Sons Of Anarchy: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Jax Teller

Still considered by many people to be the most important FX show ever to air, Sons of Anarchy has been off the air for several years, but it still gets discussed by fans regularly. That's especially true now that its spin-off has finally hit the air. It seems like the show will continue to be examined for many years to come. Despite all that, it often seems like its main character has yet to receive a full examination.

As the heart of pretty much every Sons of Anarchy storylines, all of that attention allowed Jax Teller to become the most fully fleshed-out character on the show. Still, when a character appears on screen that much it can also be a double edged sword since it provides a lot of opportunities for them to be part of storylines that don’t pass the sniff test. With that in mind, it is time to check out the things about Sons of Anarchy’s Jax Teller just don't add up.

In order for an aspect of Sons of Anarchy to be considered for possible inclusion in this list, it first and foremost needs to relate to the character Jax Teller in one way or another. On top of that, upon further examination, there has to be something about it that makes no sense. Finally, it should be noted that the list is limited to things that took place in the show Sons of Anarchy, so you won’t find any references to the comic books or Mayans MC come up here.

Here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About Jax Teller.

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Sons Of Anarchy Jax and Tig
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20 Tig being Loyal to Jax in the End

Sons Of Anarchy Jax and Tig

As two of the most notable SAMCRO members, Jax Teller and Tig Trager may seem like they should be the best of friends based on that alone. However, just like a pair of co-workers that repeatedly butt heads, a lot of the time there is a certain level of tension between them. On top of that, their relationship hit some really bad low points after Donna met her untimely demise and Jax risked Tig’s life by putting him in a room with Damon Pope, even if it was only briefly.

Despite all of this drama, Tig seemed to be extremely loyal to Jax by the time the show came to an end. Heck, Tig appeared to be just as devastated by Jax’s final fate as someone like Chibs, who was always on good terms with Teller.

19 His Relationship with Charming

Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy

It's one of the most interesting Sons of Anarchy concepts when the show begins: the idea of a small town embracing a band of outlaws because they keep other criminals out. No matter how this relationship first came to be, by the time the show comes to an end, SAMCRO has taken things so far that their fellow townspeople should be in open revolt.

After all, the club had a standoff with the Mayas across Charming’s main street, their high speed chases put fellow drivers at risk.

Jax even stole a regular Joe’s car with a weapon in hand.

Despite that and the high mortality rate with SAMCRO around, Charming’s everyday citizens never rose up and demanded action against them.

18 That Anyone Trusts Him

Marilyn Manson in Sons of Anarchy

Someone who clearly has his own moral code throughout the majority of Sons of Anarchy, Jax almost always has his reasons for every criminal act that he undertakes.

Since the show does a pretty great job of letting viewers understand Jax’s motivations throughout, it can be easy to forget that his various business partners would not have that same level of access. Instead, all they would know is that over and over again various organizations that Jax has dealt with have been devastated and had key members taken out.

With that in mind, it is baffling that any outsider would trust that they and the people around them would survive getting involved with Jax and his SAMCRO allies.

17 His Relationship with SAMCRO

Jax must be someone who either never read The Boy that Cried Wolf or didn’t understand the moral of that story. He announced his plans to leave SAMCRO over and over again throughout the show. At first blush, that may sound like consistent storytelling but in order to come to that conclusion, you would have to ignore all of the times he appeared to fully commit to the club in between those claims.

He's far from the first character to exhibit a tendency towards indecision.

This would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that he always spoke definitively-- whether he was pulling SAMCRO closer or pushing it away.

It also made sense that he wanted to leave the club in good condition, but he should have cut bait when he failed at pulling off that feat over and over.

16 His Violent Streak

Sons Of Anarchy Jax Teller

Introduced in the first episode of Sons of Anarchy as SAMCRO’s Vice President, Jax seems comfortable with Clay’s leadership at first but it doesn’t take too long for that to change. Partially inspired to balk at Clay’s command because he feels like things are going in a dangerous direction, Jax is also driven by his father writings to push towards legitimate business interests.

It's a respectable position, to be sure. As an audience member, it is easy to root for someone who wants to keep all of the characters you care about safe from violence and arrest.

However, there is one huge problem with this: if Jax wanted everyone to go straight, then it is really confusing that 44 people met their maker at his hand.

15 Everyone Seems to Think Jax is a Good Leader

Sons Of Anarchy SAMCRO

More than any other SAMCRO member, Jax is positioned to take the club into the future. Since he has shown an ability to outmaneuver his enemies, pretty much everyone thinks that he is the perfect man for the job. Due to his obvious intelligence and his ability to garner respect, it makes sense that he almost universally is seen as a great leader by everyone in his life.

