Best Reactions To Those Creepy Sonic the Hedgehog Posters

Fans are none too pleased with the creepy Sonic the Hedgehog film adaptation posters, and many are taking to the internet to vent their frustrations with hilarious reactions. Dating back to 1991, the character has been included in a number of video games and TV shows over the years, but the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film will be the first ever live-action adaptation of the character.

The live-action/CGI Sonic the Hedgehog movie was first announced by Sony back in 2014, but three years later, Sonic switched from Sony to Paramount Pictures. The cast includes many talented actors such as Ben Schwartz as Sonic, Jim Carrey as Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and James Marsden as a police officer who travels with Sonic. Last week, an official poster for the film was released online along with a leaked version, and fans aren't exactly thrilled about Sonic's new design.

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Fans have been taking the internet by storm with their hate for Sonic's new design in his upcoming movie. While the recently released Sonic motion poster was creepy enough, a few days ago, a new Sonic the Hedgehog poster was leaked online that has now been confirmed to be real. The poster features Sonic sitting atop the Golden Gate bridge revealing nothing of Sonic's actual body, except for his abnormally long legs. Here are some of the best reactions to fans discovering that this poster was real:

While the news about this poster being legitimate is still fairly recent, many fans have been worried about the project ever since Jeff Fowler was announced as the director. Sonic the Hedgehog will be his directorial debut for a feature-length film, and Fowler doesn't have very much experience in all aspects of filmmaking, besides working on the visual effects for Where the Wild Things Are in 2009. Many fans were also irked when it was revealed that Sonic would be a juvenile delinquent in this version of the character, since it will be a major departure of every version of Sonic thus far.

Since Sonic has grown such a huge fan base over the last 27 years, many fans will be incredibly skeptical about changes made to the beloved blue hedgehog. Many fans were quick to criticize this version of Sonic for having fur rather than quills, and the fact that Sonic's legs appear to be incredibly long. While the character's design could still go through some changes before the first trailer comes out, things right now aren't looking so good for this updated take on Sonic the Hedgehog.

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