24 Secrets About The Cast Of Sons Of Anarchy

Hollywood is supposed to tell fictional stories about people pretending to do whatever their characters are doing on screen. Even when the stories being told are based on real events, the people portraying them are still supposed to be just pretending.

Apparently, with the cast of FX's Sons of Anarchy, the behavior seen in the show was often on par, if not tamer than the stuff that was going on behind-the-scenes. Some of these stories may even be more crazy than the violent stories told in the show itself.

Many of the actors in the show were just as rough and tumble as their onscreen counterparts. They were in and out of jail, struggled with addictions, and occasionally bought way too many Nikes.

Some were able to put their lives back together. Others, unfortunately, were not and suffered an early demise. Also, more than a couple of them were quite violent from time to time.

From Marilyn Manson's many antics to Ashley Tisdale's nose job and Johnny Lewis' assault on his landlady, here are 24 Secrets About The Cast Of Sons Of Anarchy.

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24 Ashley Tisdale Was Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

No celebrity on the internet has gotten away with never being criticized. Sometimes the backlash seems unwarranted. Sometimes it's super controversial. However, other times, it seems absolutely justified.

Ashley Tisdale learned the pitfalls of the social media faux pas when she shared a photo of herself dressed up for Halloween in 2016, wearing a Day of the Dead inspired costume ensemble. She had dark hair, a sheer, intricately designed top, and Mexican Calavera style makeup.

Obviously, a lot of thought went into the costume-- but maybe not so much thought went into whether or not people would be offended by the Instagram photo.

Commenters immediately pointed out that Tisdale's Halloween costume was considered cultural appropriation. Some actually tried to defend Tisdale, but the backlash only continued.

That same year, Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin posted a similar photo of her Halloween costume. The reaction she received was very similar to Tisdale's. Followers were unhappy to see a culture used as a trivial costume.

Sweetin appeared to take down the photo after the backlash. This kind of offense is sadly familiar to Instagram, most specifically in regard to the Kardashian family, who are frequently accused of appropriating other cultures for their photo shoots.

23 Marilyn Manson Had A Meltdown And Demanded The Crowd Clap

Marilyn Manson Salem

Marilyn Manson has always been known as a "shock rocker" but fans were not expecting the performance he gave New York early this year.

Concertgoers said that Manson had begun the show very well. He had energy and gave a strong performance. However, that didn't keep up for very long. After a short while, Manson started to fall apart on stage, which only served to make the audience extremely uncomfortable.

Video popped up of the event with Manson turning his back to the audience and singing a weird free-style jam into the microphone. Witnesses also said that he begged the fans to cheer for him as the band fell silent.

He would then start performing again, only to cut the songs short at random. By the end of the uncomfortable performance, those in attendance were said to be demanding refunds.

Backlash for the performance spilled over into the arena's Instagram comments. Disgruntled audience members took the Paramount in Huntington, New York's page to complain and further demand compensation for their tickets.

Some accused Manson of being drunk and ruining the concern after only three songs. Others claimed that the musician had bragged about how he had already made money off the concertgoers and could do whatever he wanted onstage.

He allegedly said there was nothing they could do about his antics.

22 Katey Sagal Revealed A Substance Addiction In Her Memoir

Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller Morrow in Sons of Anarchy

Katey Sagal has been a staple in Hollywood for a long time now. Sadly, some of those star-studded connections helped to contribute to her long-standing struggle with substance addiction.

The actress revealed in her recent memoir that she had dealt with addiction for 15 years. According to Sagal, her friendship with Judy Garland's daughter, Lorna Luft, helped to create that addiction.

Sagal's own mother had battled addiction, as did Garland, so the two girls bonded over their shared experience.

Finding out that both of their mothers had the same sort of addiction and partook in similar behaviors, Sagal said she grew to believe this was normal behavior for mothers.

When she was just 14 years old, Sagal was prescribed diet pills. The actress became somewhat dependent on them, saying they "fixed what ailed" her.

She compared her experience to that of her mother's. The diet pills led to stronger addictions. The diet pills were still there, but Sagal also became addicted to cocaine and alcohol.

Sagal became sober at age 30, during her time on Married With Children She served as a role model.  for others going through similar situations. The actress said people would come up to her and share their experiences with her as she spoke frequently about her sobriety.

21 Charlie Hunnam Got His Big Break While Drunk

It's kind of a cliché that guys are uncomfortable with shopping, but Charlie Hunnam was really uncomfortable with shopping. According to the actor, he would always do his holiday shopping at the last possible minute. He would rush out on Christmas Eve to get it all done.

