Sons Of Anarchy: Inbar Lavi's Winsome Explained

Sons Of Anarchy season 7 introduced Inbar Lavi's Winsome, a prostitute who helps out SAMCRO and who forms an attachment to Jax.

Inbar Lavi joined the cast of Sons Of Anarchy during its final season as Winsome - here's her character explained. Kurt Sutter began his television career working on acclaimed cop drama The Shield, before moving on to create FX's Sons Of Anarchy. The show follows the exploits of a motorcycle club called SAMCRO, which is led by the ruthless Clay (Ron Perlman). Clay is also married to Gemma (Kathy Sagal), the mother of the show's lead character Jax (Charlie Hunnam), who is drawn into leadership conflicts with Clay through the show.

Sons Of Anarchy could be brutally violent and shocking, but it was always grounded by great acting and writing. The series was partly inspired by Hamlet, so it makes sense most of the main characters meet a positively Shakespearian fate by the time it came to the end of the road in 2014. Sutter would go on to create The Bastard Executioner - which was cancelled after one season - before returning to the Sons Of Anarchy world once again with spinoff Mayan MC. In late 2019 it was announced Sutter had been fired by FX due to reports of unprofessional behavior during the show's second season.

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Sons Of Anarchy season 6 saw a couple of major demises, including Jax's wife Tara, who was killed during a fight with Gemma. This would greatly affect the tone of the seventh and final season, which was somehow even darker and more oppressive than the previous years. Inbar Lavi (Prison Break) joined Sons Of Anarchy in season 7 as Winsome, a prostitute who first meets SAMCRO in episodes "Greensleeves." Winsome works for a brutal pimp named Greensleeves, who the crew need to track down. She agrees to give up his location after they offer her a job with escort service Diosa.

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The chemistry between her and Jax was obvious in this episode, which is why Kurt Sutter brought her back for episode 10 "Faith And Despondency." Winsome and Jax's relationship quickly turned physical, something which annoyed Sons Of Anarchy fans since Tara had only recently died in the timeline of the show. Jax was on a tragic course by this point, so a Winsome romance was destined not to be. She does thank Jax for being kind to her and helping her get away from Greensleeves, but "Faith And Despondency" would be the last episode she appeared in.

This is a shame, as Winsome had the potential to be an intriguing new character on Sons Of Anarchy, but she was introduced a little too late in the show's lifespan to allow that.

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