However, if you really look at the events of the show one thing becomes clear: Jax was not all he was cracked up to be.

During his tenure, SAMCRO is in the crosshairs of a long list of other groups.

He barely ever delegates anything of real note, preferring to handle almost everything himself instead.

14 The Random Limp

Sons Of Anarchy Jax Limp

A puzzling aspect of the penultimate Sons of Anarchy episode, Jax out of nowhere develops a limp so severe that it's very obvious from a considerable distance. When asked about what happened to cause the limp, Jax does not provide any explanation because he is not sure what is going on.

While this may have struck viewers as being symbolic, that kind of goes out the window when he drops the limp in later scenes. Eventually, it came out that the limp was not planned and it was only caused because Charlie Hunnam broke his foot.

That said, Sons of Anarchy producer Paris Barclay did say that he found it “interesting and provocative” for Jax to have a strange injury while he was approaching his final fate.

13 Piney’s Faith in Jax

Sons Of Anarchy Piney and Jax

A character that could charitably be described as ornery, Piney Winston has never come across a rotten mood that he didn’t like. A co-founder of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, he seems to value SAMCRO over just about everything else.

That said, his daughter-in-law meeting her untimely demise at the hands of a fellow member is an outrage that he can’t suffer without a measure of revenge.

Hoping to push the two responsible members out, Piney turns to Jax and allows him to plan their ousting.

While this is something that makes sense at first, as time went on and Chibs and Clay stuck around, the idea that someone as angry as Piney would continue to have faith in Teller is a hard pill to swallow.

12 His Relationship with Gemma

Sons Of Anarchy Jax and Gemma

It understandably took an awful lot for Jax to permanently end his relationship with his mother. While we wouldn’t have expected him to remove Gemma from his life without the most incredible provocation, that doesn’t mean that their relationship in the show makes sense.

Even though we have to respect how strong-willed Gemma is, the fact remains that she is a toxic person.

She's highly manipulative and responsible for much of the drama that rocks SAMCRO to its core. Jax could have visited her daily to keep her happy while putting an end to her damaging role in the club.

11 He abandons his half-sister

Trinity and Jax in Sons of Anarchy

As we touched on in the previous entry, throughout Sons of Anarchy’s run it is extremely clear that Jax Teller cares about his family above all else. Something that makes sense considering his brother and father passed away while Jax was young, the quickest way to send him into a lasting rage is to threaten or harm one of his family members.

Despite all of that, during the show’s third season Jax learns that he has a half-sister living in Belfasy, and once he returns to America he appears to forget all about her. This is something that flies in the face of everything the rest of the show says about who Jax Teller is. He should have wanted to form a lasting relationship with Trinity despite any awkwardness.

10 Jax Writing to His Sons

Thomas and Abel

In a device used to frame the show early on, Jax finds his father’s writings and reads passages that relates to what was happening in his life at the beginning or end of an episode. After spending hours on end poring over his father’s words, Jax was able to feel closer to his long-gone father.

Based on that, it does make some sense that Jax would want to put his thoughts on paper for his kids. However, Jax has lived in the crosshairs of law enforcement throughout his entire adult life.

Writing a long-form confession, even if he hopes only his sons see it, makes no sense.

On top of that, even if he cared more about communicating with his kids than staying out of prison, Jax was also putting every other SAMCRO member at risk.

9 Why Anyone From Other Charters Agreed to be Led by Jax

Sons Of Anarchy Happy Lowman

We can imagine that in the highly ritualized world of the various clubs, being the very first Sons of Anarchy charter would lend a special importance to being a SAMCRO member. With that in mind and the various relationships that Clay and Jax forge, it makes some sense they were able to convince men from other charters to join their cause.

However, during Jax’s leadership tenure, either as VP or President, many SAMCRO members from outside charters passed away in short order after putting on the SAMCRO patch. Included on that list are Herman Kozik, GoGo, Greg the Peg, Frankie Diamonds, and Orlin West.

Considering more than half of the men that came over from other charters ceased living soon thereafter, why would anyone else make a similar move?

8 Jax Plans to Go Legit By Running Diosa

Sons Of Anarchy Jax and Collette Jane

If there is one thing that remains a constant in Jax’s plans for SAMCRO it is this, he always is eyeing various ways for the club to move towards legal business interests. In fact, even after he lost his wife and unleashed his unbridled rage on his enemies, he kept his Diosa, the business that he saw as a move towards legitimacy, going. Unfortunately, there is one gigantic issue with his plans around that particular business.

No matter how you feel about it Diosa morally, it was illegal.

Offering its customers the ability to purchase time with one of its female workers, if things remained PG that would have been fine, but the show made it clear that was not the case. As a result, Jax’s efforts to go clean only opened the club up to further legal liability.