Hunnam admitted to getting a little drunk beforehand, describing it as a little "Dutch courage." One of these shopping excursions would end up changing Hunnam's entire career.

Hunnam was searching for a pair of shoes as a gift for his brother. He spied a woman in the store and blew her a flirty kiss. Hunnam said that the woman found him "cheeky." She came over to speak to him and inquired about whether or not Hunnam had ever considered being an actor.

This resulted in Hunnam landing three episodes in the English television series Byker Grove. Just a couple years later, he landed roles in popular series like Queer as Folk and Young Americans, paving the way for his future stardom.

Ten years after his run on Byker Grove, Hunnam made his appearance on Sons of Anarchy. He has since made his big screen debut in blockbusters such as the sci-fi flick Pacific Rim.

20 Ron Perlman Secretly Attempted To Take His Own Life

Hollywood stars are wont to share their darkest secrets in their own scandalous memoirs. Ron Perlman was no exception.

When the actor released his memoir in 2014, he dropped a major bombshell: he had secretly attempted to take his own life. Perlman revealed that his attempt had never been shared with others, as he had always kept that part of his life out of the public eye.

The actor admitted that his wife had not even known about this before the book. He described the experience of detailing this event as being "cathartic."

Perlman said he promised himself that he would get everything he could out there in his memoir. However, he knew it wouldn't be easy, so he relied on friends to see him through it.

Thankfully, Perlman doesn't consider this incident to be something that will affect him for the rest of his life. He described it as a "singular incident." Perlman did admit that he had suffered from depression but that there was a definitive end to that period of his life.

The actor said that he had worked to keep his depression from coming back. Perlman revealed that his friends then took the time to reach out to him after reading the book, sharing their own similar experiences with him.

Many had also never shared their experiences with anyone before.

19 Maggie Siff Thinks The Fan Backlash Of Her Character Is Disturbing

Maggie Siff as Tara in Sons of Anarchy

So, Tara wasn't exactly the best person. She faked a pregnancy, she faked a miscarriage, and she convinced her husband to get a restraining order against his own mom.

Tara even helped to end a caregiver's life, and she went against the wishes of the gang to try to keep her children out of it... which, okay, that one is really not that bad. However, that's not how fans of the show felt about it.

Apparently, many viewers took a lot of issue with Tara's actions, despite any of her husband's behavior. When Tara actress Maggie Siff discovered the reaction, she had a few issues as well.

For starters, Siff did find the criticism to be interesting. She thought it was a conversation worth having. Similarly to Skylar White actress Anna Gunn, Siff feels like TV shows are designed for the viewer to care for specific characters more than others.

Anyone who goes against the wishes of the main character, in any way, is liable to catch some backlash.

What really upset her was how violent some of the commenters were toward her character. Siff described their anger as "startling and disturbing."

She also questioned whether or not sexism may have had a part to play in the hatred for Tara.

18 Theo Rossi Says He Quit Partying Because Of His Dog

Theo Rossi openly admits that he used to get a little wild and crazy-- and possibly illegal. When he first moved to Los Angeles, he says, he did anything to get by.

That didn't always mean walking on the straight and narrow. Rossi claims he and his friends ended up living large because of their activities, which inevitably led to a whole lot of partying. He described it as a "fantasy world."

This eventually became dangerous, but one thing saved Rossi's life.

In what sounds like an apparent overdose, Rossi describes waking up with his dog, Benito, crying and barking. He realized that he had vomited at some point while passed out.

Rossi said he realized that his dog had literally saved his life by waking him enough to free his breathing.

He described looking Benito in the eyes and making a promise then and there that he would change his ways. Rossi fully credits his dog with helping him to get sober and saving his life.

He traded in partying for running, and proper diet, and turned his life around. Rossi began working with charities and met his future wife. He even sort of named a child after Benito, aw.

17 MTV Suggested Rockmond Dunbar Play Tyreese In The Walking Dead

You know you've reached the pinnacle of TV stardom when you find yourself on a fantasy cast list. Rockmond Dunbar achieved just that when MTV speculated over who could fill the shoes of Tyreese in AMC's zombie drama The Walking Dead.

In the series, Tyreese was a gentle giant who sacrificed himself so would have to take down a child zombie. He was kind, forgiving, and kind of a good dad (to Judith, anyway.)

