20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Sons Of Anarchy

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller and Mark Boone Junior as Booby Munson in Sons of Anarchy

Far from the first show about organized crime that has hit the airwaves, despite that, Sons of Anarchy still managed to stand out because there was something special about it. Imbued with a huge amount of swagger and featuring a long list of compelling characters, SOA gave fans sevens easons of entertainment.

Able to garner an extremely devoted fan base, Sons of Anarchy was so beloved that at its height it was one of the most talked about shows on television. If you are a showrunner, passion like that is a double-edged sword since it's great that people love your work but it is virtually impossible to avoid all errors and such close attention can shine a light on any gaffes.

However, the vast majority of viewers focused on things like character inconsistencies, muddled backstories, or dropped storylines, which resulted in other mistakes mostly flying under the radar. With that in mind, it is time to look at those mistakes in Sons of Anarchy only true fans noticed.

In order for something to be considered for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to be a mistake that can be seen on screen in an episode of Sons of Anarchy. For the purposes of this list, that means you could see things like continuity errors, internal logic failures, or other problems of that nature. However, it should be noted that we have already things like characterization inconsistencies, dropped storylines, and mistakes of that ilk in other articles.

Here are 20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Sons Of Anarchy.

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Sons of Anarchy Jax Hat Blooper
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20 Jax’s Rotating Hat

Sons of Anarchy Jax Hat Blooper

Despite it being an extremely popular form of entertainment, many people know very little about how films and TV shows are produced. However, almost everyone knows that scenes usually are filmed multiple times and then editors cut that footage together to create the final scene. As a result, a great deal of effort is put into making sure that every item is consistently positioned from one take to another.

Unfortunately, from time to time, something slips through the cracks which results in things like a glass of water rising and falling from one cut to another.

A particularly egregious example of this is when Jax’s hat starts out facing backwards, flips 180 degrees, and then returns to its original position from one cut to another.

19 Abel’s Plastic Lunchbox

One of the biggest plot points that affects the final Sons of Anarchy season, Abel learning about what Gemma did to Tara ends up unraveling Jax’s life extremely quickly. After revealing that Abel has overheard the truth early on in the season, over several episodes viewers were left to wonder when Jax would learn that information from his son.

Viewers are reminded about this by seeing Abel act out several times.

A teacher tells Gemma that Abel attacked a fellow student with a metal lunchbox.

The only problem with this is that in the exact same scene Abel can be seen walking away while carrying his lunchbox, which obviously is plastic.

18 Gemma In 2 Places at One Time

Sons of Anarchy Gemma

In the second season Sons of Anarchy premiere the character Gemma ends up being in 2 places at once.

It's an episode that largely focuses on SAMCRO anticipating Bobby’s return after a stay in prison. They throw a party in order to welcome him home. That shindig was mostly attended by members of the Sons and their rowdiest friends, especially of the female persuasion, and for some reason, Gemma is also seen at the party more than once.

However, mere moments later, the episode cuts to Tara arriving home to find Gemma in the living room babysitting Abel. All they had to do was exclude the throwaway shots of Gemma at the party in order to avoid this inconsistency.

17 Station Wagon Magically Repairs Its Front End

Sons of Anarchy Station Wagon

When you create a show based around a group of outlaws that like to drive fast, that pretty much demands your series features some heart pounding action sequences. Never afraid to go in that direction, Sons of Anarchy included several chase scenes, most of which were shot in visually interesting ways.

In fact, those scenes happened so regularly that the people behind the show obviously figured out exactly how to film people driving fast on their motorcycles. Unfortunately, an episode called for the Sons to drive a station wagon through an unforgiving gate and then roll it part way down a hill and someone failed to pay enough attention.

In a really poor moment, they showed the front end of the vehicle getting destroyed during this stunt, only to have it suddenly be intact after the camera cut away and back.

16 The Belfast Episodes Were Mostly Filmed in L.A.

SOA Belfast

Though initially a storyline that seemed like it had some pretty great potential, in the end, many fans feel that the showing going to Belfast was a move that made the show worse. Resulting in several episodes becoming mired in the internal struggles of the Sons of Anarchy Belfast branch, SAMBEL, this was a distraction from the storylines many viewers actually cared about.

On the other hand, at least they should have been able to look forward to seeing some interesting Irish settings. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case aside from a few establishing shots as those scenes were filmed on a set that was only a single Los Angeles city block away from where previous seasons were produced.

15 Gemma is Put in a Holding Cell with Men

Sons of Anarchy Gemma Holding Cell

Aside from a few notable exceptions, Gemma’s managed to stay out of the grasp of the cops. Still, she never balked at stepping outside legal boundaries, so it seemed like only a matter of time before she would be the one that was taken downtown.

