Sonny 3 Updates: Is It Happening?

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It's the rare video game series that put players in the shoes of a zombie instead of fighting them, but is Sonny 3 ever going to happen? Sonny is a series of Flash games where the titular character is brought back from the dead, but while he has no memory he's still able to speak and think like a human. The first game finds Sonny revived on a ship called White November, and he teams up with a blind man named Louis to escape when soldiers board the vessel to kill all onboard.

Unlike other zombie titles like Resident Evil or World War Z, Sonny is a role-playing series and features turn-based battles. Sonny proved popular upon release in 2007, with Sonny 2 quickly following the next year. The story picked up over a month after the events of the first game, with Sonny still being hunted down by anti-zombie forces. The sequel expanded on the lore of the original and featured a surprisingly rich story and characters.

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Sonny 2 ended on something of a cliffhanger note, which was to be resolved in the third game. Fans have been waiting a long time to see how the friendly zombie's journey will conclude, so is Sonny 3 going to happen?

Sonny Received A Remake In 2017

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Sonny creator Krin Juangbhanich announced in 2013  production had started on Sonny 3, which was followed by a long period of relative silence about the title's status. Fans eager to see how the Sonny 2 cliffhanger would be resolved were disappointed when the title was eventually revealed to be a remake/remaster of the original Sonny. The game was made available on Android, PC, and Mac, and received an overall mixed response, despite the improved graphics and updated combat.

Sonny 3 Is Currently In Development

It was confirmed in late 2018 that Sonny 3 was in the works and is set to pick up the story from the second game. Sadly, creator Krin Juangbhanich doesn't appear to be directly involved with the third game and there's no current release date set for the project, though social media updates suggest the new developer is making steady progress.

Sonny 3 is very unlikely to have the slickness of more modern zombie titles like Days Gone, but the series still has a loyal fanbase and the concept is still somewhat unique in a crowded genre. Given that some fans have waited more than a decade to find out what happens next means the third game might have an uphill struggle to live up to expectations, however.

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