In the comics, he was a beast, clearing a whole gym full of walkers with his trusty hammer and quickly becoming Rick Grimes' best friend and confidant (sorry, Daryl). Oh, and he was a devoted father in the books, too.

Dunbar made MTV's fantasy cast list for his "sheer personality and presence." Though MTV recognized that ex-football-player Tyreese is bigger than Dunbar, the network felt he could pull of the role through talent alone.

Dunbar was joined by other Hollywood heavyweights like the iconic Idris Elba, who has since become famous for another comic book franchise: Thor.

Chad L. Colemon also made the list. The Wire actor would eventually go on to land the role for real. Many felt he looked remarkably like his comic book counterpart.

16 Katey Sagal Had A Daughter Via A Surrogate At 52 Years Old

Katey Sagal Gemma Son of Anarchy

While filming Married With Children in her thirties, Katey Sagal had two children with her then-husband, Jack White (not of The White Stripes).

She reminisced about how her two babies had a nursery next to her dressing room and how much of a commitment it was to raise her children. However, Sagal and White eventually divorced in the year 2000 and Sagal settled down again with Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter four years later.

At first, Sutter acted as a step-parent and wasn't very interested in biological children. However, Sagal said, he started to consider the idea five years into their relationship and they began to discuss it.

The couple considered adoption and discovered it was more difficult to achieve than they had thought. Sagal realized that she was too old to actually have a child at that point in their relationship. So, they turned to surrogacy.

That, too, proved difficult, as their "embryos were not really strong." They decided to stick with it, believing if it was meant to be, something would work out. I

t did, and at 52 years old, Sagal welcomed her third child and Sutter got the biological baby he had begun to hope for.

15 Mark Boone Junior Starred In A Music Video With His Pet Chicken

Mark Boone Junior as Bobby in Sons of Anarchy

It's not unusual for a TV star to dabble in a music video. If Norman Reedus can climb into a hot tub with Lady Gaga, Mark Boone Junior can steal a car... with his pet chicken?

Okay, so the chicken wasn't actually in the car, but it was in the music video for Sweet Apple's song "Everybody's Leaving". Oh, and in case you were wondering, the chicken's name is Baby Dee.

In the video, Boone pets Baby Dee before making off with a stolen vehicle. As he drives away, scenes are intercut with him stealing the car and petting his beloved chicken.

At one point, he is shown to give his pet chicken a loving peck. Boone drives back to where it all began and searches for Baby Dee, he simply couldn't leave the chicken behind. He has trouble finding the bird, however, and sadly walks back to the stolen vehicle.

He discovers Baby Dee sitting in the passenger seat, smiles, and drives off again, chicken at his side.

Though it may sound a little eccentric, pet chickens are actually quite trendy in Hollywood. Kylie Jenner famously got a little too excited, assuming a surprise pet pig was a chicken. She did eventually end up getting herself a feathered friend and named him Eddie.

14 Drea De Matteo Thinks Joey Ruined Her Career

Drea De Matteo had a starring role in the 2005 remake of Assault on Precinct 13. She also appeared for seven years on the classic mafia series, The Sopranos, for which she won an Emmy, and two years as the sister of Joey Tribbiani on the Friends spin-off Joey. Then it all came to a screeching halt.

That's allegedly how Drea de Matteo felt about her time following the short-lived show. Sources claimed that de Matteo blamed Joey for completely ruining her career.

The source said de Matteo described the show as "horrible" and that she hadn't "been able to really work" after the series was canceled.

The actress was said to be attempting to break back into to Hollywood. If the source was accurate, De Matteo would not have been alone in her feelings. Many expressed disappointment with the series at the time.

Thankfully, De Matteo did work her back into Hollywood in spades. With a few lesser-known parts in the following years, she eventually landed on Sons of Anarchy in 2008, two years after the end of Joey.

Her run on Sons of Anarchy lasted six years and led to several other high profile appearances on popular shows such as Desperate Housewives and Shades of Blue.

The actress is currently filming the movie The Latin from Manhattan.

13 Ron Perlman Might Be Running For President

It seems like celebrities are constantly threatening to run for president-- or senate, or governor. Some of them even pull it off. However, the vast majority are empty promises that they never even set into action, let alone see through to the end.

Just like so many stars swore they would move out of the country following the most recent election, most did not and probably never will. So, it's hard to say how often these statements can be taken seriously, but it's interesting to follow in the news.

Ron Perlman is another such actor who has seemingly set his sights on the White House.

