Sons Of Anarchy Season 3 Finale Recap

Sons Of Anarchy season 3 came to a particularly dramatic end which also saw the corrupt Agent Stahl finally facing a reckoning.

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Here's what happened in the bloody season 3 finale of Sons Of Anarchy. Sons Of Anarchy was created by Kurt Sutter and debuted on FX in 2008. The story itself is somewhat inspired by Hamlet and follows main character Jax (Charlie Hunnam, Pacific Rim) as he clashes with Clay (Ron Perlman), who took over from Jax's father as president of motorcycle club SAMCRO. Clay is also married to Jax's mother Gemma (Kathy Sagal).

Sons Of Anarchy was an intense, gritty ride that featured fantastic writing and performances. The show could be intensely violent and disturbing too, with fan-favorite characters often dying brutal deaths. Sons Of Anarchy came to an end in 2014 and left few survivors, but Sutter would go on to create spinoff Mayans MC. He was later fired by FX following reports of abrasive behavior during production of the show's second season.

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Sons Of Anarchy season 3 was a particularly intense series of the club, with Jax's baby son being kidnapped and he is seemingly forced to make a deal betraying SAMCRO to evil ATF agent June Stahl (Ally Walker, Universal Soldier). The finale "NS" finally features the downfall of the latter, with the club using her own tactics against her. The episode involves the club buying Jimmy O from the Russians, who realize too late the money SAMCRO handed over is fake. This leads to a brief chase but they get away with Jimmy.

Agent Stahl later arrives at the SAMCRO clubhouse to take Jimmy away and arrest the gang on gun charges; for extra vindictiveness, she reveals Jax ratted them out. The crew gives him dirty looks as they're being driven away, implying a dark fate for Jax in prison. The Sons Of Anarchy season 3 finale has a few tricks up its sleeve, however, with Opie tricking Stahl into thinking the ATF will be ambushed along the route. She sends agents on to check the road while she stays behind with Wayne Unser, who pulls a gun on her. Chibs' takes Jimmy O off the bus and disfigures his face - who once did the same to him during his time in the Real IRA - before stabbing him to death.

Opie then sits Stahl in her car, who breaks down when she realizes she's about to die. She was partly responsible for the murder of Opie's wife Donna during Sons Of Anarchy season 1, so he kills Stahl in a similar manner by shooting her in the back of the head. The crew makes it look like the Real IRA were behind the attack and then ride past the van carrying Jax and the arrested SAMCRO members, blasting their horns. The gang then smile, letting viewers know the whole thing was a ruse. Jax never betrayed his club and their doublecross of Stahl was planned from the beginning, with Jax's deal meaning they only serve a year in jail.

The Sons Of Anarchy season 3 finale ends on a more or less positive note for SAMCRO, though Jax's wife Tara is seen reading letters from Jax's father, who implies if he dies than Clay and Gemma probably had something to do with it. This signals trouble ahead, which would play out in predictably bloody fashion in later seasons.

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