Scooped up by the police in the sixth season due to the machinations of Tara, Gemma was arrested, fingerprinted, and taken into custody. Though it was a compelling moment, once she was placed in a holding cell, all reality went out the window.

She was place in a cell with men-- something that isn’t supposed to happen to a woman in real life.

14 Opie Breaks Into a Cleary Unlocked Car

Sons of Anarchy Car Theft

Considered to be the most relatable Sons of Anarchy character by many of the show’s biggest fans, Opie Winston’s life was far from a smooth one. That only made viewers care about him more.

He ends up spending much of the series on a downhill slide emotionally due to the brutal demise of his wife at the hands of a friend. Fully committed to the outlaw life once his loved one met her untimely demise, he starts to commit one crime after another with reckless abandon. However, that is no excuse for him making an amateurish mistake that a lot of first time thieves would have avoided.

Still, in an episode, he is shown using a slim Jim to break into a car that clearly is unlocked, based on the position of the lock button on the door.

13 Piney Doesn't Know How To Smoke

Sons of Anarchy Piney

It's time to look at a pretty amusing moment featuring Opie’s father, Piney. In poor health right from the start, at virtually every turn he is seen carrying around an oxygen tank that helps him to breathe.

A sufferer of emphysema, he clearly has a long history of smoking which is the primary risk factor for the disease. As a result, you’d think that he would stay far away from tobacco but that precludes the fact that Piney is an ornery man that doesn’t take kindly to being told what to do.

He is never shown lighting up on screen, but in one moment that very few viewers noticed, his mouth holds with the butt end sticking out.

12 The Belfast Episodes Look Like They Takes Place in the ‘80s

Sons of Anarchy Taryn Manning

As already touched on in this list, when it came time to film the Ireland SOA episodes, the choice was made to gilm almost everything in America. We do have to give the producers of the show some credit since most people wouldn’t have guessed those episodes were shot in Los Angeles.

However, it feels like the production found some old sets and props laying around in a studio since so many things you see on screen are from the ‘80s.

You can see people using wired telephones, shopping at old timey stores, and other things of that nature.

If that weren’t odd enough, during most Belfast scenes pretty much all color has been drained from the

11 Nobody Notices SAMCRO Abduct a Guy In Public

Sons of Anarchy Jax and Gemma

An extremely intelligent person who is capable of grappling with many complex situations, Jax Teller saves SAMCRO’s butt on many occasions throughout the series. However, once the woman he loves meets her end, he goes off the deep end.

Wreaking revenge on an innocent man, not only is his rage misplaced but the manner in which he captured his perceived foe put him and everyone he loves at risk.

Jax had SAMCRO throw a party that he had his enemies attend and then stole his victim part way through the night.

Given those circumstances, he might as well have sent the allies of his victim a full confession.

10 John Teller’s Inconsistent Accident Report

John Teller in Sons of Anarchy

The father of Sons of Anarchy’s main character, John Teller is also important because he co-founded the Sons. For that reason, throughout the show, more and more information about JT’s life comes out, but most of it is anecdotal at best.

One of the most notable exceptions to that, the accident report that was filled out after JT’s life ended after hitting a Mack truck was eventually seen on screen. Unfortunately, whoever put it together did shoddy work.

It said he was born in 1940 and passed away in 1993, but also had his age listed as 35.

Clearly, someone involved in the show was awful at math since those 1940 and 1993 figures are right, based on information shown in other episodes.

9 Thomas Teller Barely Ages

Sons of Anarchy Jax Thomas Abel

A couple that always was doomed, Jax and Tara loved one another but his attempts to go straight always failed and she could never accept that. As a result, even though his parents loved him and each other, Thomas Teller was always going to end up caight in the middle.

Of course, viewers never knew how Thomas saw his parents since they never saw him become old enough to speak. There was one major problem with that, however.

Thomas should have been at least 3 and a half years old when the show ended.

After all, viewers saw Abel attend kindergarten. He is said to be 5 years old by the time SOA finished and Thomas was born when his big brother was around 18 months old.

8 The Largely Inaccurate Irish Accents

Sons of Anarchy SAMBEL

The accents heard during the Belfast episodes are inaccurate for a number of reasons. For instance, people from Ireland can tell you that many regions of the country speak differently and Ulster, the Belfast accent, is not heard in the series.

Of course, that accent is awfully specific, so it probably makes more sense to look at the accents in more general terms. For that reason, it is a much bigger problem that some actors from the Belfast episodes have inconsistent manners of speaking while in character.

On top of that, even those actors who were able to keep their accents up sounded like an American actor doing a subpar imitation.