The actor admitted that his frequent posts about running for president in 2020 were initially meant to be a joke. He wasn't taking them that seriously. However, since President Trump, Perlman says, he has had nothing but a growing anger over the direction the country is headed in.

Because of this, he claims his joking bid for the White House has also grown more serious with each passing day.

Only time will tell if he actually follows through on the apparently now serious presidential run. There are less than two years left before such a run would actually begin.

12 Marilyn Manson Was Accused Of Harassment And Racism

People expect a bit of bad behavior out of shock rocker Marilyn Manson. It's kind of his whole schtick. However, that doesn't excuse sexist or racist behavior, of which Manson has been accused of both.

House actress Charlyne Yi spoke up about her alleged experience with Manson after he popped up in the news following a bizarre performance in Huntington, New York.

Manson was allegedly turning his back to the audience and demanding that they clap and applaud him. Yi described coming forward as traumatizing because it ties the victim to the abuser forever in the public eye.

According to Yi, Manson was a fan of House and visited the set. The actress accused him of being both sexist and racist.

Manson made several remarks to the female cast, insinuating they were lesbians and, at one point, allegedly calling Yi a "China man."

Manson had previously come into the spotlight for firing his longtime bassist, Twiggy Ramirez. Ramirez had been accused of assault by Jack Off Jill singer Jessicka Addams.

At the time, Manson proclaimed that the band did not condone sleeping with someone non-consensually under any circumstances. When Addams first shared her side of the story, she said she had initially kept the events a secret for 20 years.

11 Johnny Lewis May Have Secretly Fathered A Baby With His Co-Star

Johnny Lewis as Half Sack in Sons of Anarchy

There are Hollywood secrets, and there are Hollywood secretsJohnny Lewis may have had the daddy of them all. Allegedly Diane Marshall-Greene filed to remove Lewis' father as the benefactor of his estate following Lewis untimely demise during a violent attack on his landlady.

According to Marshall-Greene, she and Lewis had actually shared a child together. Lewis' father was allegedly choosing to ignore the paternity of Lewis' alleged daughter.

There were several people who were aware of the child's paternity, however, including Lewis himself.

According to Marshall-Greene, Lewis himself recognized the paternity of his daughter, despite his family's refusal to do the same in court. Marshall-Greene stated that Lewis had signed a statement acknowledging his paternity prior to his early passing.

He was also listed as his daughter's father on her birth certificate. Sources claimed that Lewis was excited over the birth of his daughter. He and Marshall-Greene moved in together to care for the baby, despite not being in a relationship at the time.

The two would eventually battle for custody over the baby. Marshall-Greene retained custody of the baby over Lewis.

It is likely that Marshall-Greene won due to Lewis' long history with violence and criminal activity.

10 Jimmy Smits Almost Stabbed A Stuntman During A Scene

JImmy Smits in Sons of Anarchy

Jimmy Smits has been in many popular TV shows. Along with his time on Sons of Anarchy, Smits has also starred in The Get DownHow To Get Away With MurderThe West WingNYPD Blue, and Dexter.

Prolific doesn't quite seem to cut it when listing the number of shows he has worked for. Unfortunately, with such a long and varied career, there are bound to be accidents. It was on the set of that last series, Dexter, that Smits encountered such an event.

During a scene, Smits was meant to grab a prop knife and act as though it were going through the heart of stuntman Jeff Chase. The stuntman was tied and gagged and could not point out that Smits had accidentally picked up a real weapon, instead.

This, obviously, could have had horrifying consequences, but the stuntman had a protective piece of plastic over his chest.

Smits was said to have been devastated by his mistake and apologized repeatedly for nearly injuring the stuntman.

Michael C. Hall, who played Dexter, was said to have attempted to run at Smits and yelled to stop but was unable to make it in time. Thankfully, nobody actually was hurt.

9 Ashley Tisdale Got A Nose Job

Ashley Tisdale in Scary Movie 5

Some actors attempt to keep their plastic surgery hidden for years, choosing to never come forward and confirm or deny having anything done. Others, openly advocate for changing your own skin to the one you can be comfortable in.

Some drastically change their bodies in an attempt to fix a chronic health problem. This was the case with Ashley Tisdale and her rhinoplasty. According to Tisdale, the actress suffered from a deviated septum which resulted in difficulty breathing.

She let the public know about her surgery immediately but was quick to say that she did not actually condone plastic surgery.

