• Sons Of Anarchy: 6 SAMCRO Members Who Were Completely Devoted To The Club (& 4 Who Were Sellouts)

    Throughout Sons of AnarchySAMCRO found themselves dealing with some of the most formidable foes out of Charming, both as allies and adversaries. From tough street gangs such as the One Niners to rival motorcycle clubs such as the Mayans, danger never left the side of the Sons for a moment. Even when interrogated by law enforcement officials such as June Stahl and Eli Roosevelt, SAMCRO members' loyalties to the club were pushed to the limit.

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    While some of the Sons proved their absolute loyalty, even remaining silent after enduring extreme physical torture, others were quick to throw the club under the bus to protect their personal interests. Let's take a look at some of the most devoted SAMCRO members around, as well as those who did not persevere when it came to being loyal.

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    Devoted: Bobby Munson
    Mark Boone Junior as Bobby in Sons of Anarchy

    Level-headed with a calm temperament, Bobby was a unique character within the Redwood Original. Whether as club secretary or Vice President, Bobby always imparted advice with the good of the club in mind and attempted to stop Jax from carrying out vengeance when he knew that it would only push him further down a dark path.

    Bobby proved his undying loyalty to the club in the most brutal way possible: by enduring torture at the hands of former special ops Moses Cartwright. Even losing his eye as well as the fingers on his left hand, Bobby still refused to divulge information on SAMCRO's plan to take down August Marks.

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    Sellout: Clay Morrow
    Sons of Anarchy - Clay Morrow outside

    Even during his time as president, Clay was self-serving—he just happened to be very good convincing otherwise. The moment he realized that his days in SAMCRO were numbered, Clay decided to make as much money as possible before leaving by way of running illegal drugs for the Galindo Cartel. This decision did not sit well with the club, who had time and again been reassured that they would not become involved with illegal substances.

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    Upon losing his title to Jax, Clay did everything in his power to sabotage Jax's presidency in order to regain power, despite the fact that this would hurt SAMCRO as a whole. This included organizing the house break-ins that resulted in the murder of Eli Roosevelt's wife and the murder of Piney.

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    Devoted: Ratboy

    George "Ratboy" Skogstrom may be the most junior member of SAMCRO, but this hasn't stopped him from being one of the club's most useful assets. While he and Phil were under suspicion of stealing part of an important shipment, Ratboy went so far as to participate in a game of Russian Roulette in order to prove his innocence.

    He knows when to keep his mouth shut, and is usually pretty insightful when he expresses his opinion. He is also willing to go through any kind of torture to protect the club. When detained by Moses Cartwright, he refused to give up any information, despite being reminded of what happened to Bobby for his lack of cooperation.

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    Sellout: Frankie Diamonds

    In line with Clay's plan to undermine Jax's leadership, Frankie patched into SAMCRO from the Nomad charter under the guise of helping rebuild the Redwood Original. The beginning of his deception included being one of the traitors who carried out the home invasions orchestrated by Clay.

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    In addition to hurting the club, Frankie was also prepared to those with any connections to the club in order to increase his loot. This included holding Nero hostage, taking $130,000 in cash, and forcing Chips to drive away with him as leverage. On top of this, Frankie requested protection from the Italians, making it that much more difficult for SAMCRO to deliver justice.

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  • 6 / 10
    Devoted: Tig
    Sons of Anarchy - Kim Coates as Tig

    A loyal Sergeant at Arms to Clay for many years, most of the club's dirty work normally fell on Tig, which included the attempted hit on Opie that resulted in Donna's death. Despite the trauma and guilt that he suffered from this event, he remained loyal to the Sons.

    Tig was heavily trusted by Clay and was tasked with organizing Gemma's protection when she was on the run from the law. So fierce is his loyalty that he will seek vengeance for the club even when he does not have all the facts. This occurred when he infamously ran over Laroy's girlfriend (who was also Damon Pope's daughter) after hearing that the Niners may have been behind Clay getting shot.

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    Sellout: Juice
    Sons of Anarchy - Theo Rossi as Juice

    While he made many fine contributions to the club, Juice eventually went on a downward spiral due to leverage held over him by the police. His many contributions that earned him the coveted "Men of Mayhem" patch were soon forgotten, as club members began to find him untrustworthy, leading to his eventual excommunication.

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    Among Juice's betrayals are his secrecy when it came to his discovery that Clay was behind the house break-ins, his cooperation with Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt on the RICO case against the Sons, and divulging to Nero the secret that Jax ordered him to kill Darvany Jennings.

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    Devoted: Happy

    While a sadistic killer and big-time fan of torture, Happy shows complete loyalty to SAMCRO. Along with Tig, he is the club's primary enforcer and is usually the one to carry out the club's murders. His allegiance to the club was proved from early on when he killed Marcus Alvarez's son Esai in retaliation for his attempted hit on Clay.

    Although originally a nomad, SAMCRO unanimously desired for Happy to join their charter, which he eventually did. His devotion to the club earned him the position of Sergeant At Arms under Jax and then Chibs, and he even underwent an abduction by the Lin Triad—a sacrifice he was prepared to make in order to ensure the club's wellbeing.

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    Sellout: Piney

    Piney was a member of the First 9 and the senior club advisor. While his absence from club runs was understandable (he was aging and suffered from emphysema), he often attended church meetings and gave his input at the beginning of the series.  This soon changed, however, as the more he lost faith in the club under Clay's leadership, the less present he was.

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    This behavior was strange given Piney's ambitions, as he desperately wanted to see the change in SAMCRO that his close friend John Teller seemed to implement. While he provided Jax with John's manuscript and begged him to bring change to SAMCRO, he never actively assisted Jax in this mission, instead choosing to only complain about the club while not participating in any of its activities.

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    Devoted: Chibs
    Sons of Anarchy - Tommy Flanagan as Chibs

    Despite getting critically injured by an explosion near the beginning of the series, Chibs showed unwavering devotion to SAMCRO for the duration of SOA. He especially showed devotion to Jax, his Vice President and later his President.

    For his many great contributions to the club, including traveling to Belfast to rescue Abel and his assassination of Randall Hightower on Jax's behalf, Chibs earned the rank of Sergeant at Arms and later became Jax's Vice President. After Jax was voted to "meet Mr. Mayhem," Jax decided to give the President's patch to Chibs, a man who undoubtedly deserves it.

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    Devoted: Otto

    While originally incarcerated for six years, his many actions taken in prison on behalf of the club lead to him receiving a life sentence, and later, a death sentence. He not only acted as an informant for SAMCRO on the inside but also defended Chuck Marstein, who proved to be a stellar accountant for SAMCRO.

    His many bloody activities for SAMCRO include murdering Russian Ivo Alexei as revenge for his attack on Jax, attacking pesky ATF Agent June Stahl, biting off his own tongue so that he could not be interrogated, and murdering Lee Toric (and thus ending Toric's vendetta against SAMCRO).

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