7 The Show Uses The Wrong Zip Code

SOA Area Code

The little town of Charming adds a fascinating element to Sons of Anarchy. For instance, the idea that the townsfolk have embraced SAMCRO because they keep other criminal elements in the area under control is really interesting to contemplate. In fact, SAMCRO’s relationship with Charming only gets more thought-provoking during later seasons when violence begins to break out a lot more often.

Considering how big of a factor Charming and its various representatives are to the show, you’d think producers would make sure they got the details about the town right. Despite that, Charming is set in San Joaquin county but SAMCRO’s Teller-Morrow Auto Service has a 925 phone number, an area code assigned to Alameda and Contra Costa.

6 Lin Triad casting

Henry Lin in Sons of Anarchy

Throughout Sons of Anarchy, Jax spends a lot of time dealing with Henry Lin, the head of the Lin Triad. The Triad is a rival crime syndicate that operates in America, but has roots in China. When talking amongst themselves, the Triad members often speak Cantonese, a dialect widely spoken in Southeastern China.

However, Henry Lin, himself was portrayed by Kenneth Choi, an actor from Chicago who has two parents from South Korea. Also Chris Dun, another member of the Triad, is played by Tim Park, who was born in South Korea. To have a prominent China-based crime syndicate portrayed by actors whose roots are in Korea is a major mistake.

This is really the same issue of inaccuracy from the Belfast episodes taken to a whole other level.

5 Stahl’s Story Would Not Hold Up

Sons of Anarchy Agent June Stahl

Arguably the most hated villain in Sons of Anarchy history, there always was something about the way Agent June Stahl went after SAMCRO that fans especially hated. Prone to cutting whatever legal corner necessary and perfectly willing to put an end to other people’s lives, she was an unrepentant criminal.

At one point, Stahl takes out two people and then frames Gemma to take the fall for crimes she committed.

Though this is a major plot point that only gets resolved after Jax outwits Stahl and everyone else, in reality, Gemma should have walked away free and clear after a simple ballistics test. After all, Stahl told detectives that Gemma used a single weapon to shoot the victims, but the bullets came from more than one gun.

4 Gemma spells her own name wrong

Sons of Anarchy Gemma Card

Probably the most formidable Sons of Anarchy character, even though Gemma is not allowed to be a SAMCRO member, she is a key figure in club life. Married to 2 club Presidents and the mother of a 3rd, not only does she have powerful players in her life, but she has a heavy hand when helping to guide them. If that weren’t enough, she also is the brains behind the operation of SAMCRO’s Teller-Morrow Auto Service.

Despite her obvious intelligence, she messed up the easiest thing in the world.

She first gave Nero a card with her name and phone number on it. Possibly not understanding that an N in cursive has 2 bumps and an M has 3, when she writes out her name, they have 2 bumps. Thismeans it should be read as "Genna."

3 The Ages of JT, Clay, and Gemma

Sons of Anarchy JT Grave

According to everything Sons of Anarchy viewers have seen over the years, SAMCRO co-founder John Teller was born in 1940 and passed away in 1993. These rae figures that were seen on his accident report and grave stone.

Considering when the show takes place, that means that JT would have been in his sixties if he had lived to see the events of the series. While that makes perfect sense given JT’s relationship with Piney, who is the eldest SAMCRO member, JT’s date of birth still creates a big problem for the show.

That is because it has been stated that JT was around the same age as Gemma and Clay, 2 characters who are alive and well-- and clearly not that old.

2 Two different Clay Morrows in the pilot

Sons of Anarchy Emilio Rivera

A casualty of the decision to make changes to the SOA pilot, Scott Glenn shot an entire episode’s worth of footage as Clay Morrow before Ron Perlman took over the role. On top of that, in the original version of the pilot, Emilio Rivera was cast as a SAMCRO member but after the reshoots, he was given the role of Mayans MC president Marcus Alvarez.

Trying to spend as little as possible on these reshoots, when producers felt Scott Glenn and Emilio Rivera in SAMCRO gear was not visible they still used the original footage.

Those 2 actors ended up in the episode alongside other SAMCRO members.

Only noticeable if you know what to look for during a massive explosion, the best way to tell is that Scott Glenn’s body is much more slender than Ron Perlman’s

1 Most of the Irish Characters Were Blatant Stereotypes

Sons of Anarchy Kellan Ashby

Every single year a slew of TV shows premiere and then disappear before too long. As a result, any series that ends up running for several seasons has beat the odds because it has found an audience that wants to support it week after week. One reason SOA pulled that off is that it featured nuanced characters who are capable of doing awful things but do so for reasons that viewers understand.

Unfortunately, it seems like the writers decided that taking the Sons to Belfast gave them license to introduce one stereotypical character after another. In fact, it is hard to think of a single character from the Belfast episodes that seem multilayered in the least.


What other mistakes did most fans miss in Sons of Anarchy? Let us know in the comments!

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