Tisdale said her fans were important to her so she wanted to be honest about the procedure, but claimed it was for health purposes only.

The actress admitted that she had originally "freaked out" when she first saw the results, as her nose was swollen. After finally healing, she said she did not regret her decision and felt she still looked like herself.

She also claimed a little discomfort over the media claiming that she was unveiling her "new look" during a concert shortly after the procedure. Tisdale revealed that, even at that time, she was not fully healed.

So, the "new look" that fans and the media described, was not how she ended up looking after her body healed.

8 Charlie Hunnam Has Owned 85 Pairs Of Nike AirMax 90s

Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy

They say human beings are creatures of habit. Apparently, even the same could be said for rich and famous TV stars. Perhaps more so, as they have the ability to maintain said habits.

Charlie Hunnam is certainly a creature of habit. At least as far as his clothing, and more specifically, his shoes, are concerned. The actor owned 85 pairs of the exact same shoe at one point in his life.

Hunnam described his Nike AirMax 90 addiction as a compulsion borne out of growing up without any money. He remembered seeing other kids in his school with the shoes he wished to own but thought he never could.

After finding success, he went on a shopping rampage and bought as many as he could. After a time, he began to feel guilty over the excess number of expensive shoes.

Hunnam said he kept the pairs because he had a "serious emotional attachment to" them. He gave away a few and donated the rest.

The actor says he is now done with his extravagant shopping habit. He did, however, admit that he had a penchant for stealing clothing from the Sons of Anarchy set. That habit he had no intentions of giving up.

7 Donal Logue’s Daughter Went Missing

Donal Logue in Gotham

One of the most terrifying aspects of being a parent is the thought that something horrible could happen to your child and there wouldn't be anything you could do about it. Donal Logue was faced with such an obstacle when his teenage, transgender daughter went missing in the summer of last year.

At 16 years old, Logue expressed that he loved his daughter for who she was and described her as "loving, innocent, cuddly."

A statement was issued in which Logue's daughter's clothing and features were described, and the actor begged his daughter to return home if she were able.

While true crime stories and dramas may have taught us that missing children are often not returned, in this case, the reality was thankfully very different. Logue's daughter, Jade, was discovered in North Carolina two weeks after her disappearance.

Many celebrities had pleaded for the return of Jade online, including Danny Trejo, who addressed a possible kidnapper, asking that they simply let Jade go so she could make her own way back home.

Prior to Jade's return, some had classified the teen as a runaway, due to there being no signs of foul play. Logue took to social media to proclaim that Jade was not a runaway, but was merely missing.

6 Johnny Lewis Was Violent To His Landlady

The world may never know for sure what happened the night of September 26, 2012. Everyone who was a witness to the harrowing events passed away in brutal fashion.

Based on the remaining evidence, police officers did believe that they had pieced together an order of events that told a very violent story, but sadly, one that fell in line with the tumultuous life that Johnny Lewis had been said to have lived.

According to officials, just days after being released from prison, Lewis attacked his landlady with a blunt object. Lewis had pleaded no contest to charges of assault with a deadly weapon and burglary.

The September 2012 attack sounds quite similar to these events. Catherine Davis was 81 years old and did not survive the incident. Neither did Davis' cat, who was found beaten in the home as well. Some reports said the cat had been dismembered.

Daivs' home seemed to have been ransacked. Lewis was the sole suspect of the incident. The actor perished when he fell from the roof of Davis' home shortly after the attack.

Police officials described the events as "tragic" and said they were not seeking any other suspects at the time. The case was considered to be closed.

5 Dimitri Diatchenko Might Have Eaten His Ex-Girlfriend’s Pet Rabbit

Dimitri Diatchenko seemed to have it all. A successful career in both TV and film, with roles in the likes of the Indiana Jones franchise, 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your MotherThe Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, and, of course, Sons of Anarchy.

He also had a strong relationship with his roommate-- well, not quite so strong, apparently. When Diatchenko's roommate, who was also his ex-girlfriend, suggested he move out, he kind of went off the rails in a very violent and scary manner.

Thankfully, Diatchenko's ex-girlfriend made it out of the incident without being physically harmed. The same could not be said for her pet rabbit.

Diatchenko was accused of skinning and eating his ex-girlfriend's pet rabbit. He allegedly took photos of this incident and sent them to his ex-girlfriend, along with the threat of doing the same thing to her.

Diatchenko was later arrested on charges of animal cruelty. The actor pleaded no contest to the charges of animal cruelty and was sentenced to three years of probation.

