Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Hilarious Jax Memes That Are Too Funny

Sons of Anarchy may have ended years ago, but it's fans and the enthusiasm for the show still hasn't died down in the intervening years. The tale of Jax and Gemma Teller, along with the entire Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club, was one of the most unique and compelling television dramas in years. Although it's spinoff Mayans M.C. has finally filled some of the void that Sons of Anarchy initially left with it's end, SoA and it's leading man are still singularly awesome.

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Fans of certain TV shows always find different, unique, and often fun ways to show their devotion to their favorite series and it's characters. And Sons is no different in that arena. SoA has been the subject of too many fan works to count, but our personal favorite way that fans choose to honor their faves has got to be the memes. So here are 10 of the best Jax Teller memes out there on the net.

10 At Least We've Got Good Taste

Honestly, what is the point of even dedicating dozens if not hundreds of hours to something in your life if you're not obsessed with it? For most people television is just a good and entertaining way to waste a few hours out of the day, but for fangirls and fanboys who truly become obsessed with the shows that they love it's not just a time waster, it's a lifestyle.

Sons of Anarchy was definitely one of the more unique and entertaining offerings that the massive television marketplace has served up in the past decade or so, so it's not surprising in the least that it has amassed such a fervent fan base.

9 Going Too Legit

Obviously this meme is just a joke, but perhaps Jax and the rest of the Sons should have taken a business plan like this under consideration. Yes, Tide Pods are obviously much more easy to come by than illegal guns or drugs, but it's also a legitimate business venture, which is what many of the Sons were looking to get into for years.

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Of course they inevitably would have run into controversy with the whole Tide Pod Challenge thing, but that's a whole lot better than you or the people you love getting shot and killed by your business competitors, isn't it?

8 Jax Teller Does Kill People

Guns don't kill people, Jax Teller kills people. And often times Jax Teller kills people with guns. But he doesn't necessarily need a gun either. Jax and the rest of the Sons of Anarchy have basically made their living off of the fact that so many people around them need or want illegal guns, but it's honestly hard to say whether or not any of them really need it.

There have been a whole lot of creative death scenes on SoA, and many times it has been Jax who has had to come up with a new and inventive way to end someone's life.

7 He's Not Wrong

I think it's fair to say that most people would feel this way, at least if they were living in the world of outlaws like Jax did. For the average person, "what doesn't kill you" is something like a bad car accident or a broken leg, it's not your best friend voluntarily sacrificing his own life to save yours or your mom brutally murdering your wife because she thought wifey was ratting you out to the cops.

But it's safe to assume that if any average Joe was thrust into the world of Jax Teller, they likely would say the same thing about what doesn't kill them too.

6 We've All Been There

Sure, it's incredibly awkward when your favorite show concludes it's season and then suddenly you don't know what you're going to do with your life until said show returns, but what about when that show concludes for good like Sons of Anarchy did?! What do you do then?!

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Well, presumably by now SoA super fans would be watching Mayans M.C., but for quite a while there it was dire straits for the SoA fans. Once you go biker, you can never really go back, so the end of Sons of Anarchy was a brutal loss for the show's viewers and lovers.

5 Significant Others

Jax Teller is undeniably a very pretty man, but he's not really the kind of top quality significant other that most adult women would be looking for. It's really a shame that Tara caught the Jax bug when she was still a teenager and just couldn't rid herself of it, because she honestly could have done and should have done better.

He may have undeniably loved Tara, but he was a bad husband more often than not, and he really showed his worst sides when Tara was in prison for all of a week before he decided to step out and get his satisfactions elsewhere.

4 We Can See The Resemblance

Not to drag John Teller of Clay Morrow, but to be frank Al Bundy was likely a better father than either of them, or possibly a better father than both of them combined. Married... With Children is obviously meant to be a sitcom about comically bad parents, but Peg and Al have still done a whole lot better than Gemma Teller.

Not to sound weird, but it wouldn't be that hard to imagine that Charlie Hunnam was just the blonder, better looking version of a Bundy child. He would fit right in with the smoking hot Christina Applegate at least.

3 Not Found Yet

In another world, Jax Teller (obviously) could have had a very successful and lucrative career as a male model. It's actually interesting and a real testament to Charlie Hunnam's abilities as an actor that he managed to score the leading role on Sons of Anarchy, because he looks like just about the last guy who would be the leader of a biker gang.

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While Jax undeniably has a lot of appeal as a tortured hero of a character, I think most SoA fans would prefer Charlie as their significant other instead of Jax. At least he's not a murderer and professional criminal.

2 Fresh To Death

This is the kind of thing that no one would notice unless it was pointed out to them, but now that it has been pointed out it's impossible not to notice, you know?

Jax has a very distinctive style and wears what is almost like his own work uniform, and his ultra white sneakers are a perennial presence in his wardrobe. They don't seem like the best choice for someone who is constantly on his bike and who is often getting into bloody scraps, but because he is a TV character and not a real man he is blessed with unnaturally clean sneakers at all times.

1 Mommy Problems

So it seems safe to assume that anyone who is reading this list has already watched Sons of Anarchy, but on the off chance that anyone out there isn't familiar with SoA then this meme pretty much sums up the entire show.

Jax Teller is undeniably a problematic fave, but he had a shot at being a not terrible person if his mother hadn't been his puppet master from the moment he was born. Gemma is a fierce mama wolf, and she always thinks that she knows better for Jax than Jax does. Problem is, she is almost always wrong in that assumption.

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