7 His Relationship with Opie

Sons Of Anarchy Jax and Opie

It makes sense that is the relationship that many Sons of Anarchy viewers care about most about, since Jax is the show’s main character and Opie arguably is the most likable. On top of that, it helps a lot that it's really obvious that the two of them care deeply about one another, especially since Opie’s fate starts a serious descent for Jax.

Unfortunately, when you really look at their friendship, they almost always were on other sides of an issue and Opie even questioned whether Jax was involved in his first wife being taken out.

If that weren’t enough, even when they are seen sharing a cell in Opie’s last episode things were hostile between them. If these two really were the best of friends, shouldn’t we have seen them actually like one another a lot more often?

6 The Lack of Security

Sons Of Anarchy Abel Teller

Let’s face facts, Jax Teller is an irresponsible family man-- to say the very least. This is probably because of some serious delusions of grandeur-- despite the fact that the people in his life tended to have short life expectancies, he seemed to believe he alone could keep his family safe.

He had a long list of enemies and yet he left his wife, mother, and children unprotected almost every hour of the day.

Sure, he would occasionally dispatch one of his minions to be by their side, but most of the time they were left unattended. Of course, Jax couldn’t be home every hour of the day but he has no excuse for not turning his home into a fortress and paying for a security detail.

5 Jax and Jury

Sons Of Anarchy Jax and Jury

Despite being feaatured in only a handful of Sons of Anarchy episodes, Jury still came across as one of Jax’s closest allies up until the show’s seventh season. They wound up at odds with one another after Jax puts an end to the life of someone he didn’t realize was Jury’s son, but that was only the beginning of their problems. Jax also incorrectly comes to believe that Jury played a part in John Teller’s demise.

In the midst of all that, Jax takes SAMCRO to meet with Jury’s charter and takes out his former friend in front of everyone. It's a move that had almost no upside.

If any situation called for Jax to be crafty this was it, but he ensured his own demise by dispatching another Sons President in front of both of their clubs.

4 His Relationship with Nero

Sons Of Anarchy Jax and Nero

One of Sons of Anarchy’s best characters, Nero being introduced to the show it only made viewers wish he’d been around longer. The new man in Gemma’s life quickly became a father figure for Jax. His intimate understanding of the criminal world allowed him to give his new protégé and partner some stellar advice.

For all of Nero’s kindness and understanding, he is repaid with one betrayal after another.

For instance, Jax has Juice put an end to Darvany Jennings’ life against an explicit agreement he makes with Nero. If that weren’t enough, Jax also dispatches the new love of Nero’s life, Gemma.

Even if Nero is able to understand why Jax did those things to him, the affection he still seems to hold for the young man and his children afterwards seems like a huge stretch.

3 Jax Never Questioning Gemma’s Story


Sons of Anarchy viewers saw Jax react to loss the same way over and over again. For instance, when Abel was abducted or Opie took his final breath, Jax obsessed over every aspect of those incidents until he could make things right in his own mind.

When it came to Tara being taken from him, he bided his time and came up with a downright Machiavellian scheme to get back at Henry Lin. Yet somehow during all of those days, he never really thought things out because if he did he’d have realized that Gemma’s version of events made zero sense.

After all, nothing about the crime scene, including the weapon of choice and Tara’s ability to briefly fight back, made it seem like a professional was involved.

2 Jax’s Rampage Being Condoned by the club

A desire that pretty much anyone can understand, if someone you truly love is permanently taken from you the sorrow runs so deep that you likely have to direct that rage somewhere. Pushed on by a need to take out anyone he blames for his wife’s demise, Jax proceeds to seek out his prey and treats them without a shred of remorse.

He's surrounded by the rest of SAMCRO while he takes things much further than ever before.

Given what Jax has gone through, it makes sense they would back him up to a certain point. However, Bobby and Chibs have always been his voices of reason and there is no way at least one of them wouldn’t have piped up at some point during his descent.

1 Jax’s Sacrifice Is Utterly Fruitless                                  

Born into a world that almost guaranteed that he would end up on the wrong side of the law, Jax Teller was brought up to believe that both of his parents fully embraced the outlaw life. However, as an adult, he came to realize that his father John Teller wanted SAMCRO to go legit and paid the ultimate price for any perception of weakness.

Despite making it clear in his writing that he wanted Jax to find a better way of life, John meeting his maker after a high speed collision ensured he wasn’t there to steer his son’s life. Despite that, for some reason, Jax makes the decision to go out in the same location and by the same method. He somehow seems to think doing so will keep his sons on the straight and narrow.


What else doesn't make sense about Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy? Let us know in the comments!

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