5 Characters From Sons Of Anarchy We Want To See In Mayans MC (& 5 We Don't)

Mayans MC, the popular spin-off of the iconic biker vigilante prestige drama that aired on FX for seven seasons, will return for its second season this fall. Since FX announced the second season renewal, fans have been buzzing about what they can expect to happen when the series returns. Will we see more connections between the series and its predecessor?

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Will we potentially see cameos, guest-starring, or recurring roles from previous main characters on Sons of Anarchy? It's hard to say what's going to happen but it hasn't stopped fans from having fun theorizing. In that same vein of thought, we've devised a list of five characters who should show up on Mayans MC and five who definitely shouldn't.

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10 Should: Venus Van Dam

When Walter Goggins made his debut on Sons of Anarchy, people were pretty surprised to see him playing a transgender character named Venus Van Dam. Any apprehension went out the window though when they actually saw Goggins in action. His turn as Venus was incredibly charismatic and enthralling to watch. Venus Van Dam quickly became a fan-favorite character and a favorite of a beloved biker, Tig.

It would be fun to see Venus stop by Mayans MC, even if in just a cameo moment. She proved herself more than a little useful to SAMCRO it would be nice for her to pop up in a random episode in the spin-off.

9 Shouldn't: Trinity Ashby

Well one of the main reasons Trinity shouldn't come back to the SOA-universe, ever, is because Trinity wasn't a character well-liked by fans on the parent show. Why bring back someone who was already hated? it's not the actress's fault, but Trinity was a very odd character. She was introduced during the already-weird Belfast arc where Jax's son, Abel, was kidnapped and taken to Ireland.

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Then Trinity and Jax had an awkward flirtation which culminated in the two of them almost having sex. Good thing they didn't, not only did these two have the chemistry of two dead fish staring at one another but we found out they were half-siblings for some reason. It's not really acknowledged again in the series.

8 Should: Nero Padilla

Nero Padilla was a later add-on into the Sons of Anarchy universe. He became a mentor to Jax and he was a love interest to Gemma after Clay's death. Nero was liked by fans and he had a difficult upbringing. Before becoming involved in SAMCRO, he was a member of a street crew known as the Byz Lats.

He also had to have dangerous heart surgery and sports a large scar on his chest. At the end of the series, after Jax admits to murdering Gemma, he gives custody of his kids to Nero. Nero leaves Charming to raise Jax's kids and his son Lucius. It would be cool to check in on him and see what the kids look like now and what Nero is up to.

7 Shouldn't: Jax Teller

Jax would be a difficult sell in the Mayans MC universe due to the fact that he's dead. Many have theorized that we might still see Jax again in a flashback of some kind but at the end of the day, it wouldn't be a good idea to bring back someone so pivotal to the spin-off show that is still trying to establish its own mythology and history.

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Plus, Jax had a fantastic character arc with a great beginning and ending. We all know Sutter was heavily inspired by Hamlet in crafting his story so to bring him back would lessen the impact of his characterization.

6 Should: Wendy Case

Wendy had arguably one of the most difficult times on the series. Not only was she a struggling addict who was threatened and abused multiple times throughout the series, but the former love of her life, whom she had a child with, actually forced her to get high again and ruined her sobriety. It was one of the darkest deeds Jax Teller ever committed. However, by series ends, Jax and Wendy were able to make amends.

Wendy even got his kids along with Nero at the end to go raise them somewhere happily ever after. Wendy got the best ending she could have gotten, but Drea de Matteo is a terrific actress. It might be cool to see her in a mentor-like role on the series. If Nero shows up in Mayans MC, there's no reason Wendy couldn't stop by, even if for just a scene or two.

5 Shouldn't: Abel and Thomas

Even though this article argues for a return of Wendy Case and Nero Padilla, the same cannot be said for Jax's kids, Thomas and Abel. They've already seen so much tragedy, Tara's death, the school shooting, and that's just scratching the surface.

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If Wendy and Nero were to come back and talk about the kids, that'd be great but Mayans should avoid actually bringing them on the show in any capacity. They deserve to live a life far away from crime and biker gangs. At this point, with all the tragedy they've suffered, they've more than earned a childhood free of strife and pain.

4 Should: Opie Winston

Unlike some of the other characters who died on Sons of Anarchy, Opie's death is still a super sore spot for super fans. No one wanted him to die and many credit his death as one of the saddest on the show. Even though many main characters died, Opie is a more difficult one to process because it was so unexpected.

If we were to see him in a flashback on Mayans MC it could be a nice way to give fans a clever little nod or have some fun with the flashback, kind of like a memorium segment except not as sappy.

3 Shouldn't: Clay Morrow

For similar reasons as to why Charlie Hunnam shouldn't return to play Jax Teller on Mayans MC, Clay Morrow should also stay buried. He was too much of a figurehead on Sons of Anarchy for Ron Perlman to come on Mayans without causing too much of an impact.

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This is no longer the story of Clay and Jax, it was one thing to have Gemma on the show because it fits in the scene and it was a fun nod to the old series (plus Sagal is married to Sutter so it was inevitable), but seeing Clay again after his explosive death would be too jarring, even in a flashback form.

2 Should: Tig Trager

Easily one of the biggest fan-favorites from Sons of Anarchy, it would be fantastic to see Tig show up on Mayans MC. When Sons of Anarchy wrapped its seventh season, Tig was elevated to a vice president position in SAMCRO while Chibs was nominated to the club president. Even if Chibs didn't want to go meet with the Mayans face-to-face, he could always delegate a job to Tig.

Though it would be cool if we could see both Tig and Chibs make a return on Mayans if only to check in on how SAMCRO is running all these years later and to see if Tig is still getting himself into such ridiculous situations. Plus who wouldn't want to see how Tig gets along with the new crop of bikers?

1 Shouldn't: Ethan Zobelle

Ethan Zobelle was one of the primary antagonists in season two of Sons of Anarchy and he wasn't a well-liked one at that. He was the leader of a white supremacist group and an extremely vile human being who constantly preached hateful rhetoric. Not only was he an awful dude, but he also wasn't all that great of a villain.

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But he doesn't end up dying at the end of his stay on the show. We don't see him again after season two but we also don't really know what happened to him. It's possible he could pop up again on Mayans MC but no one would be particularly happy about it and so they might as well just skip it.

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