the daughter of John Teller, she's just as important as his two deceased sons, Jax and Thomas. She might be miles across the ocean, but if she really wanted to, she could journey to Charming and stake her claim for the position.

The question is, does she want it? Trinity seems to be happy in Ireland, so there's no need for her to get involved in all of the SAMCRO nonsense. It's more of a headache, really. So even if she's the perfect person for the job, it's probably best that she enjoys what her current home has to offer.

5 Doesn't: Zobelle

Ethan Zobelle in Sons of Anarchy

Hey, does anyone know if Ethan Zobelle is even alive in canon? According to a popular Sons of Anarchy fan theory by Reddit user djtoell, the plane crash mentioned in the season three premiere was actually Zobelle's plane. Well, since we don't know for sure, let's presume the slime bag is still alive and well out there.

After all the things that Zobelle did to the MC, there's no way he could walk into the clubhouse and get out alive. Chances are, if he were caught, something really unfortunate would happen to him. While the Sons showed they were capable of resolving differences with others who'd wronged them, it's unlikely that they'd ever see eye-to-eye with the likes of Zobelle.

4 Deserves: Roscoe

Joseph Julian Soria

Roscoe had the tiniest of cameos in Sons of Anarchy, appearing only once in season three's episode Widening Gyre, as portrayed by Joseph Julian Soria. In this episode, he was appointed the new leader of the Calaveras MC after the removal of Hector Salazar. Now, what does this have to do with SAMCRO, you might be asking.

Well, Roscoe has experience. Think about it. Most companies won't appoint a CEO who hasn't held the job before. In this sense, Roscoe has already paid his dues and will know how to handle a merry band of scoundrels and outlaws. Plus, he seems to be around Jax's age, so he'd slot right in as the youthful leader of the pack.

3 Doesn't: Dondo

David Hasselhoff in Sons of Anarchy

Even though David Hasselhoff was the picture-perfect and Speedo-wearing leader Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch, his character Dondo in Sons of Anarchy was more of a dud. The sleezy film king pranced around and acted like he was some bigwig, but you always got the impression he was a bag of hot air. Certainly no management material there.

At least the Hoff was excited about the role. In an interview with GQ, he said: “Awesome! I don't care how big the part is! If it's one line, give me this role!' I couldn't wait. I literally dropped everything in London, changed my whole schedule, jumped on an airplane, and flew back to do the part.”

2 Deserves: Bachman

Stephen King in Sons of Anarchy

You know what? We're not even going to lie here. Bachman is on this list because we're huge fans of Stephen King. Even so, there's no denying that his character was pretty cool when he cameoed in the Caregiver episode from the third season. Heck, who wouldn't want to phone a “cleaner” to take care of all the bodies?

Someone like Bachman knows how to resolve problems, quietly and efficiently. In the moments when things get tense in the MC, and members get out of line, he'd be the ideal leader to have. He would get rid of all the issues and you'd never hear about them again. Every company could do with a Bachman.

1 Doesn't: Rosen

Rosen in Sons of Anarchy

Put up your hand if you like lawyers. Oh, goodie, everyone's hands are firmly at their sides. Well, that's a good enough reason as to why Rosen should never get anywhere near the crown of the MC. It's implied that his motives for being the club's lawyer are both personal and professional, but let's stick to the professional side of things when it comes to him.

Can you imagine what would happen if a lawyer was in charge? All the members would have to sign NDAs before entering the clubhouse and you'd receive bills for legal services that you didn't remember subscribing to. This would be a hot mess, and SAMCRO would implode due to Rosen's influence.


Tell us, which other Sons of Anarchy characters would make good leaders? Let us know in the comments!

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