He was also expected to perform 60 days of community service and to attend 48 hours of animal cruelty counseling.

4 Mark Boone Junior Allegedly Assaulted A Police Officer

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller and Mark Boone Junior as Booby Munson in Sons of Anarchy

Sometimes, actors will get into a bit of trouble, only to see their star rise even higher. This naturally leads to speculation over how much of an actor's behavior, good or bad, is real-- and how much of it may just be for the press.

When Mark Boone Junior was arrested on suspicion of assaulting towards an officer, viewers of Sons of Anarchy couldn't help but notice how oddly timed the incident was. T

he actor was taken into custody just a few short weeks before the show's third season was set to debut on FX. He was accused of becoming physical with the officer during what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop.

Interestingly enough, there is evidence to support the theory that the arrest was a publicity stunt. No illicit substances were found to be involved in the incident. The actor posted bail and all charges were eventually dropped.

According to police, there was simply not enough evidence to prove that he actually attacked the officer in question. The investigation led officials to believe that the actor's guilt could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

That certainly doesn't give fans any reason to drop their publicity stunt theory, that's for sure.

3 Marilyn Manson Pointed A Weapon At A Crowd After An Attack

Typically, when mass tragedies take place in certain locations, celebrities pour their hearts out to the afflicted people-- especially if that celebrity is a performer who happened to be holding a large event at that location at the time, or soon after, the event.

Ariana Grande did all she could to aid the survivors of Manchester Arena. Jason Aldean was rocked by the events that took place in Las Vegas while he was performing at a country music concert. Marilyn Manson, apparently, is not quite so sensitive to these types of survivors.

San Bernardino, California suffered a terror attack that resulted in the loss of 14 people in 2015. On November 5, 2017, 27 lives were taken during the attack on a Sutherland Springs, Texas church.

No doubt, only two years after their own mass tragedy, the people of San Bernardino were reeling from the news coming out of Texas.

Yet, Manson decided to turn the barrel of prop automatic weapon on the crowd during a performance on the very night of the events in Texas.

The prop held a microphone inside it. Many felt the actions were insensitive, but a reporter who witnessed the events said the crowd was mostly fine with the performance.

There were several officers in the crowd, which the reporter imagined may have helped to ease them.

2 Rusty Coones Is Basically Just Like His Character In Real Life

Rusty Coones in Sons of Anarchy

According to Sons of Anarchy actor Rusty Coones, what you see is what you get. He may be acting onscreen, but he really has lived a life very similar to that of the characters portrayed in the show.

Coones owned a bike shop, Illusion Motorsports. He built motorcycles for the show's creator, Kurt Sutter. Oh, and he was a member of the Hells Angels, too. Not only that, but he was also the president of two of the Angels' chapters, San Fernando Valley and Orange County.

Sutter was said to consult with members of the Angels in order to ensure accuracy in the plotlines and characters portrayed in the series. Coones helped to ensure that the props looked accurate enough. He also provided songs for the series through his metal band.

Coones revealed that he had spent time in prison for weapons and illicit substances. He also spent six years in prison for conspiracy to distribute illicit chemicals.

He finally decided to turn things around a bit and focus on his shop. Coones admitted getting the shop going was difficult, and credited Sons of Anarchy with helping him and his wife to keep their business alive.

Coones described his onscreen character as very much like himself in real life.

1 Theo Rossi Got Married And Had A Baby In Secret

Keeping life-changing events under wraps is difficult for anyone. However, that's especially true for famous actors. It goes triple for famous actors who star on hugely popular TV shows.

Everyone follows their every move, hoping to learn more about their fave star's private life. However, Theo Rossi managed to do the seemingly impossible.

He got married and was expecting a baby and nobody was the wiser. At least until one of his former castmates caught wind of what was going on.

Still, it couldn't be kept completely under wraps forever. When Sons of Anarchy co-star Ron Perlman discovered a photo in which Rossi's wife was obviously pregnant, he couldn't help but bring it up.

He messaged Rossi and pointed out the photo, saying that one of them "looked very pregnant" but he wouldn't name which one, as to not offend the couple.

When asked why he had not gone public with the news before he did, Rossi revealed that he had just wanted the happy events to be for just him and his wife.

The actor admitted that very few things were allowed to remain private anymore. Rossi joked his wife would definitely not allow him to let their child ride any of his three motorcycles.


Can you think of any other secrets about Sons of Anarchy's cast? Sound off in the comments!

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